Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 70

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 70

The next week went past quickly, I stud*ied at home while Ezra worked. Mateo had become quite distant, and we hardly saw him. He left early in the morning and had taken on the training of the pack warriors and wouldn’t come home till late at night, always smelling of different women.

My father still hadn’t returned home and said it was my choice if I kept in touch with her but he wanted nothing to do with her. Mum told me their chats of sorting things out just turned into arguments before my father packed his things and moved in with a friend.

Each night I had been sneaking out to see her and it was honestly starting to catch up with me. I was always tired but knew it was my only chance to see her.

I tried to reason with Ezra but his answer was always the same even though she told my father. He got angry when I told him I was mindlinking her but didn’t say I couldn’t. He just didn’t want me near her.

Ezra closes his laptop looking over at me on the couch. I pack my stuff up before placing it on his desk and walk over to him.

“You’re always so tired” he mutters as I yawn, pulling me on his lap. Leaning against him, he wraps his arms around me and k*sses my shoulder.

Hearing a knock on the door, I look at it and go to hop off his lap when he pulls me back down against him, holding me in place.

“You don’t have to knock Mateo” Ezra calls out and the door opens.

He flops on the couch resting his head on the back of it letting out a sigh. “Jacksons men were at the border again today,” he says.

“Yeah Alex mind linked me” Ezra says and I look at him.

“They didn’t cross, they were just watching,” Ezra tells me.

“Have you heard from Jasmine?” Mateo asks, lifting his head. I shake my head.

“No, she has been with Angie a lot. But other than that, just busy helping her dad at the clinic, why haven’t you heard from her?”

“Not for the last three days” he says with a shrug.

“Well I will leave you to it” Mateo says standing up.

“Are you going out again?” Ezra asks him and I could hear the concern in his voice as he stared at his friend.

“Nothing else to do” he says, about to walk out when Ezra calls after him.

“You can watch movies and play cards with us?”

“No horrors?” Mateo asks.

“One is, the other is Mateo appropriate” I chuckle and he thinks for a second before nodding.

“I will shower first then go grab dinner then”

“Pizza?” He asks.

“Fine” I tell him and he smiles before rushing out and up the stairs.

“I’m worried about him,” Ezra says and I nod. He had been acting strange and wasn’t his usual bubbly self. More closed off and distant.

“Want me to see if Jasmine wants to come over?” I ask and Ezra nods against my shoulder. I feel for my link to Jasmine.

I push on it before feeling it connect.

“Hey Jas”

“What you doing kit Kat’”

“Nothing wanted to see if you wanted to watch movies and play cards”

“Will Mateo be there?” She asks, her voice sounding unsure.

“Yes, why. I know you two had a fight but he is a good guy Jas”

“I know but that’s not it Kat, I found him”


“My mate Kat, it is Angie’s oldest brother, he came back 3 days ago, I finally found him” she squeals excitedly but I felt my heart sink for Mateo. I was happy for her, but now where did that leave Mateo and her, they can’t avoid each other forever.

“Does Mateo know?”

“I should go Kat” she says before cutting the link.

I focus back in the room.

“What did she say?”

“Um she is busy” I tell him, it wasn’t our place to tell him, but Jasmine should, if she has no intention of being with him she should at least tell him and not leave him hanging. It kind of disappointed me, I thought she would be straight up with him instead of just ignoring him.

Getting up, I go on the hunt for snacks before setting them up in the living room and finding the cards.

“Be back soon” Mateo calls as he leaves.

Ezra comes in holding a beer, and I steal it from him, taking a sip while he tries to take it from me.

“You’re not drinking Kat” he growls trying to take it from me.

“I’m of age” I tell him, taking another sip and scrunching my face at the taste, it was disgusting how anyone drinks beer is beyond me.

“Fine, but only a few, I don’t want you getting drunk” he says walking off and grabbing another before returning. He flicks through the movies finding the haunting of Hill house on Netflix.

“Kat it’s a series not a movie” Ezra says.

