Mission To Remarry Chapter 177

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 177

The three of them discussed briefly before agreeing to invite Sonya and her husband to dinner at rhe Waterfront that night.

When Sonya and Elias arrived, Aubree’s family was already waiting in the private room. Aubree hung her head low, seemingly despondent, while her parents wore grim expressions.

When they walked into the room, Aubree lifted her head and f0rced out a smile. “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Farwell.”

Her smile slipped soon after as though she was nursing a grievance.

Sonya was puzzled. “Aubree, what’s the matter? Did someone b*ull*y you? Tell me about it.”

Gina’s voice rang out. “She’s upset because of the rumors circulating outside. People are accusing Aubree of being a gold-digger, so she’s been crying for the past few days.”

Aubree immediately refuted, “No, I know Lucian doesn’t mean it. I’ve heard of the rumors, but I didn’t take them to heart.”

She trailed off as her eyes turned red

Gina shot her a resigned and worried look. “You’ve remained by Lucian’s side these few years, so we know your feelings. But the outsiders have no idea. If Lucian…”

She paused and lowered her voice, “If Lucian loves you, he won’t allow you to suffer. He can ignore your plight, but I can’t! Listen to me. It’s time to break up with him.”

Sonya and Elias heard their exchange clearly.

Sonya’s brows snapped together as she demanded, “What’s going on? Is it about the rumor? I’ll deal with the rumor right away!”

Gina let out a bitter chuckle and raised her head. “How are you going to handle the matter? Everyone in Horington knows about it. They claim that Aubree and Lucian’s engagement is only Aubree’s wishful thinking. Lucian doesn’t have any intention of marrying her. They also claim that our family depended on your family to climb up the ranks. Now that Lucian has a new lover, and their engagement hasn’t been announced, they are saying that Aubree is holding Lucian back.”

“That’s utter nonsense!” Sonya’s face darkened.

Gina’s lips twitched. “They’re right. For the past few years, it was Aubree who remained by Lucian’s side. We’re the only ones who know about the engagement. We’ve received a lot from Lucian. As he isn’t interested in Aubree, we shouldn’t hold him back.”

She shot her daughter a distressed look. “Aubree still. Well, I’ve advised her for a couple of days, but she couldn’t bring herself to break up with him. As her mother, it breaks my heart to see people gossiping about her. It’s better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony. I’ll decide on behalf of her today to break off their engagement.”

Aubree hung her head low and trembled slightly.

No one could see her expression, but it was pretty obvious that she was detated.

Sonya had no idea they would suddenly ask to break off’ the engagement. Her expression changed drastically as she declared, “Impossible! Lucian and Aubree have been engaged for years. How could we call off the engagement just like that?”

“This is the only way to quell the rumors,” Gina explained bitterly. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell Aubree to forget him so she could find her own happiness.”

Silence ensued. A moment later, Sonya said icily, “There’s another solution.”

Before Gina could say anything, Sonya took her bag and rose to her feet. “Aubree is the only daughter-in- law I’ll acknowledge. Don’t worry. I’ll handle the matter personally!”

With that said, she spun on her heels and strode away without looking back.

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