Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 14

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 14

What a cute little girl. She looks like a pretty doll with her puffy cheeks. Look, her eyes are shining like stars.

Strangely, she feels familiar to me. I can feel myself softening up at the sight of her.

Fifi was circling in the car, shrieking, “Ellie! Ellie!”

“Come over here at once!” A frowning Ellie stretched her hand out and demanded. “If you keep acting up, I’ll get mad!”

Alas, Fifi didn’t perch on her little hand. It landed on Zachary’s shoulder instead.

Zachary’s brows snapped together as he reached out to grab Fifi.

Fifi immediately struggled and pooped on Zachary’s blazer in fright. A few feathers floated around, accompanied by shocked silence.

Ben froze.

Even the bodyguards paled instantly. They knew what a clean freak Zachary was.

The bird’s dead meat!

Indeed, Zachary’s expression darkened. His grip on little Fifi tightened.

Fifi’s body stiffened from the increasing f0rce. Its eyes rolled upward as it lolled its tongue out.

“Ah! Let go of Fifi!”

Ellie leaped on the man and tried to pry his hands off Fifi. “Let go! Let go!”

“Kid.” Ben tried to pull her away.

Staring at Ellie’s flushed face and doll-like eyes, the menace in Zachary’s gaze faded away. He slowly released his grip on the bird.

Fifi flapped its wings frantically and returned to Ellie’s embrace.

Ellie caught the bird and glared at Zachary angrily before escaping from his car.

“Hey, kid!” Ben yelled after her, but she merely ignored him. Worried, he told a bodyguard, “Go after her and make sure she reunites with her family safely.”


The vehicle then slowly drove away. Zachary took off his blazer and patted the feathers away before wiping his hands with a piece of w*et wipes.

Ben scanned his boss’ expression. He still looks stern, but that murderous glint in his gaze is gone.

He couldn’t help but lament, “What an adorable little girl.”

“She has an innocent gaze,” Zachary commented, which was rare of him.

“Yes. I wonder what kind of mother she has to give birth to such a lovely girl like her.”

Ellie was riding the escalator when she heard Charlotte calling her name. “Ellie! Ellie!”

“Mommy, I’m here!”

Ellie ran over with Fifi in her arms. She launched herself into Charlotte’s embrace like a rocket, causing the latter to stumble from her weight.

“You gave me a scare.” Charlotte hugged Ellie tightly and caressed her head anxiously. “Are you hurt? Did you meet any bad guys?”

“I’m not hurt, but..”

Ellie recalled that man in the car. Is he a bad guy?

He looks like one!

But… Fifi pooped on his shoulder. He was angry, but he didn’t K*ll Fifi. That means he’s not a bad guy, right?

“But what?” Charlotte urged.

“Fifi pooped on a man,” explained Ellie, gesturing with her chubby hands. “But that man didn’t hurt Fifi.”

“I’m glad you’re both fine. Don’t wander around next time, get it?”


Not far away, the bodyguard waited until the little girl left with her mother before he walked away.

As he was too far away, he only saw her back and her faded denim shirt.

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