His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 09

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Novel (Evangeline And Zedkiel)

Chapter 09


I gazed down at the woman who had tried to disobey me… “what’s wrong with her?” I asked the healer coldly, as he finished tending to her as she lay in my bed,

“‘She needs time to heal, that‘s all, my prince.”

She had actually tried to escape me, yet she was foolish to think she could.

A naïve fool, one I should have k*lled by now for her disobed*ience… but somehow, I hadn’t. Not yet anyway…

She was pleasing to the eye, as an omega should be… From the curves of her body to those eyes full of an innocence I wished to destroy, but there was something else that set her apart from all I had seen before… I ran my knuckles down her smooth cheek, the dusting of freckles on her nose and cheeks only adding to her allure. I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted her begging for my c*oc*k.

This feeling… When I had touched her out there, I had felt it, almost as if something were pulling me to her, and her scent only made my sense of smell heightened. A fool might question if it was perhaps the rare fated mate bond, which is almost non- existent in today’s day and age, but it was also something I don’t think I’d ever have.

Only a mere handful found their mates, and above that… If somehow, I did have a mate, why would it be a lowly omega?

I pulled the sheets down slightly, admiring her bre*asts. Why did she entice me more than the

Women I had?

Perhaps this hunger for her was because of who she was. What better way to torment someone than to take the woman that the bastard Sinclair wanted for himself. I could tell she was currently untouched since omegas would carry the scent of the man they were claimed by, and she was still pure..

I’ll change that, I will soon make her mine and watch the bastard burn with jealousy. If he wanted, I’d allow him to watch the show.

I sneered coldly, twisting a strand of her black locks around my finger and tugging on it.

A flare of anger rushed through me as I turned my gaze upon the healer, who cowered before me.

I frowned, my cold eyes boring into him. “Time? It was a crash, why isn’t she healing faster?”

He lowered his head, joining his hands in front of him. “She needs a lot of rest; she doesn’t seem to have her wolf, or she’d be healing already, my prince.”

My eyes blazed, and a vicious snarl left my lips as I grabbed the fool by the scruff of his neck. “She is eighteen, her owners made that clear.” I hissed.

“Y-yes m-my prince! However, it seems she just hasn’t shifted! Or has no w-wolf! Forgive me, my prince, I have done my best!”

I heard the slight change in her heartbeat and dropped him. “Get out!” I snarled.

He flinched, clambering to his feet, the smell of fear coating the air as he all but ran to the door.

My eyes snapped to the woman on the bed.

Despite the change in her heartbeat, she didn’t I move.

When the door to my quarters shut after him, I looked down at the woman closely, as she pretended to sleep. Tilting my head, I placed my knee on the bed; still, she didn’t move, but the moment I took hold of her jaw, her eyes flew open.

Her erratic heartbeat was rising; it was almost amusing to see how terrified she was. Oh, how fun it is to hunt the terrified. She tried to move, only to whimper at the pain.

Ah, that was a sound I was going to enjoy hearing It will come… and she’ll be m0aning my name and begging for more. I never saw the charm of a meek little obed*ient omega before, but now… it was looking extremely appealing.

Slowly, I brushed my thumb over her soft, plump lips, making her breath hitch, her lips quivering under my touch. How soft they were… Almost as if the slightest pressure would split it open and make her bleed.

I looked into her eyes, my own expression cold and calculating. “I don’t follow or care for many rules in life, little Omega, but the few I have, I expect them to be obeyed.”

I tightened my hold on her jaw, knowing I was hurting her. “Try to run again, and you won’t survive.’”

Her eyes brimmed with tears, pure despair filling them before she nodded slowly. She blinked, trying to fight her tears, her thick lashes care*ssing her cheeks as she tried to control herself, but she failed, and her tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Am I clear?” I asked icily.

Her eyes fluttered open as she looked at me, fear swirling around her as she nodded once more. “‘Y yes,”

“Glad we’re on the same page.” I let go of her, even if she tried, she was far too weak to run.

She had several broken bones, multiple fractures, and had dislocated her leg completely.

She didn’t respond, trying her best not to cry, something she was failing at miserably. She struggled to sit up. My gaze dipped to her bre*asts for a moment before I turned my attention back to her useless struggle.

She gave up after a moment, the tears streaming down her cheeks. “‘P-please let me go.” She whispered.

A menacing growl left my lips as I turned, grabbing her by the jaw again, only for her to flinch. “If I hear those words from you again, I will k*ll you. I’m a monster, remember that, and just like all those rumours, I’m sure you have I won’t hesitate to end your pathetic life.

“I hissed, she whimpered, nodding slowly, and I shoved her head to the side, letting go of her.

Your owners didn’t want you, you’re simply collateral, and if you dare defy me, I will not only k*ll you but the entire Welhaven family.”

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