Mission To Remarry Chapter 235

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 235

The sudden ringing of the phone broke the tense atmosphere at thedining table. As Lucian’s mind was preoccupied with Roxanne’s relationship with Larry, he picked up the call without looking at the phone.

The moment the call went through, he heard a female’s concerned voice. “Lucian, I heard you went to Bellridge for a business trip.

How are things? Have you settled them?” Aubree had gone to the office yesterday to look for Lucian and ended upmaking a wasted trip.

She found out that Lucian had gone to Bellridge only after she asked Sonya. As such, she had called him early in the morning to show concern toward him.

She had thought that he would not pick up like all the previous times she called.

Yet, little did she expect him to pick up the phone so quickly.

Aubree thought that Lucian had finally let go of his prejudices against her, and her voice wasfilled with delight.

Lucian frowned upon hearing her voice and subconsciously looked at Roxanne.

As they were quiet, Roxanne and Larry heard the voice coming from the other side of the phone even without intending to do so.

Roxanne’s gaze darkened the moment she heard the voice.

She remembered Aubree’s words from their last encounter – Roxanne was the third party between her and Lucian.

The call also reminded Roxanne that regardless of Lucian’s att*itude on the matter, he would become engagedto Aubree soon.

It was only fitting that she kept her distance from him.

As she recalled this, she put down her fork, smiled politely at Lucian, and got up to leave.

Upon seeing this, Lucian said to Aubree over the phone without a second of hesitation, “I have to attend to something.

I’m hanging up now.” He looked up and wanted to say something to Roxanne.

However, he saw her get up and stumble with a startled look on her face. Lucian frowned deeply and quickly stood up without hanging up the phone.

Roxanne was in a hurry to leave and had accidentally knocked into the chair beside her.

She let out a short yelp that ended the very next second.

“Be careful!” Lucian held his phone in one hand and her wrist in the other.

Roxanne thought he had ended the call and thanked him softly after hearing what he said.

All of Aubree’s delight was swept away when Lucian said he was going to hang upthe call.

Just as she was about to say something, she heard the yelp of a woman coming from the other side of the phone.

That voice sounded familiar to her.

She eyed the screen and did not know why Lucian had yet to hang up.

She bit her lip and remained silent.

I have to find out the ident*ity of the woman!

However, little did she expect to hear Roxanne saying thanks the next second.

The moment she heard Roxanne’s voice, she gritted her teeth and hung up the call. With a grave expression, she threw her phone onto her bed violently.

It’s that b*tch Roxanne againl l’ve already warned her the last time.

To think that she has the cheek to appear before Lucian! Also, based on what I heard, Lucian hung up the phone because of her! Aubree’s face turned red from anger.

She thought that Lucian had finally had a change of heart when the call went through.

Never did she expect Lucian to give her such a big surprise.

That b*tch is out to provoke me! Aubree clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails dug into her palm, and hereyes were filled with hatred.

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