Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 374

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 374

Charlotte reached her home and took off her shoes quietly. She was about to unload the things she had in her room when Ellie suddenly ran out. “Mommy’s back! Mommy!”

“Oh! Ellie, did you just got out of the shower?”

Charlotte picked her up and stroked her w*et hair.

“Mommy, we brought a lot of delicious food for you. It’s in the kitchen.”

Ellie had just finished her shower, so she had a cute little pink bathrobe on her at the moment. Her hair was still w*et while her beautiful face radiated.

“Thank you, Ellie!” Charlotte gave Ellie a peck on the cheek and looked at her lovingly. “Did you have fun today?”

“I did. Mr. Henry bought a lot of delicious food for us. He also bought Fairytale Land as well as the kindergarten… “

Ellie went on to tell Charlotte what happened that day. She expressed immense excitement and satisfaction while going through all the fun things that happened.

“Hahaha. As long as you guys enjoyed yourselves.”

Charlotte looked at Ellie’s happy face and felt relieved. She had always known that the kids needed more than just a mother; they needed a family.

No matter how good of a mother she was, Charlotte could never replace the other components that made up a family.

“Ellie, we should go dry your hair. You might catch a cold.” The nurse beckoned to Ellie with a smile.

“Go on then.” Charlotte gave her a little shove.

“I’ll dry my hair then, Mommy. Talk to you later.”

Ellie turned around, wiggling her butt as she ran back into the bathroom with her stubby legs.

Charlotte watched Ellie leave with a smile on her face until she was out of sight. Then, she noticed Robbie was standing by his bedroom door, looking at her.

“Robbie!” Charlotte carried the bags over to him. Robbie was already in his pajamas, and it looked like he had already washed up.

“Yeah.” Robbie nodded. His eyes then shifted over to the shopping bags in her arms. “Mommy, did you go shopping?”

“I did. I saw that there was a sale at the mall, so I went and did some shopping.” Charlotte was lying, so she dared not look Robbie in the eyes. “They were really cheap, not more than a couple of tens each.”

“You do need some clothes. All our other cla*s*smate’s mommy would always dress up nicely.” Robbie went and took a box of pizza out of the kitchen with a box of juice. “Mommy, we packed this up for you. There’re some chicken wings… “

“That’s great! I’m actually starving right now.” Charlotte was delighted. “Put it on the table, Robbie. Mommy’s going to change first.”

“Okay,” Robbie replied and took the boxes to the table. The nurse even took two glasses out for them.

Soon enough, Charlotte came out with a change of clothes, and Robbie passed her the cup of juice he poured out.

Charlotte finished it in one go and started feasting on the pizza. “It’s still warm and tastes amazing!”

“I asked one of the nurses to help me heat it up,” Robbie said as he drank the juice, accompanying his mother as she ate.

“Robbie, you can have some too.” Charlotte gave a slice of pizza to Robbie.

“I already ate. My tummy’s still stuffed right now.” Robbie gave his round stomach a slap. “I can’t sleep because of it.”

“Go take a stroll then. Or you could play with Fifi for a bit,” Charlotte said as she rubbed his stomach.

“Fifi keeps sleeping these past few days. It doesn’t seem like she wakes up.” Robbie looked troubled at the mention of Fifi. “Fifi woke up just now and squawked for a bit. But went back to sleep right after. Mommy, is she sick? Do we need to bring her to a doctor?”

“I’ve already brought Fifi to the doctor. The doctor said she’s just drunk. She’ll be back to normal after sleeping for about three days. Don’t worry,” Charlotte a*s*sured her son before taking a sip of juice.

“Huh? Drunk?” Robbie’s eyes widened. “Where did Fifi get the alcohol from?”

“Some brainless idiot fed it to her,” Charlotte responded casually.

After that remark, the image of Zachary’s stony face flashed before her mind, unknowingly sending chills down her spine.

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