Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 264

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 264: Jonah POV

By the time I got to Kyan, I felt woozy from his drinking. I pulled up out the front expecting him to be waiting outside, only he wasn’t. I tried ringing him, but when he didn’t answer, I got out and unlocked the door with the spare key.

“Kyan?” I called out, but got no answer as I stepped into the foyer. All the lights were off when I heard garbled talking coming from the kitchen.

I walked over, pushing the door open to find Kyan sprawled out on the floor, talking aloud to Kaif. I chuckled before walking over to him and standing above him.

“My shirt has creases,” he slurs. I look him over and shake my head.

“Yes, it does,” I laughed before bending down and grabbing his shoulders, and pulling him to sit up.

“Kaif is being an a*e,” he slurs, and his eyes flicker to Kaifs briefly.

“Come on, let’s get you home. Why have you been ignoring my calls all day?” I ask him. He mumbles about not wanting to disturb us while I try to haul him to his feet.

“A little help, Kaif, would be great,” I gr0@n, taking his weight. I felt Kaif’s presence as he moved to help me get him upright, and I tossed his arm across my shoulder.

“You fvcked my mate,” Kyan slurs.

“Our mate and I tried to ring you all d**n day. Marabella has also been trying to ring you,”

“My shirt has creases; can you get me a blue one?” Kyan asks.

“Seriously, let me get you home first; I will get you tucked in bed where you should be.”

“It has creases,” Kyan mumbles, and I sigh. I placed him on the dining table chair before prying the bottle from his grip and placing it in the sink.

“I will get you a shirt, stay,” I tell him, walking out and up to his room. Partway up the stairs, I hear a thud. “Don’t think he stayed,” Jax laughed, chuckled in my head. I click my tongue before pushing his door open.

Everything was spotless, like the rest of the house and this entire floor, stuck heavily in bleach. I move to his closet and find him some clothes and grab his pajama pants and a shirt for home.

Grabbing his wallet off the bedside table, I stopped, looking at the photo of him, his father, and Lucas from when he was a kid. My heart sank for him as I set it back down. He had obviously been through his photo albums because these weren’t here the other day.

I find one of me, and Marabella, also in a small frame next to his bed, along with one of him and me from when I was around 16. I chuckle at it, also sitting down before flicking his light off and grabbing his clothes before wandering downstairs.

Going back to the kitchen, he had fallen off the chair, his legs in the air, and he was muttering incoherently. I set everything down and pull him back onto it, trapping his legs between mine, so he doesn’t topple off again.

“I spilled my drink on it,” Kyan murmurs.

“I have seen you in worse states; it’s fine,” I tell him, unb*ttoning his shirt before grabbing a new one off the hanger. It was like trying to dress a child. He was that uncoordinated, and Kaif was no help.

“Better?” I ask him. “You ironed my shirt?” Kyan slurs.

“No, just got a new one,” I laughed at his rambling.

“Come on, let’s get you home to our girl,” I tell him, hauling him upright.

“Kaif tossed my keys,” Kyan growls.

“That’s a good thing; you’re drunk and probably would have K*lled someone, or yourself,” I tell him.

“But you came to get me,” he mumbled, leaning against me while I tried to hold him upright while carrying his spare clothes and his belongings.

“Always, you know that,” I told him, dragging him to the car. I put him in the passenger side before racing back to the house to turn all the lights off and lock the place up.

Climbing back in, he was leaning his head on the window. My hand reached over to help him clip his belt.

“Ready to go home now,” he nodded sluggishly, and I shook my head before starting the car and taking off. The first half of the drive, I listened to ramble on about how much he loved Ella and me, then he abruptly stopped talking, m aking me look over at him to see him heave.

“Don’t you puke in my car,” I scolded.

“I’m gonna be sick,” Kyan muttered before burping.

“Not in my car, you’re not,” I tell him, ripping the car off to the side of the road. He heaved again, and I jumped out, opening the passenger door and grabbing his shoulders as he nearly fell out from leaning on it, only for him to puke on my feet. I sighed, jumping back and keeping a hand on his shoulder while he emptied his stomach.

“Are you good?” I asked him, and he nodded before shaking his head and puking again. When I was finally convinced he was done, I pushed him back into his seat and gr0@ned, seeing his ruined shirt and removing it before grabbing the T-shirt off the backseat.

