Mission To Remarry Chapter 137

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 137 End Up Just Like Them

When Catalina saw Estella sobbing her eyes out, she quickly stepped forward and said, “Mrs. Farwell, Ms. Estella had an episode again, and Ms. Pearson hit her. Her condition has only started improving today and hasn’t stabilized yet. Please don’t scare her.” Catalina had mulled over the incident the night before, and she could mostly guess who had hit Estella. To convince Sonya to stop, she had no choice but to steel herself and tell the other woman her speculation.

However, Sonya seemed unfazed by that. “Sonya has told me about this already. Essie was the one who had not been obed*ient, and Aubree only punished her in that way in her panic. She has already apologized to me. Essie is at fault too. Aubree will be her stepmother in the future, but she’s still kicking up fusses like these.”

Hearing that, Catalina realized she could not say anything else. All she could do was cast a pitying look at Estella.

The girl had just walked out of her own world recently. After this crying session, Catalina was afraid that she might revert to her state from the day before.

After Archie and Benny heard their conversation, they guessed that the unfamiliar woman was Estella’s grandmother. Nevertheless, they did not hold themselves back as they refuted, “Essie didn’t kick up a fuss. That bad woman is in the wrong to have hurt a kid! Why would you listen to an outsider and scold Essie? She’s been badly hit, but you don’t feel upset for her at all? If not for my mommy’s care, Essie might not have recovered by now!”

Sonya was disgruntled with the way the children were chiding her. “What do you know? Children shouldn’t be intervening in the business of adults!”

With that said, she grabbed Estella’s arm again. “Look at them. They’re completely uncultured. If you keep staying here, you’re going to be just like them. Come home with me right now!”

Estella remained rooted to the spot, but her arm ached from Sonya’s pull. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks as resistance shone brightly in her eyes.

Roxanne had decided not to intervene in Estella’s matters after the earlier conversation, but she was reminded of how the girl was like the day before at the sight of her tears. Hence, she drew her brows together and said, “Mrs. Farwell, I’ve heard that you dote on Essie a lot, but is this the way you dote on her? Essie’s crying, but you won’t even heed what she wants?”

Sonya gave her a side-eye. “Who knows how you’ve bewitched my granddaughter?” Just as the two were at a stand-still, someone rang the doorbell again. Knowing that it must be their father, Archie dashed to the door to open it. Lucian froze for a second when he saw the boy. Then, he noticed the tinge of anger on the boy’s face.

When he lifted his head to look straight ahead, he saw his mother grabbing Estella’s arm tightly and Estella sobbing in utmost distress in the living room. At that, Lucian frowned and strode over to pry his mother’s hand away. “What are you doing?”

Sonya’s scowl deepened. “If I had come any later, my granddaughter was going to be someone else’s granddaughter.”

She then shot her son a discontented look.

She could not believe that he had not told her that an outsider was taking care of her granddaughter, let alone the fact that the outsider was Roxanne.

Lucian’s eyes then flicked toward Roxanne, who had a similar cold look on her face.

The tension in the living room was palpable.

Finally, Lucian looked back at his mother and uttered, “Let’s have a talk.”

Right as he said that, he turned and exited the mansion.

Sonya stared at her son’s retreating figure dubiously and hesitantly for a few seconds before she followed him out.

Just as she stepped out of the house, she said to her son, “Let me tell you now that, no matter what you say to me, I’m still going to take Essie away from here with me!”

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