The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

“No?” Savannah eyed him questioningly. “I am getting some very mixed signals here, Kai Fionnlagh.”

“No mixed signals.” The King leaned over his desk and folded his arms on his chest. “It’s just that I am not letting the woman I love go and risk her life fighting while I sit here and wait.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” Savvy smiled and walked to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Then join the Trials and fight us. When I win, you can be my Luna!”

A menacing warming growl left his chest, and he pulled her closer, not even bothering that they had witnesses in the room.

“Gross,” Elene was the first to turn away. Lachlan and Zara exchanged glances and pretended there was something that grabbed their attention on the bookshelf and the ceiling,

“Savvy.” Kai was oozing testosterone now. “Don’t test me. You are not going. We will announce you as my Luna, and then we’ll take it from there.”

“Kai,” she mimicked his tone and arched her brow while he pulled her closer. Eye to eye, they were both challenging each other. “I have to disappoint you, but I am an Alpha too. I don’t take orders unless like them. And this time, I will have to pass. We have a problem that can only be solved in two cases. One, if I win the Trials. And two, if you find Zack and make him talk. Preferably accepting my rejection in the process.”

The King of the North was silent. He knew she was right, but all his instincts opposed the idea of her

going to the Forgotten City Maze challenge alone. Or at all, actually.

“Elene is right,” he said, savoring the look in his beloved’s eyes. “From what I learned, things get crazy during this contest. You can’t shift or use any kind of magic other than the strength in your human body. A lot of contenders have d*ied during that part. Especially the ones who were leading by points or favored in any other way.

All because they had targets on their backs. Savvy, when you are there, everyone will go after you.” He stroked her cheek gently, and she leaned into his palm, eyeing him playfully. She liked that he was worried about her. She liked it a lot.

“Why would you think that?” she asked.

“Because everyone here knows that I am in love with you. I love you, Savvy.” He breathed the words into her mouth and claimed it with a possessive, greedy k!ss, lacing his fingers through her hair.

She broke the k!ss early, to his disappointment, but when Savannah gestured at the three other people in the office, he knew he had gotten carried away. They left the cabin, their safe haven. It was time to act according to their titles.

“If you want to stop the Trials, find Zack as soon as possible,” she smiled at him rea*s*suringly. “And until then, do not worry about me too much. I am a Royal Lycan, you know. I can take a lew girls who can’t shift.”

“Savvy,” he released an exasperated sigh, ‘these girls were preparing. The Northerners know about The Forgotten City Maze. You…”

“I can take them,” she promised with a grin. “Tell me about this Forgotten City. What does it mean exactly?”

“It’s an ancient northern city,” Elene said, turning back to face them. “Long ago, it was the capital of the North where lycans lived. Unfortunately, it was wiped out by the white bears in a gruesome war. It was so bad that only ruins are left there now.”

“So we need to get through the ruins?” Savannah furrowed her brow. It didn’t look that hard, if she was honest.

“It’s not as easy as it sounds.” Elene shook her head in disapproval. “You need to get to the centre of the city, and it’s a giant maze on its own. Besides that, it’s surrounded by the Forbidden forest. And let me tell you, it is forbidden for a reason.

One part of it borders the Lost Kingdom and is full of rogues. The other part is right next to the white bear territories. And those are worse than rogues.”

“And why are you doing all this there again?” Savvy chuckled, staring at the Northern siblings in turns.

“Traditions,” they replied in unison.

“In my defense,” Elene interjected, “I was sure we would be done with everything by now, and it wouldn’t get to that.”

“Great plan,” Savvy stretched a smile and slid out of Kai’s grasp. “No flaws at all.”

Lachlan snorted and glanced at Zara, who gave him an approving smirk. But his face changed suddenly as he knitted his brows as if he was talking to someone via mind link. After a few seconds, he reported to his King, “Aspen is here.”

“Aspen?” Kai tensed, “Tell him to come in.”

