Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 195

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 195: Sage POV

I had just put Jonah to bed and Andrei still wasn’t home, he had left early this morning and now it was nearly 11pm. He had been in and out all day and we had barely spoken. Derrick left around lunch time to go to Kat’s. He wanted to help her and her mates with the kids. Apparently they were teething badly and Marge has been sick with flu, but they had no sleep and Kat hasn’t been able to shift because of it.

He was going home to give her mates reason to f0rce her to shift. Closing the door slightly, I walk into the bedroom and flop on the bed. It was so quiet, the bed felt too big with no one in it and I debated whether or not to just climb in Jonah’s with him so I could try to sleep.

My eyes felt like sandpaper as I walked to the room flopping on the bed face down. It was only when I felt the bed shift and hands gripping under my arms that I woke up. More exhausted than I realised when the scent of soap and Andrei wafted under my nose.

“You’re home finally” I mutter as he maneuvers me around the bed and tugs the blankets up.

“Sorry I was busy, it took longer than I thought” h e says, wrapping his body around mine before I drift back off. It was early when I woke up, the sun was not even out yet, something unnerved me and I had no reason to wake yet. Andrei was sleeping soundly but dread washed over me and I was unsure why. This feeling had been appearing since Jonah came home, like something was going to happen. Something bad.

“It’s nothing, go back to sleep” Sierra says but I couldn’t help it, forcing myself up to go check on him. Paranoia always crept in, were the windows locked, was the door locked and was he still in bed. Walking down the hall I push the door open to find him tucked safely in his bed, nothing out of place.

“ See told you,” Sierra says and she was right, as always when I woke. Climbing back in bed, Andrei rolls on his back.

“Go back to sleep” He mutters, he had become used to my nightly waking to check Jonah. My mind was alert though and unable to go back to sleep, looking at the alarm clock it was a little after 4:30 AM.

“Sage please sleep ” Andrei mutters turning to face me and tucking me closer, my nose pressed against his chest. His scent was calming and made the tension leave.

“Please don’t make me get up, I can feel how awake you are and it’s going to keep me awake” He says.

“Sleep” He says and I sigh trying to close my eyes and fight the urge to check Jonah again.

“No, one will take him, ” Andrei says, pulling away and opening one eye to look at me.

“You’re going to make me get up aren’t you?”

“Can you just check the border cameras please” He sighs.

“You know I can feel if intruders step over right?”

“Yeah but sometimes they still slip through” I tell him and he gr0@ns.

“This is the third time since I got home” He mutters.

“I just woke up” I tell him.

“That doesn’t stop you from wacking me to get up to check the cameras while you’re sleeping, you know what it is? You are so used to something going wrong Sage that when you find a sliver of peace you are waiting for something to go wrong” He says and I know he is right but still the feeling of unease was unsettling.

“Fine, I am going, this is the last time though, I need more than 4 hours of broken sleep at night” He says tossing the blanket back and walking out of the room.

I hear him go downstairs and into the office, around 5 minutes later he returns but instead of climbing back in bed he walks into the bathroom and turns the shower on. Tossing the blankets off I follow him into the bathroom.

“I thought you were coming back to bed”

“Well I can’t now, I go back to sleep and get up in an hour. I will be more tired” He says, Str!pping his boxer shorts off.

“You’re leaving again aren’t you?”

“Yes, but hopefully I won’t be long today, I just need to go meet some people and If all goes well I will be home by lunch” He says before stepping into the shower..

“Shower with me?” I nod, Str!pping off and climbing in and shutting the shower screen.

“Where have you been going?” I ask him. “ The caves where Jonah was found”

“We found a rogue camp there and Zane and I have been sussing them out”

“You aren’t going to hurt them are you?”

“What no, just observing them, most of them are women and children. There a few men but mostly women and children”

“And what’s the point to watching them”

“We have been sending supplies in, I tried to speak to them yesterday but they know of my cruelty towards rogues and it is making it difficult”

“Making what difficult?”

“I offered for them to join our pack but they are hesitant” He answers, reaching for the shampoo. He turns me around before squirting some in his hands. He washes my hair, ma*s*saging my scalp with his fingers.

“You will let them join, you would bring a rogue camp in” I ask him, a little shocked.

“Mmm” He hums softly.

“Why are they hesitant, most would jump at that opportunity”

“Well I haven’t exactly got a good reputation with rogues, and also the other rogue packs in the area have been talking, they have been warned away from our pack” Andrei says and I sigh in understanding. I wouldn’t exactly be jumping to join the Rogue K*lling Alpha’s pack if he wasn’t my mate.

“Maybe I could come with you?” I ask him but he pushes me under the stream of water.

“No, we have spotted a few camps surrounding it, it isn’t safe and I found a few all male rogue camps that seem to have more sinister intentions, we have spotted them going to this camp. I think they are the main reason they are refusing to join, I think they fear the men’s camp” Andrei says.

“You think they are hurting the rogues?”

“No idea but I intend to find out today when I go back” Andrei tells me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t want to get your hopes up in thinking I changed if I couldn’t bring myself to let them in”

“So what changed your mind”

“Jonah did, you did. My pack did” Andrei says, k!ssing my shoulder. I lean against him but he steps back.

