His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 05

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Novel (Evangeline And Zedkiel)

Chapter 05

Three hours had passed and I was ready for the ball in a black gown. Despite everything seeming to be normal, I felt uneasy.

Why do I feel like something big was going to happen tonight?

The ball is in full swing when we arrived at the castle of the Alpha of Alphas. My heart is in my mouth when I set sight on that dark stone castle. Even with the lights and the music, it still holds an ominous feeling. Like a predator trying to lure its prey….

“Evangeline. Focus.” Grandmother Philomena hisses, swatting my wrist.

I blink and put a small smile on my face as we walk through the entrance. Yet the more I see of this castle and the people here, the more out of place I feel.

“Alpha Aeron, Lady Philomena, Alpha Sinclair, welcome.” The Supreme Alphas Gamma says, bowing his head to the three.

“Hello, Wallace.” Grandmother Philomena replies. “I have brought… a guest with me.”

She motioned to me and the Gamma looks at me curiously, his eyes instantly trailing over me.

“Ah… of course.” He says, before stepping aside and letting us pass.

A guest? She said I’ll be going as her a*s*sistant.

How strange.

The next hour passed in a blur, Alpha Aeron and Sinclair vanished from sight, and I was stuck with Grandmother Philomena as she met and made small talk with all the important people here.

My! She must have an excellent memory to recall who was who. I, of course, was made to learn the names of all the important ranked werewolves of every allied pack, but I still didn’t recognise half of these. Silence befell the entire room when the announcer steps forward. Everyone’s attention turns to him.

“Announcing the presence of the Alpha of Alphas! Alpha King Ambrose Vilkas and his Queen Danciana Vilkas of the Moonstone Pack!”

The entire court watches in silence, as the double doors at the top of the large winding staircase open. My heart is racing in excitement and fear. This is the man who is the most powerful of all Alphas… our king… and I am about to see him.

The moment the royal couple steps out, everyone lowers their heads and I quickly follow suit, despite trying to peek through my hair at the tall burly man in a suit, which is straining on his arms. His cold eyes scan the room and my heart thuds when his gaze snaps to me, and I quickly duck my head.

When they make their way fully down the steps we all rise, and I steal a glance at the Luna. She is stunning with blond hair and large blue eyes. She is tall, and elegant and holds a strong aura.

“Alpha Prince Chasyn Vilkas and his Luna Maryka Vilkas!”

“Alpha Prince Alcazer Vilkas and his Luna Odette Huntington!”

I peer up, staring at Celia’s sister. She is as beautiful if not more than Celia, but she has a haughty look that isn’t so different from her sisters’. For the princes, everyone simply lowers their heads politely for a moment, once they ascend, the next prince is announced.

“Alpha Prince Jeremiah Vilkas!”

I look up curiously, Jeremiah? But he is the fourth prince…

“Alpha Prince Ragnar Vilkas!” Luna Danciana has four sons, Chasyn, Alcazer, Jeremia and Ragnar.

“Alpha Princes Drystan and Draven Vilkas!”

I peer up as the twins step out. The sixth and seventh princes were born to an Omega, the only Omega who was able to birth the Alpha’s heirs, but in the process, she d*ied. My stomach twists at just the thought of something like that happening.

Once they make it to the bottom, I see Supreme Alpha Ambrose frown as he looks to his sons, conversing between the mind-link.

All the princes are absolutely handsome, oozing power and an elegance one could only wish to attain. Each one of them dressed smartly in tuxes.

The doors at the top shut and I realise the third prince was not going to make an appearance, but I am sure most are relieved. He is a monster, no one even knew who or what his mother was, but the rumor is, he isn’t normal…

“Thank you everyone for-” Alpha Ambrose was cut off when the doors at the top of the stairs swing open, banging off the walls, making everyone flinch at the sound, and I’m hit with a wave of power that rolls through the ballroom.

He is taller than the rest of them, and the power that surrounds him is far stronger. He is wearing black pants and a b*tton-down shirt with a few b*ttons left open, and his sleeves are pushed up to his elbows, showing off a tattoo along his left arm.

Even when dressed more casually than every other male here, he still makes a far louder statement. No, he does more than that, he instils fear.

Even the way he walks is intimidating, with calculated steps. Yet, he still manages to walk with grace, shoulder’s back and head held high, this is a man who didn’t win respect, he demands it.

Every fiber of my being wants me to run, from the moment I laid eyes on him. However, my feet are rooted to the floor, as he prowls into the room.

My heart begins to race, and it isn’t because of how handsome the dark-skinned man before me is, not his chiseled jaw, full lips or those cold gold-green eyes, but because I recognise him.

“An-announcing-” the announcer stutters out, only to be cut off.

“Zedkiel Vilkas.” The prince says in his deep, sinister voice. His tone almost daring anyone to challenge him. Even his siblings dare not stare too long. And those foolish enough to, quickly avert their gaze when his eyes falls on them. As he comes closer, descending, everyone is quick to drop their gaze.

Glimpses of fragmented memory I wasn’t sure were mine, flashes before my eyes. Cold, malicious, gold-green eyes staring at me… The smell of blood, and cold dread washes through me.

Fear envelops me, and I feel ice-cold as I stared at the man who walks down the stairs, oozing dominance and power. His eyes sweep the room and I know I should drop my gaze, but I am paralysed in fear. My hands tremble, and my breathing halts when his eyes meet mine. I am like a deer caught in headlights.

Cold indifference sets on his features and he quirks a brow, still, I can’t bring myself to break my gaze. His lips twitch as he turns his gaze away, striding through the place. His aura is menacing and the room is so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

He is the man who stars in, and haunts, my nightmares.

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