Savannah already knew that Aspen was Celia’s brother and the King’s Gamma. He mainly patrolled the borders for him, checking on the guards and gathering intel on their enemies. The charming pub they had been to was his cover to trade information with guests of other species when they visited the place. In other words, Aspen was a spymaster. Him being here could only mean one thing he had something to report.

He walked in firmly into the room, wearing a black coat with a hood, Snow was covering the top of his head, and Savvy even noticed a few icicles here and there on his ginger beard.

He took off the hood and looked around in surprise.

“My King,” he said in an official tone. “I apologize, but what I need to tell you can’t wait.”

“Speak” the ruler of the North ordered, and the ma*s*sive guy looked at him questioningly just to ensure he didn’t mishear. “Speak, Aspen, speak,” Kai pulled the Western Princess closer and locked his arms around her. “Savannah is my chosen mate and your future Queen. You can speak freely in front of her.”

“Can’t say I am surprised after the last time I saw you.” Aspen shrugged as if he was about to laugh but ended up frowning instead. Their situation was too difficult. “Maybe it’s for the best since Savannah’s brother is requesting to enter the country.”

The room filled with silence as everyone present was sure they had misheard the big guy.

“Gideon?” Savvy furrowed her brows.

“Yes, Gideon.” Aspen was studying her face and reaction. “He brought a small army with him, and he is furious. He insists that he didn’t send you here to take part in, and that the event alone is humiliating for someone like you,” the red-haired spy added. “He demands to enter the country or bring you to the border so that the two of you can see each other. He gave us a timeline too. So, putting it mildly, we are on the brink of the war, and I had to pull back some of the warriors to hold them back if they attacked.”

Savvy tried to think in this stressful situation. She knew Gideon wouldn’t be happy with her plan at all, so she turned to glance at Kai.

“I think you just got one more task to do,” she snickered at her man, and his face became even grimmer by the minute. “Win my brother over.”

“Savvy,” he gr0@ned. “As if it’s possible.”

“It will be possible if you grow up and apologize,” the Western Princess pointed out. “And then prove to him that what we have is real.”

“I know what his reply is going to be either way.” Kai exhaled heavily and then pulled her into another warm embrace. He couldn’t get enough of her. “But do not worry, I’ll do anything he wants other than giving up on you. We are a package deal now.”

“That we are,” she chuckled into his chest. “Just … be sincere with him, okay? He is better than you think. We need to move to the next stage of the Trials as soon as possible so that he can’t reach me for a while.”

“What?” Kai distanced himself slightly from her and locked eyes with her. “You are not going to meet him? He’d take it better if he saw you are in one piece and happy.”

“Oh, I doubt it!” she snorted. “The moment Gideon sees me; he’d grab me and take me back home. He is in his Papa Lycan mode now.”

“This is your home now!” Kai growled menacingly.

“And that’s why I want you to show it to him and for you to get to know each other better before he has access to me” Savannah smirked, playing with her golden-brown locks.

“That’s a horrible plan!” Elene rubbed her chin. “And moving the Trials… It’s risky.”

“On the contrary.” Savvy shrugged her shoulders. “If we move the challenge, it will ruin our enemies’ plans. If they have any, of course.”

“Lachlan,” kai looked at his Beta “I want double security around the Forgotten City, Warriors should be ready to act if something unexpected happens.”

“It’s a long distance, Kai,” Elene clenched her lips. “Even if something happens, the contenders would

have to take care of it themselves.””

“Still better than nothing!” The King insisted.

“We need to prepare fast then,” his sister gave up. There was no point arguing with him once he had made a decision, and she knew that.

“I will write Gideon a letter,” Savvy went to sit at the desk as if she owned it and opened one of the drawers looking for paper, “Give it to him to support your words. And one more thing, Kai. If his wife Riannon is there, she would be the one to help you.”

Savannah knocked on the door, and it was opened almost immediately. Evelyn looked like she wasn’t happy to see her, though.

“Hi,” the Western Princess waved awkwardly.

*Your Highness.” That woman was the only one who always used titles as it was appropriate and not on a whim.