“What’s wrong”

“Nothing” He says and I turn around to face him. I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck, k!ssing his l!ps.

“Liar” I tell him, feeling his er*ection pressing against my stomach. I knew that was why he really stepped away. He barely touches me almost like he thinks now we have mated. I would see him as pressuring me for more.

“You don’t have to hide from me,” I tell him.

“I just don’t want you thinking I expect it now” He says, against my l!ps. I k!ss him back before nibbling on his l!p. My tongue tracing the seam of his l!ps and he gr0@ns pushing me against the cold tiles.

Reaching down I wrap my hands around his sh@ft, I like touching him, liked touching him as much as he enjoyed touching me. I never thought I would enjoy intimacy with anyone but with Andrei it was different. He made me see everything different, it felt different.

I squeeze him gently, running my hand up his length to the tip before pressing closer to him, and k!ssing his chest and running my tongue down his pec.

“Sage?” Andrei growls, trying to grab my arms as I drop to my knees in front of him.

“Oh god are you really going to try doing that, have fun choking on that?” Sierra says laughing in my head.

“Sage you don’t have to” Andrei says, trying to grab my arms but I shrug him off grabbing his c*oc*k in my hand.


“Stop I am fine, I wouldn’t if I didn’t want to and I couldn’t save nothing else so let me, no one was stupid enough to stick anything near my mouth” I mutter dryly.

“Was that humour because that was messed up, don’t say that”

“Well it’s true” Andrei growls at me. But if I want to joke about my horrible past. Let me, it’s better than crying about it.

“I am just saying you don’t have to, so please get up.”

“You don’t want me to?” I ask him.

“No, of course I do. I am a man, what man doesn’t want, never mind just come- ”

I didn’t let him finish, his confession was good enough for me as I wrapped my l!ps around the tip, his hands smack the tiles as he jerks not expecting me to just go ahead. Sierra gives me gross mental images I didn’t want in my head like she was some c*oc*k s*cking coach.

“Or just help yourself” Andrei mutters as I take more of him in my mouth. My hand moved in rhythm with my mouth as I ran my tongue down his sh@ft. I steady myself with one hand on his th!gh when I feel his hand move to my hair yet he only strokes my hair tangling his fingers in it gently.

I picked up my pace, his hand in my hair was enough encouragement to make me want to keep going, taking him deeper into my mouth when I suddenly took too much, gagging on it and pulling back.

Andrei laughs softly before tugging me back up, a smile on his l!ps. He presses his body against mine, the heat of him seeping into me and I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer as he dips his face to k!ss me.

Andrei’s hands move down my sides gripping the back of my th!ghs before hoisting me up. My legs wrap around his waist as he presses me against the tile wall. His c*oc*k pressing against my c*ore when he rocks his h!ps making his length slide between my folds and hit my cl!t. Sparks moving across my skin make me gasp into his mouth.

Desire overwhelming me and my ar0usal spills onto my th!ghs.

I roll my h!ps against him, his c*oc*k sliding back and forth, rubbing against me and building up friction. Andrei’s l!ps are not leaving mine as he deepens the k!ss, his tongue tasting every inch of my mouth and my walls clench in anticipation. Moving my h!ps I lift myself higher and he squeezes my th!ghs lining himself up with my entrance. I try to press down on him, feeling his c*oc*k prodding but not entering and he gr0@ns, pressing his face into my neck.


“Hmm” Is all I manage and he nips at my neck and jawline before thrusting into me. His c*oc*k fills and stretches me as he buries himself in me. He pulls out slowly and my l!ps part at the feel of

him filling me. My h!ps move, seeking out the friction he was giving me and making me M0@n. The sound is lewd and louder than I thought as it bounces off the tiled walls making me clamp my l!ps together. Andrei picks up his pace, finding rhythm and I cry out as I feel my walls clamp around me, his mouth crashing against mine and he swallows my M0@ns while he pounds into me. The familiar tightening of my stomach muscles takes over, my legs tightening around his waist pulling him deeper when my skin prickles and heats up.

Andrei’s movements become harsher and more erratic when warmth floods me, making me cry out and my toes curl as my climax washes over me in waves, My walls spasm and flutter around his length, squeezing and milking his c*oc*k as he stills deep inside me, I feel thick ropes of his s*eed

coating my insides, leaving us both panting as the pulsation of his c*oc*k prolongs the feeling that ebbed and flowed over me.

I sag against the wall trying to catch my breath and Andrei k!sses my l!ps, nibbling on them. “I love you”

“I love you more” I mumble, k!ssing him back. He pulls out of me, setting my feet on the ground before reaching for the soap.

“I am glad you made me check the cameras now” He says, making me laugh before reaching for me. I grab the soap from his hand, rubbing it across his chest and while he helps me wash.

“Are you sure, I can’t come with you tomorrow?” I ask him, while yawning.

“I won’t have you put in danger, until we know for sure it is safe, you have to stay here. I will try to be quick besides Jonah needs you here and I doubt you will be comfortable leaving him” Andrei says.

“Yeah true” I was definitely not comfortable being away from Jonah, not when we only just got him back.

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