The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

“Hey there, Princess,” Bjorn’s voice echoed through the pit’s silver walls, and Savannah looked up to see his red eyes gleaming in the darkness, “Looks like you need a hand.”

She stood up. There was no way she’d be sitting defeated at a moment like this. Besides, this was precisely what she and Kai expected and even planned for. After hours and hours of discussing everything back in the cabin, they came to the conclusion that Bjorn would be seeking to meet her again.

The question was where and when. However, it became obvious after it was decided that Savvy would compete in the next Luna Trials challenge. It was the perfect place to contact her since the white bears’ lands bordered the Forbidden Forest.

“Are you willing to help me just like that?” She looked at Bjorn with a raised brow.

“I never said that. Everything has its price.” The man chuckled and sat next to the edge of the pit so that he could observe her better. He liked the sight of the Western Princess beneath him. “I am not sure I am going to help you at all if I am completely honest. At least not in the way you want me to help you.”

“Then why are you here?” She folded her arms on her ch3st and met his gaze defiantly, “To gloat?

“I guess I am… intrigued.” His gaze travelled up and down her body way too slowly for it to be innocent, and Savannah swallowed a lump that formed in her throat.

“Intrigued with what?”

“With you, Princess.” A vague smile touched his l!ps. “I was sure you would slap that j*rk and leave this country for good after what he did to you. This kind of humiliation was… too much, don’t you think?”

“Was I supposed to run back and lose the chance for an alliance both our countries needed so much to fight against you?” She rolled her eyes and added sarcastically, “Please!”

“So, you know who I am,” he smirked.

“It’s not like you’ve been hiding that, right?” Savvy snorted loudly. His smugness was too much, but it could be for the best. After all, he was helping her to drag the conversation himself.

“I guess not,” he admitted easily. “Still, I am not that famous compared to the North Star and the great Lycan King of the West.”

“Don’t be shy! The White Bear King is quickly gaining quite the reputation. All your work here doesn’t to unnoticed!”

“It’s an honor for me to be noticed by you, Princess.” His l!ps curved into a sly smile, and Savannah just hoped that Kai’s warriors were on their way. Helping to catch the White Bear King would automatically mean winning the favor of the Northerners. This was a chance of a lifetime. Not to mention that it could potentially put an end to this war.

She couldn’t do it alone and not from this pit, though. Gideon arrived at the worst time, and Kai was dealing with him now. Otherwise, it would be a done deal. With Kai’s ability to do something she never could control his third lycan form- he could submit Bjorn in battle. This was something that others couldn’t do. But maybe it would be possible if there were many warriors against him.

“Why do you seek contact with me?” She decided to prolong the conversation, playing for time.

“Isn’t it obvious?” His red eye gleamed again.

“I prefer to hear things clearly and not think of the double meanings so that I don’t misunderstand anything. So, is the White Bear King brave enough to answer my question?”

“Is the Lycan Princess brave enough to hear my answer?” He teased, enjoying their little game. “I think I can manage!” Savannah chuckled, masking her nervousness with fake confidence.

“Then you can hear it next time.” Bjorn stood up. The amused expression on his face changed to that one of indignation. “I see you’ve been waiting for me, Princess. You’ve prepared and even managed to call for help somehow.”

“What do you mean?” Savvy tried to pretend she didn’t know about anything, even though acting was never her strongest gift. She was surprised that he already knew about approaching warriors as she couldn’t hear or sense anyone close yet. Just how was he doing that? She was a royal lycan, for Moon Goddess’ sake! Yes, she was in a silver pit, which had its effects on her, but it didn’t affect her the way it would a simple werewolf. What was wrong with this bear?

“You don’t have to pretend with me,” Darius Bjorn sneered at her. “I like that you set up a trap for me. I was angry that you didn’t appreciate my gift, but I like a good challenge. My next gift will be better, I swear. I like that you stayed to fight, and I like that you thought you could win against me. It’s… refreshing.”

“So, I take it as you like me?” Savvy scoffed, hugging herself uncontrollably. This confession gave her chills and not the best kind.

“Like?” Bjorn let out a low chesty laugh. “No, that’s not how I’d say it.” He calmed down and then looked straight at her with a predator’s gaze. “I want you.”

His words echoed through her silver prison, and Savannah’s l!ps parted. She didn’t expect such a bold declaration. This didn’t feel like a game anymore. Not at all.

But the bear didn’t move, staring at her from the top.

“Get used to that idea,” he told her, and that made her shiver. “When a white bear chooses its prey, it never lets it go.”

Mam no prey!” She threw the words at him, but it seemed to only make his grin wider. He liked her this way.

“I guess you are not,” Bjorn agreed readily. “You are Queen material. And it just so happens that I am in need of one”

“You are lucky to find yourself in the middle of them!” A little chuckle escaped Savvy’s chest “You can find some girls who are ready to K*ll to become a Queen!”

