His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 72

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 72



Hi nice to meet you, Isa, I’m Evangeline.” I reply politely, taking her hand. She gives it a firm shake before turning to Zedkiel and Kash, who are quietly exchanging words.

“.. too long. Make sure we’re covered.” Zed’s saying as he pulls off his shirt and takes another that Kash gives him. I can’t help but notice I: watching him. Zed pulls the shirt on and sprays something over himself and within seconds his scent begins to fade away.

Kash nods passing him a moderate-sized backpack just as Isa puts some music on.

“Here’s the phone.” Kash says quietly.

I watch them hoping we aren’t caught, because if we are and with a phone… we can get into big trouble and get eliminated from the tournament.

“Is that wise?” I ask, glancing between them.

“No one is going to say a word. It’ll be fine.” Kash says.

He looks a little pale and I feel uneasy. I know Zedkiel trusts him, but does he also trust this Isabella? She’s looking at Zedkiel now, her head tilted and I try not to feel overprotective, refusing to act possessive, although my entire body is urging me to walk over to him and claim him as mine.

‘Do it. Look at how she’s watching him.’ Evelyn hisses in my head.

‘We might be misunderstanding, Zedkiel loves me. He married me. I have nothing to worry about.’ I say firmly.

‘Keep thinking that, because when something happens, you will be the first to cry.’ She warns.

‘He will k*ll you, just like in that vision…. Remember that.’

My stomach twists as my nightmare returns to me, one I refuse to believe. Vision, she said, it’s a vision.

The unease within me is growing, and I try to squash it.

“Come on.” Zedkiel says to me, and I nod as we walk past the table that is set up with two lanterns, and some snacks. I guess if we are really to spend some time here, it can be rather nice.

“Come on, I challenge you to an all-you-can- drink booze race.” Isabella says to Kash, dropping into one of the chairs.

Sure, as long as they aren’t spiked, we need to be on watch.” He mutters, not seeming to like the idea, a sharp frown on his face as he scans the area. He’s serious about this and it makes me feel a bit better.

Soon the light of the lanterns fade away, and we are heading down a rather narrow path.

“I didn’t know Kash has a sister.” I say.

“You didn’t even know about Kash until recently.” He counters, looking ahead as he scans the area, on alert.

I nod, and he glances back at me. “True… I don’t really know much about your life aside from what I’ve seen… friends… hobbies, nothing.” I whisper, suddenly feeling rather disappointed in myself.

He stops, turning towards me and taking my elbows, pulls me in front of him as he looks down at me, c*oc*king an eyebrow.

“Then ask whatever you want… Is this about Isa?” They are on a nickname basis too..

I shake my head, refusing to admit that I’m being ridiculous. “No, I just wish I know more about you.” I say softly.

He watches me for a moment before smirking slightly. ‘Sure.”

Sure? Is that it? I furrow my brows, wanting to say more, but I stay quiet.

He takes my hand as he continues down the narrow stone-paved path. It gets tighter until we have to walk sideways to squeeze through the bushes. The only light is from the moon that peeps through the bushes on either side of us.

I pout at his back, unhappy with the fact that he isn’t going to say more.

It’s a good twenty minutes later when we finally reach the castle, but we are around the back of it now and the smell of something cooking reaches my nose.

“You’re going to go through there.” He says quietly, pointing to a window which is open a crack, his other hand ghosting along my wa!st before it rests on my h!p.

My eyes widen as I look at it. It’s not too high up, so we can reach it but what worries me is the fact I can hear the faint hum of talking coming from inside.

“But there are people in there.” I whisper.

He tilts his head. “Regardless of your powers awakening, Little Mouse, you still have the ability to p@ssundetected.”

I freeze, realising what he means. Even if I do somehow have other powers, I do still have the traits of an Omega.

He wants me to go in undetected..

I gulp and nod before he pulls me back against him and, leaning over, k!sses my lips.

“Just open one of the other windows and l climb up,” He murmurs, jerking his head to the right where there are two other windows, both of which are shrouded in darkness.

Most likely empty rooms.

“Ok.” I say. Stepping back, I turn and look out the window. Zedkiel grabs my thighs as he lifts me up and I catch hold of the windowsill, slowly peering inside.

I’m looking into an empty tiled area, and I look around, seeing there’s an archway that leads to where the chattering is coming from. To the right, there’s a door with two large baskets standing beside it.

I look down at Zedkiel giving him a small nod as he lifts me higher, and I silently slip inside. My heart is thumping, but thanks to being an omega I’m able to get around undetected, I silently pad towards the side door. From what I could tell from the outside, there is a window in there that shouldn’t be too far from the one I entered from.

“…. tomorrow. My! I’m rooting for Prince Chasyn! I think he’s perfect for the position.” I hear one of the omega women say.

“No, he is lovely, but he doesn’t have the drive of his brother, Prince Zedkiel. His speech really moved me. I think despite the rumours and the fear we have of him, he has a good head! Not to mention how powerful he is! And look, he took the omega-“

“Hush, you know we are not to call her that, if someone hears you…” The voices become hushed.

“I know, I just meant he took an omega as a wife and he treats her well. You can see that he loves her! He hasn’t k*lled her, it’s just his Lycan, a beast from the past, who did that. Prince Zedkiel has my vote… “

I close the door, certain that Zedkiel can hear them too. I hope he can see how much support he has within these walls too. I know he feels lonely, but he isn’t because he will win all of his people over.

I scan the room I’ve just entered. It’s a laundry room and I slowly hurry to the window and unlatch it. I peep out and Zedkiel walks over.

Stepping back, he jumps, grabbing the ledge and I step back as he slides through the window in one smooth move, leaving me a little startled and pretty impressed.

“Shall we? Or do you plan to stand there and stare?” He says quietly, with a small arrogant smirk.

I shake my head and glance back to the door that is slightly ajar.

“Are we going that way?”

He nods and leads the way. Even with his scent disguiser, if they paid attention they may hear his heartbeat although he’s quiet. We exit the room and manage to make our way past the archway and out to the double doors.

With every corner and turn, my heart beats with nerves and the fear of getting caught but somehow, with it, there’s an excitement and every time Zedkiel pulls me close, as he looks around the bend or waits for someone to pass, I can’t help but enjoy this crazy little adventure of ours.

The castle darkens as we make our way away from the well-lit halls and we head deeper into the castle, and with every step, I can feel that energy as we approach the Chamber of Truth.

I take a deep breath as we reach the entrance.

There’s no lock on the huge stone door that Zedkiel pulls open, but then we all know no one would dare enter this place. A place so sacred, yet so dangerous.. Only a royal can enter and live…

My heart skips a beat nervously as Zedkiel hesitates, staring through the stone door into the darkness, yet he doesn’t move.

“What is it?” I ask in a quiet whisper.

“I ‘m second-guessing if I should take you in there..”

“You don’t need to. I want to go in there.” I say, holding his hand tightly before I step forward.

I feel a surge of power the moment we both cross the threshold and the door swings shut behind us, as we are plunged into darkness…

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