Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 850

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 850 Reinf0rcement

Sylvia’s POV:

Noreen kept insisting me to leave with her, but I turned her down every time. Eventually, we had an argument, and she lost her patience.

“If you don’t leave with me, Rufus won’t survive!” Noreen exclaimed and then chanted a series of spells. Suddenly, flames burst from the ground and surrounded us.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I roared. “Why don’t you go and find another hybrid? Why do you insist on pestering me?!”

“Just accept your fate, Sylvia. Don’t struggle anymore. Come with me,” Noreen replied, giving me a determined smile.

I clenched my jaw and ran away from the fire, still clutching Rufus in my arms, i

However, Noreen didn’t let me go that easily. She used her witchcraft to make the flames chase after me.

I didn’t dare use my black witch power anymore for fear it would only worsen Rufus’ situation. I also had to protect the unconscious Rufus and get him out of there, so I could only try my best to dodge the flames.

Noreen knew that I was holding back, so she used more of her witchcraft to try and corner us.

Just when I was about to be caught by Noreen’s magic rope, a huge pink wolf suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked her.

“What? Joanna, is that you?” I yelled in surprise.

The pink wolf proudly howled at me before aggressively attacking Noreen.

I took a few steps back, still carrying Rufus in my arms. I was confused as to how Joanna managed to break out of prison. Not to mention, the pink wolf’s fighting style was somehow familiar. It was similar to the Mad Dog Fist that Harry once showed me. I remembered that Joanna practiced the orthodox fighting technique, but was it possible that she had been affected by Harry? i

Just then, Noreen became even angrier. She wasn’t good at close combat, but the pink wolf kept closing the distance between them so that Noreen wouldn’t have a chance to use her witchcraft.

Although the pink wolf was fierce and aggressive, Noreen eventually managed to gain the upper hand by throwing the crystal ball without the pink wolf noticing. Then, she quickly chanted a series of incantations. In an instant, a thick fog of smoke exploded in the air.

“Hold your breath!” I hurriedly shouted.

The pink wolf stomped its fore paw to the ground and growled, causing the whole forest to shake. It seemed like it was trying to frighten Noreen.

However, Noreen wasn’t intimidated. She threw another crystal ball, and suddenly, it exploded and countless bugs started crawling out of the soil.

“Damn it! This is disgusting!” The wolf exclaimed before returning to its human form.

My eyes widened in surprise as soon I saw the wolf’s human form. “Why are you here?”

I looked at the tall man in front of me in pure disbelief. 

It was indeed Harry! But when did his wolf fur turn pink? I thought it was Joanna at first glance.

“I don’t have time to explain. Just hold on a little longer! The reinf0rcements from the imperial palace will arrive soon. We have to take Noreen down today!” Harry said in a hurry while he fought against Noreen.

Hearing that reinf0rcements were coming, Noreen grunted. She quickly threw all the crystal balls at Harry and escaped.

The thick smoke quickly dispersed, but Harry didn’t go after her. Instead, he anxiously ran over to me and glanced at the unconscious Rufus. “What’s wrong with Prince Rufus?”

“He’s in a coma, but he’s fine for the time being,” I said, not bothering to tell Harry about the curse.

“Then let’s go.” Harry grabbed my arm and turned around, pulling me toward him.

I pulled my arm back and frowned. “Aren’t we supposed to wait for the reinf0rcements here?”

“Oh, don’t be silly! I just lied! There aren’t any reinf0rcements at all. I came here alone. We have to move. Now! If Noreen finds out that something is wrong, we’ll be in trouble!”

Then, he squatted down. “Hurry up and put Prince Rufus on my back so we can run faster.”

I quickly nodded. Without any hesitation, I put Rufus on Harry’s back and let him carry him while we sprinted toward the palace.

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