“I thought about taking Elene as my wife once to secure the North,” he confessed, interrupting her, and looked away as if he was seeing something peculiar far away. “I thought that once I K*ll Kai and make

his sister my Queen, the North will accept me. But you know what I learned over the years, Savannah?” His gaze met hers again, and she gulped. “I don’t need anyone to secure my throne here. I have worked hard for it, and I have earned my right. Once the Lycan King is dead, there will be only one ruler in the North. So, there is no need to have Elene by my side to rule the North. I AM NORTH!”.

Savvy didn’t reply to anything she didn’t like how he already considered the man she loved dead and built his plans based on that. Elene had a lucky escape there, though, not being his target.

“So, that leaves me with an opportunity to pick my future queen based on my personal preferences.” Bjorn didn’t look like he was in any kind of rush, even though Savannah could now feel approaching warriors. Paws and feet, they were coming from different directions in two forms and closing up on them.

The cameras worked, after all!

“And you choosing me doesn’t have anything to do with me being the Western Princess and descendant of the Western Lycan Kings?” She snickered, trying to stall him again. However, her attempt did not go unnoticed.

“Let’s say it’s an added bonus,” he smirked, looking down at her. “I didn’t recognise you the first time we met, but I knew I wanted you then”

“How romantic!” Savannah felt her claws elongating on instinct but had to retract them not to break the rules of the Trials.

“There are still so many things you have to learn about me, Princess,” Bjorn clenched his l!ps tightly and became serious. “I want you, and I like to play games. I love that you are feisty, my woman cannot be anything else you are also smart, and this is a quality I need for my Queen, Nice job hiding your memory sK*lls, by the way. I couldn’t figure it out for a while.”

“Thanks,” she muttered, although she felt like swearing. Now that her photographic memory wasn’t a secret anymore, the little advantage she had was gone.

“Since I know so much about you, it would be fair to share something about me.” A menacing smile touched the corners of the white bear’s l!ps, and Savvy felt uneasy. “When you try to mess with my plans, there will be consequences”

She knew it was a threat but still didn’t know what to expect. Bjorn watched her for a white, and now She was sure he wouldn’t be able to escape the warriors. It was too late, but then he touched his temple and sneered at her piercing pain rippled through her body, and she gritted her teeth, having to lean on the silver wall for balance

Her d*mn mate was doing this to her again! Just how many times would she have to suffer Thanks to that man? When she saw him next, she would rip his heart out on the spot even if all the Cameras in the world were on her!

“See, Savannah, another thing to learn is that even when it looks like I am cornered, I have everything under my control. I have been working on all of this for too long to lose now!” The white bear’s confidence was through the roof; she would have probably admired that if not for their little predicament.

“Is that why you so actively avoid Kai?” Savvy let out a bitter laugh; her whole body was aching now, “Admit it, Darius,” she used his first name on purpose, knowing this wasn’t how he liked to be called, “you know that if you two meet in battle, you will lose despite whatever enhancements you’ve done to yourself! You are always on the run. I wouldn’t call that control!”

The smug expression was wiped from his face, and she noticed him clenching his fists, knowing she had hit the target.

“Princess,” his tone sounded as if he was disappointed, “initially, I wanted it to last just a few minutes so that you learned your lesson. But I guess you just gifted your mate an o*rg*y.”

“Whatever!” She chuckled through the pain. “I think you overestimate Zack’s abilities.”

“We’ll have to put it to the test, I am afraid!” he said, and they both heard a howl nearby. The howl that meant it was a minute until the warrior lycans arrived. “I’ll see you soon, Princess.”

Bjorn was gone, and until she was sure of it, she could finally fall down to her knees and writhe in pain properly.

Someone blocked the sun, and Savannah looked up to see Lachlan watching her with a concerned face.

“Give me a second,” he exhaled heavily. “I’ll get you out!” “No!” she furrowed her brows and hissed. “The rules…”

“f*uc*k the rules!” Lachlan grunted, “You are my future Luna, and I can’t leave you like this!”

“Then, as my future subject, take my order!” She did her best to stand up, knowing that her moment of weakness was over. She was a Western Lycan Princess and the future Luna of the North! She couldn’t afford to lie down and feel sorry for herself even if the world was falling apart. She wasn’t new to this kind of pain and could easily handle it! Because giving up wasn’t an option.

“Go and get that bear!” she commanded but still saw the Beta hesitating, “Now!” she roared, noticing a black hawk in the sky. Zara was here too, probably tracing Bjorn’s movements.

“Yes, Luna,” Lachlan bowed respectfully, a little smile playing on his lips. “Follow Zara,” Savvy added. “She will lead you to him.”

The Lycan disappeared after a curt nod, and she heard the receding steps of the warriors, hoping that they would put an end to all of this today.

The pain was still rippling through her body, and she couldn’t believe that Zack had fallen so low as to have s*e*x on someone’s command. Then again, it was possible he simply did not have a choice. It didn’t matter much to her, though. She had her own problem now as she had to get out of this pit whatever it cost her.

