Mission To Remarry Chapter 85

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 85

The following morning, Aubree was having breakfast when her bodyguard called. “Ms. Pearson, I’ve checked it out. Last night, Mr. Farwell took Ms. Estella to a woman surnamed Jarvis. They stayed at her place for almost three hours before leaving—” Alas, before the bodyguard could finish his sentence, the beeping of a disconnected call rang out from the other end.

There was no doubt in Aubree’s mind that the woman in question was Roxanne Jarvis. The more she pictured Lucian and Roxanne spending time together, the more her face twisted with anger.

What could they have done in that three hours? I can’t believe they had Estella with them too!

A fresh swell of rage rose in Aubree as she stood up and flung her phone away, her eyes full of crazed fury.

Samuel, who was eating his breakfast opposite her, looked up with a frown when he heard the commotion.

To his surprise, he saw his daughter standing menacingly by the table while her phone lay on the floor, smashed to smithereens.

“What’s going on?” Samuel asked sternly after setting his cutlery down. Aubree met her father’s gaze and gritted her teeth. “Roxanne Jarvis is back, and Lucian has been keeping his distance from me recently! I think he has plans to reconcile with her!” she grumbled, sounding somewhat pitiful toward the end.

Samuel’s gaze darkened instantly. “Do Elias and Sonya know about this?”

As far as he knew, Roxanne had run off without saying goodbye back then, leaving only a divorce agreement behind.

For that reason, Elias and Sonya strongly resented her.

Now that Roxanne had shamelessly returned to their son, one could only imagine how they’d react if they found out about it.

Upon hearing her father’s words, Aubree’s brow twitched as a thought flashed through her mind.

“Find an opportunity to inform the Farwells about that woman’s return,” Samuel suggested, which helped to affirm Aubree’s idea. “I’m sure they’re very unhappy with her.”

With that, Aubree nodded and slowly went back to her seat. W

Seeing that his daughter had calmed down, Samuel knitted his brows and advised earnestly, . “That woman has only just come back, so we can’t be sure what intentions Lucian has toward her. Don’t get yourself all worked up over nothing. Besides, Elias and Sonya know how loyal you’ve  been to their son and how much you’ve done for him. Even if that woman comes into the picture, they’d still be on your side. You have nothing to fear.”

After hearing Samuel’s rea*s*suring words, Aubree felt a lot more at ease and visibly regained her composure. “Got it. I’ll remember to keep my cool.”

Meanwhile, Roxanne had finished her breakfast and sent Archie and Benny to the kindergarten.

When the teacher, Pippa Ward, saw the three of them, a concerned look crept across her face. “How are Archie and Benny? Are they feeling better?”

Roxanne smiled and nodded. “Yes, they’ve recovered. Thanks for your concern.” The two boys looked up at Pippa and greeted her politely, “Good morning, Ms. Ward!” Naturally, Pippa’s eyes filled with adoration at how well-behaved and sensible the kids were.

Amid their conversation, the sound of a car door opening and closing suddenly rang out. Everyone instantly turned to look, only to see a Bentley parked conspicuously on the street.

Lucian had stepped out of the car and scooped Estella from the backseat into his arms.

Even though he wanted to carry her to the entrance, Estella struggled to get down as soon as she saw Roxanne and her sons.

Thankfully, Lucian wasn’t insistent and put his daughter down on the ground as she wanted. However, just as he was about to reach for Estella’s hand, he realized she had already scampered away.

For a moment, Lucian was stunned as he subconsciously turned to look behind him.

To his surprise, he saw Roxanne and the rest smiling fondly at Estella.

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