The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

“I want to see the man who is called The Serpent,” Savannah declared, seeing the maid go pale.

“My Queen,” the woman in front of her stuttered. “I am not sure you are allowed to see him.”

That was exactly what she expected. This couldn’t have been easy. Nothing in her life was ever easy despite her being a princess. It was not fair, yet by now, she was already used to this.

Moreover, she knew how to overcome such obstacles.

“You just called me your Queen,” Savvy pointed out. “Am I not your Queen then?”

“Y-you are,” the girl was visibly uncomfortable, fiddling with the hem of her wool jumper.

“Then what is the problem?” Savannah chose to look ignorant. It would be safer for her if they all considered her much simpler than she really was.

“The King,” the maid did not dare to look into her eyes. “He told us to look after you. To make sure nothing is happening to you.”

“I’m here, am I not? What can happen to me in the King’s castle?!” The words tasted like soil in her mouth. Bjorn wasn’t her king. For her, he wasn’t king at all.

Savvy rolled her eyes and rubbed her forehead as if she was exhausted when in fact, she was feeling great. She was surprised by how quickly she recovered. Only physically, of course. However, she did not wish to go back to the sad thoughts about her chosen mate and her brother, and all her friends. She couldn’t afford to think about them because then she would fall into despair. She had a better plan than that now. She had things to do, and this was helping her to keep going.

She had to avenge each of them. She had to make Bjorn feel what she had felt. Only worse.

Cruel thoughts were circling in her mind, and these were the thoughts she chose to embrace.

“I guess,” the girl in front of her was hesitant.

“The King told me the Serpent is his close friend and-” Savvy started speaking and bit her tongue when she saw the expression on the maid’s face change. Did she get it wrong? Weren’t they at least friends? Bjorn talked a lot about him in that lengthy monologue of his.

“I need to go,” the she-bear furrowed her brows and went for the door. So much for being called a queen!

“Fine!” Savannah muttered loudly. “I will just tell the King how unhappy you made me later.

Consider yourself dismissed.”

This was cruel, and Savvy knew it. The girl stumbled, and their eyes locked again. The Western Princess did not blink to make sure the maid knew she was serious about this. This wasn’t what she would usually do, but her soul was numb now. She couldn’t feel sorry for anyone else anymore.

Half an hour later, she was already properly dressed in a long royal blue dress when the door opened again. Savannah’s l!ps parted in shock young when a very tall, handsome and relatively man walked in. Wasn’t he Bjorn’s father’s advisor?

He looked like he was in his early thirties at best.

He either preserved very well, or the previous White Bear King was listening to the advice of a child, and Savvy wasn’t buying it.

“Greetings, my Queen,” he smirked and walked closer to her leisurely. One thing was for sure, he felt at home here. “I heard you were very eager to see me, and I have to admit, I am intrigued as to why.”

Savannah stud*ied him carefully. This wasn’t at all what she anticipated to see. He had golden hair hat almost reached his shoulders and blue eyes. A face of an angel, but she could tell that was the worst way to describe him. They did not call him The Serpent for nothing, and when an invisible string tugged at the corners of his l!ps, curling them into a smirk, she knew she wasn’t wrong.

“I heard so much about you,” she shrugged and gestured for him to sit down. “I felt like putting a face to the name.”

“Huh!” He chuckled, taking the seat offered.

There you go then, my Queen. Enjoy!”

“Am 1?” Savannah found herself asking the same question again.

“Excuse me?” he arched a brow at her. If anything, he looked amused.

“Am l your Queen? Do you serve Bjorn, or are you just-“

“I have the same deal with him as I did with his father. I help him when our goals coincide.” The man placed his foot on his knee, looking relaxed and confident. Maybe even slightly patronising.

You can benefit from my deals too,” he said nonchalantly. “As long as it’s a fair exchange.”

“The things I want, you cannot give me,” Savvy scoffed bitterly. That painful feeling was back in her ch3st. She tried to suppress it as much as she could, though.

