Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 234

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 234: Marabella POV

I didn’t want to dance, but Jonah pulled me over to the dancefloor anyway; I couldn’t dance to save my life. “What’s wrong?” Jonah asks, and I shake my head, not wanting to draw attention to the fact Kyan was glaring at him. I had managed to ignore him all night, but I could feel his gaze boring into us; the room felt suffocating with his presence despite its size.

I nod toward Rose, who had been pulled away from Casen by some man. Jonah rolls his eyes at his sister while Casen looks as though he is about to tear the man to shreds.

“Casen will sort it,” Jonah says, tugging me closer, I could feel the buzz in the room, and I glance at Kyan over Jonah’s shoulder.

“Maybe we should go sit down; Kyan keeps glaring at us, I don’t want to upset him”

“He will get over it. Besides, Kaif said he was planning on rejecting you anyway. Why care what he thinks?” Jonah says his words a growl. I chew my l!p worriedly; that didn’t mean we should upset him.

“Mara, stop just ignore him until he pulls his head out of his a*ss, he needs to man up or just get it over with,”

“Get what over with, rejecting me?” I snap at him.

“I have not once denied my feelings for you, and kyan knows how I feel about you, “

“Yes, but what if he doesn’t reject me, Jonah, we can’t just, “

“Can’t what? Be together?” I nod.

“I know you want Kyan, and I am fine sharing, but if you don’t want this, Marabella, let me know now because I am done with waiting on Kyan to make his mind up.”

“I do want to be with you, I always have, but Kyan-” My words are cut off by his l!ps crashing against my own. I gasp, shocked at his display in front of Kyan when he tugs me closer, deepening the k!ss. I push on his che3st.

“Jonah, ” I mumble around his l!ps.

“He needs to either accept it or let you go, Mara. I am done waiting for his approval, and you should be too,” Jonah says when suddenly yelling starts up behind us. I glance over my shoulder to see Casen punch the man Rose was dancing with.

“Oh, for f*uc*ks sake,” Jonah mutters.

“Stay here, I will be back,” Jonah says us leaving me on the dancefloor while he makes his way over to Casen and Rose to break up the fight. I sigh about to go back to the bar and get a drink, only stopping when I see Kyan and the woman from earlier with her hands all over him.

My stomach drops when I see his hand on her h!p. He tugs her closer, and the woman giggles when my heart sinks, plunging somewhere deep and

shriveling up when he grabs her before k!ssing her. Pain radiates through me, and I take a step back as bile rises in my throat.

I felt like I was going to be sick, yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the woman as her hands roamed over his che3st, tugging him closer when Kyan grabbed her a*ss, and she was practically straddling his lap. Kora growls, but it turns to a whimpered sob, and I clutch my che3st.

I couldn’t catch my breath, couldn’t tear my eyes away from them, yet I needed to move when I felt Kora lurch forward. My fear from the other night comes back, and I take off, running for the doors leading out of the room.

“Kora, stop, ” I begged her as tears burned my eyes as I tried to find the elevator to go to Jonah’s apartment, people stared and I felt my face heat with embarra*s*sment that all these people and their judging eyes stared at me.

I must look pathetic running through the halls crying over someone that clearly doesn’t want me. Getting to the next floor, I finally find an elevator before noticing a security guard. I stop, tapping him on the shoulder, and he sniffs the air.

“You okay, Love?” He asks and I can barely speak when the pain suddenly stops.

“The penthouse apartment, I don’t have a key for the elevator, ” I tell him.

“That area is off-limits to patrons,”

“My mate, um Jonah, mindlink Jonah he will confirm I can go up there, tell him it’s Mara,” I rub my arms suddenly feeling cold, really cold like some part of me d*ied, and I couldn’t get the image out of them out of my head.

“Kyan said the spare key is in the potplant by the door, ” the security guard says, and I blink at him.

“I said to speak to Jonah, “

“I couldn’t reach him; he shoved me out,” the security guard snaps at me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean, ” I stop myself from making an even bigger fool of myself.

“It’s fine, been a hectic night,” The guard says when the elevator doors open. He places a key in the panel, and I thank him when he sets the elevator to the penthouse floor.

I lean against the wall as it goes up, and Kora continues to whimper in my head. Her pain became mine, and I hated how much pain it caused me hearing her cry out like that for our mate, yet also for Jonah, hoping he could take it away.

I felt hollow, empty, the void inside growing larger as I stepped out of the elevator. Who was I if I wasn’t even good enough for my mate? I wasn’t even worth loving by the one person who should love me unconditionally.

I rummage through the leaves of the plant next to the door, my fingers scouring the soil before finding the key. I placed it in the lock and twisted before pushing the door open and stepping into the

darkened apartment. Turning, I go to close the door only for it to swing inward, barely missing me. The man of the hour, the one that caused my pain came stalking toward me.