“Don’t call her that!” Kyle’s voice emerged from the back, and he soon appeared wearing a female silk bathrobe. The young lycan wrapped his hands around the older she-wolf, who closed her eyes, annoyed to the c0re. “We are all practically family now! Just call her Savvy or Sav.”

“Moon Goddess!” Savannah was barely holding back a laugh. “You weren’t wasting your time!”

“Come in already!” Evelyn motioned for her to enter the room and closed the door after she checked the hall behind it. “I can’t believe I got into this mess with the two of you.”

“Thank you for helping Kyle out,” Savvy smiled weakly. She still knew too little about the werewolf lady in front of her.

“Don’t thank her!” Kyle chuckled. “She got a good deal out of all of this.” He looked like he was having the time of his life.

“Which was… what exactly?” Now the Princess was worried.

“Nothing special.” Evelyn rolled her eyes. “It wasn’t really worth it for me, was it? The North saved Petra anyway. And if it didn’t, it would be Her Highness Elene.”

“Doubtful” Kyle scolded. “My article on Petra about how her unusual sense of fashion makes her unique and how brave she must be to showcase it had a record number of likes. People loved that story, and her reputation is safe now.”

“Yeah… sure.” Evelyn ran her hand over her face. “Amazing work. Shame we are stuck here together,

though I could really use some test0sterone-free zone right now.”

Savvy knew that the woman was right. She also knew for a fact that her best friend Kyle could be a lot to handle Too confident, too c*oc*ky

“That’s no l what you said last night,” he said with a smug smile plastered all over his lace, and she wanted to slap him.

“You mean when you got into my bed without permission?” Evelyn snapped at him.

“You didn’t push me away, did you?” His grin became wider.

“Too much information!” Savannah tried to close her ears but then saw her friend choking with laughter. It had been a while since she saw him this happy. If she ever saw him this happy.

“Relax,” he said and hugged Evelyn again. She looked exhausted from his attention and didn’t even try to fight it off. “We just cuddled, but it was the best sleep of my life.”

“I wish I could say the same,” the woman in his arms snickered and pushed him away.

“Only because it wasn’t sleep that you wanted!” Kyle didn’t seem offended one bit. “But it’s okay. We have many nights ahead of us in this room.”

“In your dreams!” Evelyn gritted her teeth. “If I can do anything to help ease the situation,” Savvy started talking, and Evelyn got close to her once.

“Actually, there is something,” the werewolf’s eyes sparkled, and she stepped closer, taking both Savannah’s hands into hers. “During the next challenges, help Petra if you can.”

Savvy didn’t know what to reply. She had to win the Trials no matter the cost, and this request was a bit too much at the moment. But Kyle could have had a much worse punishment than being on house arrest with this beautiful woman. She knew she owed her one.

“She doesn’t have to win!” Evelyn squeezed her palms tighter. “All I need is for her to come back alive. That’s it. She got far enough.”

Savvy saw tears glistening in the woman’s eyes. “You really care about her, don’t you?” She smiled.

“Petra…” Evelyn’s voice broke. “She is all I have. She … My daughter would have been the same age if she had made it out alive.”

The Princess held back a gasp, and even Kyle stopped grinning, taking his hands off the she-wolf. The mood for Jokes disappeared completely.

help her. She is not a warrior…”

“She can leave the Luna Trlals,” Kyle suggested.

“She can’t. Her father is very strict. He would never allow it or let her back if she disobeyed. Her best

chance in life is to get married to a good Alpha who would love her and take care of her. This is why she needs her reputation intact and…”

” Savvy nodded, “I’ll do what I can ill meet Petra there.” “Thank you.” Evelyn smiled and let go of her. “She is really not like the other girls. She is a sweet

“I know,” the Princess agreed and then switched her attention to her own friend. “Behave, Kyle. Gideon is here, and he may get you out before I come back.”

“How was your time with the king?” Kyle asked, and she blushed, giving him the answer he needed before any words escaped her mouth. “That good, huh?”