“And what if I told you that I could give you anything?” He angled his head at her with a smile that looked innocent, but glowing signs appeared on his skin. Ancient signs reminded her of the ones she saw back at the Lost City shrine at the Luna Trials and the cave Kai took her to watch the First Snow together.

Ancient. He was ancient too. Older than anyone and anything she knew.

“Who are you?” she whispered, chill crippling down her spine. Although, the best question would probably be, what was he?

“Just call me Joran,” The glowing was gone, and the innocent smile was back on the man’s face.

“I have many names, but I like that one the most, I guess.”

“You said that you want a deal,” Savvy tilted her head, trying to stay calm even after what she saw, although Athena was unsettled inside.

“No,” he shrugged, “you are the one who wants the deal.”

“Let’s imagine you indeed can give me what I want. What can I give you in return?” Savannah wondered, crossing her hands over her ch3st involuntarily. This man gave her shivers.

“It sounds like you underestimate yourself, Queen of The North,” Joran let out a chuckle. “You can give me many things.”

“But there is something in particular that you want,” she was intrigued, but could already tell he had an agenda. Right now, she couldn’t offer much.

She was the last remaining royal lycan, but at the end of the day, she was just a princess whose brother and fiancé were K*lled in front of her and who had no real weight or power to her at the moment. She was afraid to think of what would happen to the West and the North in the absence of their respective rulers. But this was why she had to wipe out their enemies even if it was the last thing she would do in her life.

“Don’t worry!” her guest laughed wholeheartedly, seeing her serious expression. “It wouldn’t be your heart or limbs! Not even any of your kingdoms! Just your firstborn child”

Her l!ps parted in shock hearing this. Wasn’t it a bit… too much? It had to be a joke!

“That’s a very strange request, Joran,” she chewed on the inside of her cheek thinking about it.

Her initial reaction would be a big fat no. But then she suddenly realised she wasn’t going to have any children at all. Her mate was an as*hole, and she K*lled him, The only man she ever loved was dead.

This was her end. She had nothing to lose. She would bear no children. Her story would be over when she K*lled Bjorn and burnt that place.

“It is what it is,” he smirked at her, probably knowing he got her interest. “Take it or leave it.”

“Can I think about it?” She didn’t want to rush making any decisions.

“Sure!” He laughed again and stood up. “When you make up your mind, just speak to me again.

And now, excuse me, I have something of mine to retrieve from here.”

He left her alone, and as soon as he was gone, the three maids returned with trays full of food.

Savannah didn’t make a scene this time, aware of the fact that they needed to know she kept her word. She promised them to have breakfast if they did what she wanted and it was time to pay the price. Not to mention that she had to eat to get stronger and bring this plan of hers to life.

Although it was early to call that a plan. She still didn’t know how to go about it all.

When she was done, the maids looked at her awaiting orders, and she decided not to disappoint.

“Where is Bjorn?” she asked them bluntly because wherever he was, she had to be far away from that place.

“He will be back in the evening, my Queen,” one of the girls informed her. “He is inspecting the army, preparing for the siege.”

“Is someone about to siege this place?” she asked, hope rising in her chest rapidly, but, judging by their faces, she got the answer quickly. They were preparing for an attack. Something ma*s*sive this time.

“West or North?” she clenched her l!ps to stop them from trembling.

The maids lowered their heads, not responding to her.

“We don’t know,” one of them said, but Savvy was sure they lied not to make her angry.

It didn’t make any difference. She would just have to act before that happened. From this moment on, the clock was ticking.

“Fine.” She pretended to wave them off, and they were happy to leave, but when the last one was already at the door, Savannah stopped her.”


The same unlucky girl turned to face her hesitantly.

“Yes, my Queen?” She tried to f0rce a polite smile, but by now, she already knew that her “Queen ” would only bring her trouble.

“I would like to speak with the woman who was brought here together with me,” Savvy announced in a tone that brooked no objections. “Bring her here “

This time the girl didn’t hesitate and just nodded, disappearing behind the door. Apparently, this request was expected.

