Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 866

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 866 Advance Her Death

Sylvia’s POV:

I thrust the dagger straight into Noreen’s heart with all the strength I had. Blood dripped from my hand and soiled the ground.

Noreen writhed in pain and howled, “Sylvia, pull out the dagger! Please!”

But I said nothing and just stood aside, watching her coldly. That made me incredibly pleased. Noreen finally got the punishment she deserved. Her ambition and obsession were destined to vanish into thin air like a bubble.

At this time, the black fog around us dissipated without a trace, along with the trial platform and the jeering crowd. The whistle of the wind in the forbidden forest rendered Noreen batsh*t crazy. She crawled on the ground despite her wounds.

“How could this be? Where is the trial platform? What happened to the crowd? What the hell is going on?”

Noreen, with her hoarse voice, screamed in shock at what she had just witnessed.

I walked slowly to her side, looked at the fence at the edge of the forbidden forest, and said lightly, “I learned it from you.”

Noreen suddenly turned her head and cast a blazing gaze at me. “How did you do it? Not only did you break through my illusion, but you also created your own illusion outside of it!”

I sneered coldly and retorted, “I got my mother’s inheritance, so I can do all of this.”

“That’s impossible! How could Olivia’s inheritance defeat my witchcraft?” Noreen roared hysterically.

My grin grew wider as I watched her in this state. “It’s not impossible. It only proves that my mother is far stronger and more powerful than you. You are just too immersed in your own fantasy. You claim to be the strongest one in the black witch race. But what you didn’t know is that my mother’s dagger can easily K*ll you.”

“Shut up! This is impossible! That pathetic Olivia! How could she be stronger than me? I don’t believe you! You just have Olivia’s inheritance and that’s why you are so arrogant!” Noreen screamed frantically before collapsing on the ground again.

“Really? But look… in the end, it is my mother’s witchcraft that eventually K*lled you.” I kept trying to rile her up even more.

Noreen covered her ears and yelled, “Shut the f*uc*k up! Stop it! How could Olivia be better than me? That loser only deserves to crawl under my feet and be at my disposal! If it weren’t for me, Olivia would have d*ied a long time ago, and you wouldn’t have even been born!”

I slowly crouched down, grabbed her wrist, and pierced her with a stern gaze. “You are still so arrogant even when death is looming all over you.”

“Sylvia, you’d better K*ll me today, or I swear I will make your life a living hell. I will take revenge on you and on everyone around you!” Noreen roared and struggled to get to her feet, still trying to fight back fiercely.

But I pressed the dagger harder on her chest and sneered, “That won’t happen because you’re going to d*ie today.”

“Aaaaah!” Because of the seething pain, blue veins sprung out on Noreen’s face and she started to sweat coldly. She tried to scr@pe my arm and pull the dagger out, but I had a firm grip on the hilt and pushed it even deeper into her body.

“Go to hell, Noreen! As long as you d*ie, everything will be over and no one will have to suffer under your hands. Now you should pay for what you have done, for my father’s life, for Chet’s life, and for all those innocent people’s lives. Blood for blood, Noreen. It’s only the right thing to do.”

“No! They deserved it. People will d*ie eventually and I just hastened their demise. What’s wrong with that?” Noreen spat out a mouthful of blood while her chest tightened and her breath weakened.

But even so, she remained unyielding, convinced that she was right.

“Then allow me to a*s*sist you as well. I’m going to hasten your demise too.” I flashed her a grin and plunged the dagger so deep into her chest without hesitation. This time, Noreen finally lost all her strength. Her head hung down and her body began to twitch. Then, a searing black flame suddenly lit up and surrounded her.

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