“It’s a long story!” She brushed him off with a short. “I need to go now. It’s almost starting. Take care of yourself, Kyle. And behave. Don’t cause any more trouble.”

“Never!” he promised, and it did not sound serious at all. “No worries,” Evelyn chimed in. “I’ll keep my eye on him while you are gone.” “Thanks!” Savannah was almost out when she heard her friend’s voice again.

“Break a leg, Savvy!” “They say that to people who go on stage!” She waved Kyle off with a chuckle.

“Yeah, but I mean that literally.” He scoffed as usual. “Break a leg or two. Not yours, of course. But do it and win this thing.”

“Sure,” she grinned. “Just don’t count too much on that motivational speaker career, okay?”

Savannah passed the guards, who reminded her that her best friend was nothing more than a prisoner in the castle.

She already made a detour to the servants’ quarters together with Kai while they pretended to have a tour around the building when in fact, they were looking for the maid who gave Savannah a note from Bjorn. If he had his people here, he was probably the one who helped Zack disappear. However, the girl in question wasn’t found. They were told that one of the maids went to visit her family right on the day of the Interviews. She wasn’t even supposed to be there, but Savvy was sure she was. Same as the princess knew that the warriors sent to her house would come back with nothing. She probably left after she gave Savannah “the gift” In the form of her ex.

No matter how everything unfolded now, the big game, the real game, was only starting

The contenders were lined up in the throne room with a huge screen on one of the walls that wasn’t there before. Today there were no sparkling dresses and high heel shoes. Each girl was dressed in comfortable clothes, fit for walking, running and… most importantly, fighting.

Claude and Chloe were wearing matching black training suits as if they were contenders as well. Elene was the only one in a dress today, but that was understandable as she wasn’t going to leave the castle

“While we wait for the king, I will explain the rules to you, ladles.” Elene beamed and got out a little remote control She pressed one of the b*ttons, and an image of a round maze surrounded by a forest appeared on the screen,

Savvy wisped and caught Flone’s use. The smirk on her face let her know that this little gift was intentional. She looked readily at the lines, hoping that this was a real map and not just a joke to make her make more mistakes.

“As every Northerner knows, this is the Forgotten City,” Elene started explaining. “It’s in ruins now, and some of the parts aren’t safe to walk in. Yet a Luna of The North should be able to do it just fine. The City was built as a maze, and you will find many dead ends inside. Not to mention that we have installed quite a few traps.

You get into a trap; you lose points. This time we aren’t giving points for you just being smart or pretty. You only get to the next round if you manage to light the torch prepared for you in the shrine. The said shrine is located in the center of the maze, right here.”

She pointed at the center of the maze with a laser pointer.

“The people of the North will be able to save one of you,” the Princess continued. “And one could be saved by King Kai.”

That could have been great news, but Savvy knew she couldn’t be saved by Kai if she wanted the title. Not really

“You can be attacked by rogues or white bears,” Elene went on “You will have to deal with that on your own. The food will not be provided. You have to take care of it yourself.”

A wave of whispers erupted through the room “If someone wants to leave now, speak up!”

Savannah glanced over the other contenders. Penelope, Celine and inga seemed confident; the rest. unfortunately, looked tense. Yet none of them chose to give up.

“Very well.” Elene smiled dryly. “Since you all stay, I am going to give you a ribbon each. You tie them to your hands, and the color of your ribbon matches the crystal on the torch you have to light.”

The omegas stepped in with the ribbons, and a blue one was tied around Savvy’s arm. Blue was good. She liked that colour, and so did the North.

They heard the sounds of approaching steps and men’s laughter, and immediately, all heads turned in the direction of the entrance Kai strolled in the company of Lachlan, Aspen and a few warriors Savannah didn’t recognize.

Their eyes locked, and a smile curled her lips. They hadn’t seen each other for a few hours, but it seemed like forever already.

“Mate!” Someone growled loudly, and everyone gasped.

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