“Fine, pick something else” I tell him.

“We can watch it but you’re doing the toilet runs with Mateo” he chuckles.

“Only man I know that watches PG and nothing else” I tell him while sipping the beer.

“Argh on second thoughts you can have it, taste nasty” I tell him and he laughs taking it from me. He mind-links someone before his eyes fall back on me.

“Poker?” I ask, grabbing the chips out of the box.

He nods sitting on the couch fiddling with my hair and I lean between his legs putting my head back. “I love you” Ezra mumbles as he leans down k!ssing my l!ps and I turn back to the cards and chips getting them out of the box. Mateo took around half an hour before returning.

“Since when do you drink this girlie Sh*t? ” Mateo says walking in. He places pizzas on the coffee table before opening a bag pulling out some coloured drinks.

“I don’t, they are for her” he says pointing at me.

“Are you letting her drink?” He asks shocked but hands me a pink bottle of vodka cruiser. He opens it, handing it to me before sending me a wink. I shake my head at him taking it from him when he looks at the TV.

“Not this Sh*t, I saw the ad for this, it’s about ghosts” he says glaring at me. I shrug and Ezra chuckles at Mateos’ pale face.

“Fine, but we are watching the lion king after”

“The lion king?”

“It’s a cla*s*sic,” he says, sitting down opening the pizza.

Ezra turned it on and we played poker while watching and stuffing our faces before getting bored of the game after they kept losing against me.

I packed everything up and was about to walk out when Mateo called out to me.

“Wait, I need to pee,” he says, hopping up. I roll my eyes at him and wait. I lean against the bathroom door waiting for him before he follows me into the rec room while I put everything away.

Turning around Mateo was staring wide-eyed around the darkened room.

“Does this place remind you of the one in the movie?” He asks and I snort.

“No!” I tell him before racing out of the room and shutting the door. He bangs on it screaming his head off. “Open it, open it” he shrieks at being locked in the dark.

I let the handle go and darted off hiding behind the stairs only to see him race out like his a$s was on fire and was running for his life. He runs straight past me heading for the light of the living room.

“Where is she?” I hear him ask Ezra as I sneak up behind him. He was standing behind the couch. I see Ezra look up at him before spotting me and I put a finger to my l!ps.

“No idea bro” Ezra says and Mateo starts to turn around when I jump out. “Boo!” He shrieks, jumping before tumbling over the couch and onto Ezra.

Ezra grunts at the impact and I could hear the air leave his lungs with an oomph. I crack up laughing while Mateo looks like he just about we*t himself.

“That was not funny” Mateo growled at me climbing off Ezra who was also laughing.

“It was, I got you good” I tell him. When he reaches over the lounge and rips me over the back of it.

“Brat!” he says as I fall in Ezra’s lap.

I lay across them watching the show before noticing it starting to get late. I was supposed to meet my mother in a few more hours and knew if they weren’t asleep by 11, I would have to tell her I couldn’t come. Thankfully Ezra becomes tired and decides to turn the TV off.

“Ah what about the lion king, you can’t expect me to sleep after watching half that Sh*t” Mateo tells him.

“Watch it in our room then” Ezra says, pulling me off the couch with him.

“What?” Mateo asks, looking confused.

“Hurry up before I change my mind” Ezra tells him and Mateo jumps up. Ezra waits for him to climb the stairs and flick the hall light on before turning the foyer light off.

I go into the bathroom slipping my pajamas on before climbing in bed. Ezra climbs in and Mateo lays on my other side in the bed flicking through the movies before finding the lion king. I snuggle against Ezra, his hand trailing up my back while he dozes off.

Mateo turns the TV down so he doesn’t wake Ezra and after about half an hour of the movie he too falls asleep. I watch the entire thing fighting my sleep. When it is close to the time I have to leave. I moved Mateo’s leg off me from where he shifted in his sleep, snuggling against me.

Climbing out of bed, Mateo grabs my h!p and I freeze. “Where are you going?” he mumbles.

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