Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 847

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 847 Persistent

Sylvia’s POV:

Noreen tried her best to repel Rufus’ attack with the crystal ball, but Rufus didn’t give her a chance.

She was not sK*lled at close combat. She tried to fight back, but it was far less powerful than when she used magic.

Gradually, Noreen lost her advantage. When Rufus was about to end her life with one final move, I quickly stopped him. “Wait, let her first reveal what poison she has given to your father.”

Rufus pulled back his fist in time and kicked Noreen far away.

Noreen spat out a mouthful of blood, but her expression betrayed no fear. She took out a handkerchief to clean the blood from her face, and casually said, “Ethan has only been affected by snake poison. This kind of snake is the most common type in the forbidden forest behind your palace. It’s purple, about the length of a baby’s arm, and has green scales above its eyes. To make an antidote for him, all you have to do is cut its tail off and smash it.”

“Are you speaking the truth?” I didn’t trust Noreen.

Her face was pale and her eyes glinted icily. “You’ll only know when you try it. K*lling Ethan has never been my goal. My end target has always been you, Sylvia.”

I frowned when I heard this. I didn’t understand what she meant. Was it because I was a hybrid?

Noreen seemed to have guessed what I was thinking.

She snorted and said, “The reason is simple. You are a hybrid, and possess the bloodlines of both black witches and lycans. You are the best experimental subject. I believe that you’re the key to making my hybrid experiment successful, so I have to take you with me today.”

Rufus became infuriated when he heard this. He charged forward and kicked Noreen hard.

She slammed into a tree like a piece of rag and then shot Rufus a savage glare. “That’s enough. Do you really think I can’t defeat you?”

“Cut the crap, loser.” Rufus’ face clouded with anger, and his demeanor became even more forbidding than the dark power Noreen emanated.

However, this only served to excite her more. She slowly got to her feet and giggled. “Interesting. No one has dared to provoke me like this for a long time. No wonder you are currently the strongest werewolf in the werewolf race. Since that’s the case, I’ll fight with you, Rufus.”

As she spoke, the crystal ball in her hand turned a dark red color, continuously releasing black fog from the inside that wrapped around her. Her hair floated in the air like a dense net, and her eyes slowly turned scarlet.

My gut churned ominously. I instantly activated my black witch power to stop Noreen from causing destruction.

With my interference, her crystal ball turned blue again. Rufus grabbed this opportunity to attack her.

With Rufus’ and my joint efforts, we gradually overwhelmed her, forcing her to repeatedly retreat. However, she didn’t display the same anxiety as before. She waved her sleeve and released a more powerful magic into the crystal ball, turning it red again.

I refused to back down and used all my power to stop her.

She turned the crystal ball while defending herself against Rufus’ attack. She shot me a meaningful look and said, “You should stop using your power now.”

I couldn’t figure out what Noreen was trying to do. My intuition warned me that something was wrong, so I instinctively weakened the power in my hands.

But at this moment, Noreen revealed a flaw, and a crack appeared in the reinf0rced protective barrier.

Rufus seized this opportunity to tear it apart, and then turned back to his human form and took her down.

I didn’t have time to consider it and immediately used more of my power to help Rufus.

Just when I thought that everything had gone well, Rufus coughed out a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness.

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