“f*uc*king hurts, doesn’t it?” He snarls, and I take a step back away from him. The energy rippling out of him made the lights flick on and off like an energy surge.

“Now you know how it f*uc*king feels, every f*uc*king time you touch him, it was bad enough behind my back but in f*uc*king front me!” he screams. Kora snarls in my head at his words, her anguish twisting to anger.

“f*uc*king say something! ” he screams at me, and the lights suddenly burst, plunging us back into darkness except for his fluorescent eyes that had turned gold, burning like embers of flame when he grabs me.

“Speak, Marabella. You had no problem flaunting Jonah in front of me like some wh*re, and now what, you are too f*uc*king scared to speak,” I push him.

“A wh*re? You have the audacity to call me a wh*re when you just k!ssed that skank in front of me for what you think I did or didn’t do,” I spit at him.

” So you know how it f*uc*king feels, you think I like seeing you with Jonah? Do you have any idea how much that fcking hurts? ” he grabs both my arms, his hands shaking and the heat of them burns my skin.

“Probably the same way it hurts not being wanted by the one person who is meant to want you, the same way it feels every time you f*uc*king push me away and reject me without rejecting me, ” I yell at him before shoving him off.

Kyan laughs the sound manic, and his laughter scares me more than his yelling.

“Reject you? I told you I was doing that for you; I am not safe to be with Marabella, you know it, I know it, your f*uc*king mother knows it, but you want a mate, that’s what you want?” Kyan says while taking his jacket off. Startled I step away from him before glancing at the door.

“What are you doing Kyan, your drunk. Just leave,” I stammer out.

“No, you won’t listen, you want your mate? I am giving you what you f*uc*king want; maybe then you will f*uc*king see,” He snarls, reaching for me. I take another step glancing at the door, wondering what my chance of escape is before I run.

Adrenaline pounded through my veins as flight and fight kick in, and I chose flight, knowing I am no match for the monster he is capable of being. I was near to the door when he caught me, his arms wrapping around my wa!st, and I clutched the door frame when he rips me away before dumping me on the couch.

“This what you want, Marabella?” He snarls, undoing his belt, and I kick him, but he grabs my ankle shoving it down, and pressing his knee on my th!gh.

“What is wrong Mara, not gentle enough, I f*uc*king warned you, but no, you don’t f*uc*king listen, you want a monster I will give you a f*uc*king monster, ” He growls, making goosebumps rise on my skin as I try to kick him off but he grabs my legs, his touch burns, and thrills despite what he was doing or trying to do when I rip my gloves off. Kyan reaches for my hands, and we struggle.

“Your magic won’t save you, Ella; we are made of the same power. Your power is useless on me,” Kyan snarls ripping the gloves off himself.

His che3st rises and falls rapidly as he pushes my skirt up, and my hand moves quickly as I slap him. The sound seemed to echo around the room, and he stopped baring his teeth and growling at me.

“Enough, now get off me, Kyan, ” I yell at him, struggling against his weight.

“I said get off!” I scream at him, and he gr0ans, his hands running under my shirt and sparks rush everywhere, but every part of my mind was screaming, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, I didn’t want it to be like this. Kora wanted to shift to deal with him but also did not want to hurt him, which pissed me off because he was hurting us.

“Flataska Potenza, ” says the strange voice I heard the night Rose was attacked, and I try to understand.

“Flataska Potenza, ” It says again and keeps repeating.

“Kyan, stop, f*uc*king stop, ” I tell him trying to shove him off. My hands smack into his che3st, and I thrash beneath him while his hands rip at my blouse, tearing the b*ttons and revealing my br*.

“Say it,” the voice urges, and I don’t know why I listened, why I trusted this imaginary voice in my head, but I slam my hands into his 3.

“Flataska Potenza, “ I scream at him. Power surges through my palms, burning hot when his weight is gone. Suddenly his body crashes into the wall behind him as if a f0rce had shoved him off with a strength that wasn’t anything like I had seen before.

His body crashes through the wall and into the spare bedroom, leaving a gaping hole while I lay there shaking at what I had done.

“Kyan?” I whisper while getting off the couch. I couldn’t see anything but heard him make a pained gr0an. The glassfrom the light bulbs crunches under my feet, and pain radiates through me with each step.

I glance at the door debating whether or not this was my chance to escape and no doubt it was.

However, I needed to know he was alright, that I didn’t hurt him or, worse, K*ll my mate. Surely I would feel if he were dying, wouldn’t I?

He gr0ans again before getting to his hand’s knees, the ripple of energy around now gone when I see a piece of steel going through his abdomen; he pulls it out, dropping the piece of rebar from the wall on the ground beside him.

“He’s hurt, ” Kora whimpers, and I step through the hole in the wall.

