Mission To Remarry Chapter 236

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 236

“What’s wrong? Why are you so upset?” Gina heard the commotion upstairs. Upon entering the room, she saw Aubree’s expression and walked up concernedly.

She sat down on the bed and held Aubree’s hand. The moment she sat down, Aubree flung her hand away f0rcefully.

“Lucian is with that b*tch again!” Gina’s face clouded over.

“How could it be? Didn’t Mrs. Farwell speak to Lucian already? Is there some kind of misunderstanding?”

Aubree was livid just from thinking about Roxanne’s voice and Lucian’s indifferent att*itude toward her.

“I heard that b*tch’s voice. There’s no way it’s a misunderstanding.” Lucian’s att*itude just now made it clear that I was disrupting them.

Otherwise, why would he want to hang up the moment the call went through? That b*tch left without a word all those years ago.

What on earth did she do to seduce Lucian now that she’s back?

Gina furrowed her brows.

“Isn’t Lucian on a business trip? Why would he be together with her?” It was still fine if Gina did not bring this up.

However, now that she did so, Aubree gritted her teeth and ventured a guess. “He claims it’s a business trip, but he could have gone all the way there to look for that b*tch!” Otherwise, why would they be together so early in the day? Looking at the time…

Does this mean they were together the night before as well?

At that thought, Aubree suddenly got up from the bed. She could not sit still, but she could not think of any solution at that moment either. Gina’s expression soured when she heard this.

Lucian’s wedding with Aubree had already dragged on for six years. Although Lucian had been postponing the wedding, they were never once worried that it would not happen.

After all, Lucian did not have any woman near him except Aubree. However, things were different now that Roxanne was back in the country. Lucian had made known his intentions to break off the engagement, and things could not continue this way

Aubree turned around, held Gina’shand, and suggested with a face full of concern, “Mom, why don’t we speak to Mrs. Farwell again?” Gina only hesitated for a moment before shaking her head slowly. “Then what should we do? Do we leave things be and watch Lucian get together with that b*tch?” Aubree asked through gritted teeth.

She felt her blood boil the moment she pictured Lucian and Roxanne getting together. Gina patted the back of her hand rea*s*suringly.

“Calm down. Even though Mrs. Farwell can help you say a few words, we can’t go to her every time. She’ll feel annoyed.” She gave Aubree a meaningful glance and continued gently, “We can’t always depend on Mrs. Farwell.

You have to come up with ways to make Lucian like you.” Aubree’s eyes flickered, but she looked conflicted.

“But Lucian doesn’t even want to see me because of what happened with Estella.”

“That is because you aren’t chasing him hard enough!” Gina stood up and held Aubree’s hand.

“Go buy a ticket to where he is now. You’ll get to meet him eventually!” Aubree remained hesitant.

“Lucian’s head is filled with that b*tch. Wouldn’t I…” Be humiliating myself? Gina continued to advise,

“Regardless of Lucian’s att*itude, he is with that woman now. If you don’t show up, that woman will not know her place. Even if you go over now and can’t see him, you can deal with her.

As long as she has some decency, she’ll know to keep a distance from Lucian.” Aftera long pause, Aubree agreed to the suggestion through gritted teeth and bought a ticket to Bellridge.

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