Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 867

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 867 Noreen’s Death

Sylvia’s POV:

The fire that was consuming Noreen intensified. It soon engulfed her body, leaving only her head unscathed.

Noreen let out a painful yell. The blood that splattered across her face gave her a frightening appearance.

“Sylvia, please spare my life. I promise I will stay away from you from now on. I won’t get involved in your life any more. If you keep me alive, I will do whatever you say. Just please spare me this time.” Tears streamed down Noreen’s face as she now finally tasted fear.

But her words didn’t soften my heart. Instead, I looked at her coldly without saying a word or moving half a step, allowing her to be devoured by the flames.

Noreen crawled on the ground, grabbed the hem of my trousers, and begged, “Pull out the dagger! Please, Sylvia. I’m your only family left in the world! For the sake of your mother, please save me!”

I backed up two steps, still indifferent to her plea and not wanting to get stained by her dirty blood. “Noreen, stop struggling. Today will be your last.”

“You’re going to d*ie a horrible death, Sylvia! I will make sure of that!” Noreen’s eyeballs sprang out of her head as she rolled around in pain. The dagger was still functionally positioned on her chest. The next moment, a golden light shone through her body, and the flames completely devoured her head, gradually turning her into a charred corpse.

At this moment, Laura emerged from a corner. She covered her mouth and nose with her hands, trying not to get ch*oked by the thick smoke. When the fire burned Noreen, a strange smell filled the air. It was neither pungent nor pleasant.

“How did it go? Is it really possible to K*ll Noreen this way?”

“Yes, everything has been solved. She is the last problem I had to deal with.” I wasn’t entirely resolved as I watched the soaring flames, I was actually not very relaxed. Perhaps now that the dust had settled, a sense of emptiness had embraced my soul.

“What do you need me to do now?” Laura asked.

I shook my head and responded, “Nothing. I’m leaving soon.”

Laura heaved a deep sigh and asked in a defeated tone, “Don’t you want to see Rufus one last time?”

“No, otherwise I wouldn’t have the courage to leave. Now that we’ve come to this point, we need to put a closure to everything.” I pretended to smile with relief, but deep down, my heart was breaking into pieces.

The fire on Noreen’s body had burned out, turning her into a horribly charred corpse. She still had the dagger stuck in her chest, but it wasn’t scorched down. Instead, the sheen on the blade was even brighter.

When Laura turned at the burned remains of Noreen, she nearly threw up. The odor emanating from it was similar to that of sewage mud. It was plainly awful.

I took the gardenia-flavored balm out of my pocket and handed it to Laura. “You will feel better after smelling this.” 

Laura took it and asked in surprise, “You like gardenia? I remember Leonard used to like it too.”

“Yes, I’ve grown fond of it lately. I feel as if he is still around whenever I catch a whiff of gardenia,” I said, lowering my eyes with a hint of grief.

Laura walked to me and wrapped her hands around me. “Everything will be fine, my dear.”

“I hope so.” I reached out to hug her back, feeling a tinge of bitterness in my heart.

When the temperature of the burnt corpse finally dropped, we began to deal with it.

“What are we going to do with this?” Laura cast a rather pleased gaze at me.

“We’d better burn it into ashes.” As I spoke, I picked up a dried tree branch from the ground, lit it, and threw it on the charred corpse.

However, even after a couple of seconds, the body showed no signs of burning and remained as hard as a rock.

I was suddenly reminded of Noreen’s avatar, and soon began to feel a little uneasy.

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