“Kyan?” I whisper, and he freezes, a growl slipping out of him.

“Where did you hear that?” he asks.

“It came to me,” I answer, not wanting to tell him I hear voices in my head. How nuts does that sound? He laughs; the sound is hysterical.

“Of course it did,” He laughs, dusting himself off and standing up. He lifted his shirt. The bar punctured through his lower stomach and h!p but was still bleeding as he staggered.

“Why aren’t you healing?” he laughs again.

“Because I drugged my wolf,” he says, putting pressure on it. I look around for something to stop the bleeding.

“I’m fine, Ella, just go,”

“You’re bleeding everywhere, ” I tell him when he slides down the dresser beside the newly made entry.

“Just get Jonah, though I would say he already on his way, no way he didn’t feel that, ” Kyan ch*okes out before coughing, blood spraying everywhere, and I wipe my face, pulling back my hand it is covered in blood from him.

“Sorry, ” He murmurs while I put pressure on his wound.

“How long does it usually take to heal?”

“Not sure, I have never not had Kaif to heal me,” He answers, though the color on his face was draining right out of him, his skin clammy. He falls quiet for a few minutes.

I feel his wound closing beneath my hand and pull back to see it slowly closing.

” See, I am fine; you didn’t K*ll me, what a shame, ” “I wasn’t trying to K*ll you, “

“You couldn’t even if you wanted to,” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“I didn’t mean it like that, not saying you couldn’t, but you would K*ll Jonah too if you did,”


“Bloodbound, our lives are tied to one another. Without one, the other d*ies,”

“Well, handy to know for next time,” I tell him and Kyan laughs.

“There won’t be next time Ella, I will do it; just give me a second, ” he says before coughing.

“Do what?”

“Let you be with Jonah, “

“Fine, bleed to death then, see if I care,” I tell him moving my hands and standing up.

“You would still want me, after what I just, ” He stops.

“You mean what you tried to do? You are my mate. I couldn’t hate you even if I wanted to, even if you deserved it, and you did deserve that,” I tell him, pointing to his wound.

“I guess your right, I kind of did,” He gr0ans, trying to get to his feet. I grip his arm hauling him up as he clutches his stomach. I help him through the hole and back to the couch only when I go to leave, he pulled me on top of him.

” I will fry your a*ss, you try anything, ” I warn him, and he laughs.

“You have any idea what you just did?” he asks, and I look at my hands.

“Tossed you off,” I offered since it was the obvious answer.

“You immobilized my magic, ” he answers, and my brows furrow in confusion.

“Jonah will be here soon, I can feel him getting closer, ” Kyan says before checking his wound, which was now almost completely closed. I nod, trying to get off him when he reefs me back down.

” I… “

“Don’t, Kyan, ” I whisper, knowing what he was about to do.

“You can’t take it back once you do,” I tell him.

“I should, though, and you know it. I will just keep hurting you, Marabella, and you, me” Kora whimpers in my head, and pain radiates through me when Kyan sighs.

“I Kyan Octavian, reject, “

I shut his words off with my l!ps, my l!ps pressing against his felt right yet also wrong on so many levels; it wasn’t meant to be like this. I should have let him reject me, ripped the bandaid off, if you will. I can call it a moment of stupidity, one of weakness, but I couldn’t handle any more right now, couldn’t handle the thought of losing him, and couldn’t handle the way Kora mourned her mate.

Kyan didn’t move, yet he didn’t pull away. Only when I did, Kyan gripped the back of my neck before

k!ssing me back. A whimper leaves my l!ps, half startled that I did it, half startled that he k!ssed me back, but when I felt his tongue scr@pe across my bottom l!p. My body answered straight away, yearning for him, yearning for what could have been.

My l!ps part and his tongue brushes mine hesitantly, sparks rushing everywhere, and I k!ss him back hungrily, needing him like I need air, and he gr0ans, pushing me on my back. He hisses at the movement yet ignores his pain as he pushes between my legs, his hands gentle yet demanding when he bites down on my l!p.

A m0an escapes me, his hand moving up my side to my throat as he turns my face away from his, k!ssing down my jaw and my neck. My breathes lodges in my throat when I feel his teeth graze the spot where his mark should lay on my skin when he suddenly freezes. Pulling back and looking down at me.

Something flashed through his gaze as he stared at me before glancing at his hand wrapped around my throat, and it was like something shifted within him. Kyan j*rks away from me, and pain radiates through me at his rejection; his eyes soften for a second when he suddenly stands.

“I should go,” He murmurs, looking anywhere but at me. I sit up and reach for him, but he takes a step back.

“Kyan ! “

“I won’t let history repeat itself , not with you,” He says before walking toward the door. His hand grips the doorframe leading out as he stumbles, and I get to my feet to help him when he suddenly takes off.

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