She couldn’t shift or use partial transformation, but she could still use her body strength. The patterns on the walls were made of silver and bronze to be able to trap both – Wolves and bears, but they weren’t the hardest metals out there…

Clenching her teeth, Savannah slammed her fist against the wall and saw a dent mark left in the metal from the impact. She hit it again and again, ignoring the pain in her blood*ied knuckles. This wasn’t important now. The cracked bones and torn skin would heal as soon as she was out of this place.

The Princess managed to make a few tactical dents and used them to climb higher on the wall. She was hitting it repeatedly, creating new places to help her and slowly moving upwards.

At this point, she felt more like a machine than a human, and even Athena inside her did her best to block most of the painful sensations for them.

Savvy grasped the pit’s edge and paused, taking a deep breath before the final push. She was so close to getting herself out.

“Savannah?” she heard a familiar voice and winced when she saw Astrid standing before her. Could this day get any worse?

“Hey!” she muttered, knowing that another fall was near. Would Astrid step on her hand like Brigit did or just unclench her fingers from the ground? Or maybe she would go as far as trying to K*ll her now? It wasn’t exactly prohibited, and it was a perfect chance. It did not help that Zack was still going at it, and her vision was getting blurry from the pain, even despite Athena’s attempts to help.

Thinking logically, it was probably best to jump back down and pretend she felt herself. Astrid would leave her here if she was lucky, and she could get out slightly later.

She was about to do just that when the blonde she-wolf grabbed her hand.

“Careful!” The Southerner began pulling her out. “Hold on!”

Finally, Savvy was out of that hole and lying next to Astrid, both girls breathing heavily.

“Thanks,” the Princess mumbled, still shocked that another contender other than Naya helped her.

“Don’t mention it!” The girl next to her chuckled, “You were totally thinking I was about to push you down, right?”

“Can you blame me?” Savannah turned her head to look at her friend. Yes, now she could call Astrid that.

“I guess not. If it was anyone else, I would have just walked away,” the girl admitted. “I know where we are, and I just escaped Inga and Celia! Everyone is so brutal here!”

They both stood up, and Savvy tried to accelerate her healing as much as possible, watching her wounds heal rapidly. Luckily, there were no serious injuries.

“Yeah, I met them too,” she shorted and then looked the Southerner right in the eye. “So, why didn’t you?”

“Why didn’t I what?” Astrid giggled.

“Push me off” Savannah watched her reaction not to miss anything. “We are rivals here, after all. And you came here to win as far as I remember.”

“Oh, that7” The other woman seemed unbothered. “Well, i think it’s clear now that Kai has already

made his choice. I will not be bringing that crown to the Southern republic. But I hope that maybe at least I can claim I am the new Queen’s friend?”

They looked at each other for some time, and Savvy stretched her hand to the werewolf in front of her.

“If you are talking about me, then sure you can,” she beamed as they shook hands, forming a new alliance.

“Do you want company?” Astrid asked her, but the Princess shook her head “Sorry, but no. I feel like I need to do this alone,” she confessed.

“Understandable” the Southerner nodded. “Then I’ll get going. I still need to show good results before going back home. Good luck, Future Luna of The North.”

Savannah wanted to say something else, but Astrid stepped on one of the tiles, and a new wall separated them.

“Thanks!” she shouted to her friend.

“Just don’t go left!” Astrid yelled back. “This is where Inga and Celia are.”

And this was why it was so tempting to go left. Savvy already had a way to deal with Celia, while Inga was good for nothing on her own.

However, she didn’t want to lose any more time. She had already lost a few hours and needed to get to the shrine in the center of the city asap.

Looking at the tiles under her feet, Savvy tried to find all the signs they had carved on them. She saw tiles with crescents, knowing that these were making arrows shoot from the walls. The sun meant silver pit, and she just got out of one. She grabbed a few heavy stones from the ground and decided to test.

She threw one of them on a tile with a square, and a little window in a nearby wall opened, blazing the fire right to the spot a person would have stood. She tried a tile with a flower, and the tiles fell into another pit. Yet this time, something was different, and when Savannah got closer, she gasped, seeing that this pit was full of water and smelled like… aconite.

It was a pool of aconite Somehow, she was glad now she didn’t fall into that one.

Triangle revealed a pit with silver spikes, and this one also made the Princess breathe out in relief.

She already knew that the diamond shape was changing walls, and that left her only with snowflake and star patterns. These two could potentially be good because, first of all, something had to be good. And second of all, it was the North, and they loved stars and everything cold.

Savvy had to move, and she tried to pick empty tiles as long as she could since nothing was happening when she stepped on one, but that tactic didn’t work for long, and soon she was faced with flowers, suns, and snowflakes. She slowly lowered to the ground and picked up another heavy rock, wishing to test the snowflake.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” She heard a warning and turned to see a woman standing on top of the nearby wall, sneering at her.

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