I couldn’t haul him through the hotel looking like he would k**l me tomorrow for it. He had a ruined shirt, and I used it to clean his face. “I love you, Jonah,” I laugh.

“I love you too. You’re really drunk; I think you have confessed your love for me a million times now,” I tell him before chucking the shirt along with my shoes in the trunk.

“My teeth feel furry,” he says before grabbing my water bottle from the cupholder. He drinks some, and I blink at him. He never shares drinks or anything but obliterated he didn’t seem to notice he was drinking out of my drink bottle from yesterday.

I let him go and continued driving home and parking underground. It was a little after 1 AM by the time I got him home and hauled him to an elevator.

Getting him to the top floor, I had to get Kaif to help me walk with him. His dd weight became too much, and he was k***g my lower back. Unlocking the door, he was rambling about needing to brush his teeth and needed a toothbrush.

I laughed, dragging him into the bathroom, trying to keep him quiet, so he didn’t wake Mara. He would be mortified if she found him in this state.

Digging around under the sink, I find a fresh toothbrush and open the packaging, handing it to him. While I turn the shower only to turn around and find him stuck between the gap between the wall and toilet. I heave him out before Str!pping my clothes off and dragging him into the shower.

‘You owe me big for this; I never thought I would have to shower you,” I tell him.

“You’re a good friend,” he mumbles as I set him on the shower floor, leaning him against the wall. I remove the showerhead before grabbing the soap, and he raises a hand. “My only friend,”

“You have lots of friends. You just don’t like them,” I laugh. He snickers, chewing on the toothbrush as he tries to brush his teeth. I roll my eyes at him before crouching down and prying it from between his teeth and his grip.

“You know, Kaif, you could try to help him,” I growl, knowing Kaif was punishing him. Kaif could perfectly handle Kyan’s human form, but I knew he was refusing to.

“You look like you have it mastered,” Kaif laughs, his voice echoing off the tiled walls.

“Quiet, he will be upset if Mara sees him like this, not that she would care. She has been asking for him all day,” I tell Kaif.

‘And this idiot has been pining for her all day,’ Kaif says, while trying to brush his teeth for him.

“Wake up, buddy,” I tell him, tapping his face.

“You need to spit. You can’t s*****w it,” I laugh.

“That’s what she said,” he laughed.

‘”And who is she?”‘ I laughed, pulling him forward so he could spit the toothpaste out.

“Huh?” he says mumblingly to my question, clearly too intoxicated to remember what he said when the door opened. Marabella walks in. I stare at her over my shoulder. Mara’s eyes widen as she sees me na*ked and in the shower with a na*ked Kyan. Awkward!.

“Is he alright?” she asks, rushing over and opening the shower screen.

“He is fine, just drunk,” I tell her, and she sighs.

“I woke up, and you were gone. You sure he is ok?” she asks, prying his eyelids open, his eyes rolling around in his head. “Yep, I was about to bring him to bed,” I tell her, and she leans over, grabbing the soap from my hand. Marabella helps me finish washing him, but now he is comatose. “You did not see him like this,” I tell her.

“See what?” she laughs, wrapping a towel around him while I held him up.

“She definitely did, and I will make sure to tell him what an a*s of himself he made,” Kaif says, coming forward.

“Hey, Kaif, and don’t be mean,” Mara says.

“Never, my love,” he purrs at her, and she chuckles.

“Well, you can help us dress him and get him to bed, please,” she tells Kaif, and he does, coming forward.

“You b**y come forward for her, you tt, but made me drag him up here,”

“She said please,” Kaif laughs, and I shake my head. I just brushed his d**n teeth and washed him, but he came forward instantly for her. Kaif also helps us get Kyan in bed before I feel him leave, going back into the deepest parts of Kyan’s mind. Kyan snores, and Mara pulls the blanket over him, while I grab some shorts and climb in behind him.

After yawning, I flicked the light out when Mara giggled, and I lifted my head to look for Kyan in the dark. Kyan had pushed his nose into her neck, tugging her to him. Mara brushes his hair with her fingertips gently as he hugs her close.

“You’re home now, Kye, where you belong,” I tell him. As I sigh, I roll over, tossing my arm over both of them, and fall asleep.

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