Savannah went back to the window to study the visible perimeter. This castle had a few advantages for the owners. It would be practically impossible to attack it from the icy cliff and the sea, which left only the main entrance they brought her through the first time as a vulnerable place. This would be the main line of defence for Bjorn and the only way out for anyone wishing to escape.

Some time passed, but the maid still didn’t bring Petra in, which made the Princess worried.

She felt stronger today, and she knew she couldn’t leave Petra alone here.

The old door creaked, and her head snapped to see her new guest. Her excited expression soon dropped, though, because the maid didn’t bring Petra. Instead, Chloe was standing right in front of her, wearing a dazzling white dress. Just like one of those she wore while she worked as a presenter atThe Luna Trials. Beautiful, expensive, stylish, but not over the top.

“It’s not the one meant” Savvy frowned. She and Chloe never had the best relationship, to begin with. And she could tell, the presenter had already found a new job here.

“Oh, I am so sorry” the maid was panicking again. The girl really had the worst first day at work.

“It’s the only one I know of who arrived together with you.”

“It can’t be!” Savannah was annoyed and terified at the same time. Petra was hard not to notice. “A pretty, sweet girl with pink curly hair arrived with me. Short. Cries a lot. Wears puffy dresses.”

She stared at the maid, but the latter had no clue who Savvy was talking about.

“What a mess!” The Princess covered her eyes with her hands.

“Let’s go,” the maid tried to make Chloe leave the room together, but the reporter stepped closer to Savvy.

“I know where she is,”‘ she declared, looking at the Princess with a mix of hope and belligerence.

Can we speak?”

Savvy dismissed the maid but did not offer Chloe a seat. She didn’t know yet where the TV presenter’s loyalties lay.

“I see you are well,” she started the conversation.

“l am a hostage,” Chloe admitted bluntly and in a dry tone. It had nothing similar to how it usually sounded when she was talking in front of the cameras.

“The question is if you are a hostage or a guest, Savannah decided to test her a bit more.

“A hostage!” Chloe insisted, gritting her teeth. “

They keep Claude and me alive because the North trusts our opinion. They make us say things we would never say otherwise.”

“Poor you” Savvy sighed. “They probably had to t*ortur*e you to achieve this effect. Did it hurt?

The hostess clenched her fists and looked down, which made Savannah want to throw her out.

They could have at least thrown a fight or two.

They were lycans, for Moon Goddess’ sake!

“You know why my brother and I got to where we are now?” Chloe gnawed at her but did not wait for a reply. “We are smart! And we adapt! And we know how to work as a team, and we know when to strike and when not to. And yes, this is what we did right now. What would be the point of being t*ortur*ed if we knew the result would be the same?!

But it doesn’t mean we agree with what is going on or that we don’t plan to act!”

“Oh, you plan to act?” Savvy raised her brow.

Care to elaborate? Do you have a plan?”

“This is why I came to see you!” Tears glistened in Chloe’s eyes, and for the first time, Savvy felt a prick of guilt. “You are our plan! You are my Luna! I serve you! We all serve you!”

“l am not a Luna,” the Princess turned away.

This was too much for her. “I-“

“My King announced you as one, and he stood at the marking ceremony, saying his vows to you. I saw you cry for him, I saw you fight for him. It doesn’t matter that it was never completed,” Chloe sniffed. “ln my eyes, you will always be The Luna of The North. You won the Trials fair and square. It is yours by right! The King is dead now, so we only have you left. We count on you! We need your help!

All of us. Especially Petra-“

The she-wolf stopped talking, and Savvy felt a wave of fear washing over her.

“What is going on with Petra? You said you know!” The Luna urged her to tell her the truth, feeling that it was something terrible.

“Some of the bears who greeted us when we arrived liked her. Bears of higher ranks.. So, since they couldn’t share, she is going to be auctioned to the highest werebear bidder,” Chloe told her and Savannah’s heart sank.

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