The Luna Trials by Marissa Gilbert Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

He had done it just once in the past, but the Wolf God remembered it as if it was yesterday. The previous time he experienced completely different emotions, though. Back then, he still had hope and thought that he was fighting for a better future. Moreover, Fenrir believed he was the one building it. The life of his dreams was just one step away, and his happiness was so close he could almost touch

Everything was different now. It wasn’t his war, and his kind lived for so long without his presence that it seemed he did not have a place here anymore. Fenrir did not see the point in this war. Or any other for that matter. No war in the centuries he existed made anyone happy. He knew it better than anyone. He won so many of those in the past, but he was still as broken and empty as ever. To the point of not caring anymore.

Years and years ago, he left the fighting to the mortals and resigned from his obligations to live in solitude. Every day of his life was t*ortur*e, and he couldn’t do this anymore. So he left for a place where nobody else wanted to reside and stayed there.

But today, something changed for him. Today he couldn’t stand and watch his wolves d*ie when they fought so hard. He had seen “The hope and stubbornness in them that resonated with his inner pain. He was sure that he would walk away and forget about it as he tried to forget everything else so many times. Just another thing to add to a long list.

He couldn’t do it, though.

They reminded him of his younger self. Fierce believers were ready to d*ie for the cause, and Fenrir couldn’t help but admire each of them. Even if he’d never admit it out loud.

He was especially impressed by the two Lycan kings, by the way they worked as one team, by how they managed to unite species who usually hated each other under their joint flag.

They did not need anyone. They did not need him. If Jor hadn’t interjected himself into this problem, they would have never needed him.

However, his brother had to interfere with the mortals. He had to try and erase his kind from the face of the Earth. Even after so long, he was still holding his grudge. He couldn’t let it go and move on.

And now Fenrir had no choice in this matter.

Because it wouldn’t be fair to the ones who bravely fought in this war. They didn’t give up protecting what was right. They didn’t even start the war. Lycans, werewolves, cats, witches and birds tried to defend their lives at whatever cost.

A part of him was still hesitating, but deep inside, Fenrir knew what he had to do..

The Call.

The divine weapon in his hand, which once belonged to his grandfather and that became his after he K*lled the King among Gods, made his fingers tingle. The ancient magic recognised its owner and begged him to wield it, to summon it. It was desperate to be unleashed.

Fenrir swore loudly. He had already broken his own rule creating a new Amarok, and now he was about to make it even worse. The spear disappeared in his arms, returning into his body as pure power. This was also something he tried to avoid.

But here goes nothing.

The decision had already been made, and he knew he wouldn’t change his mind even if it would be the last thing that he would do. Everything felt so different now, and he couldn’t explain why.

He shifted into his primordial form and raced to one of the hills towering over the battlefield.

Slowly stepping out of the darkness of the northern forest, Fenrir knew that this was his last chance to leave and avoid the mess that his decision would cause.

However, this was the right thing to do.

She… she would have approved. And even though she was long gone and he would never see her again, it made his chest warm.

A few wolves below noticed him, shocked by his presence. It was hard to take him for someone else due to his size. Even Amarok was much smaller by comparison, and no one had any doubts about what they were witnessing now.

Fenrir raised his head to where he felt the Moon even though it wasn’t visible in the sky yet. He always felt it… even when he did not want to.

A loud howl left his chest, a howl full of pain and pride that gradually transformed into a resounding growl that shook the mountains around them.

The Call.. The Call that found its place in every wolf’s heart. The Call that was heard by every shifter present. The Call that was more than any Alpha command. It was the Call of a God, a summoning full of power and promise, as it could give anything to the ones who responded. As long as they had the one thing Fenrir demanded from them a pure heart.

Their response was the most important thing here. The Call summoned the souls of the ancient creatures residing in human bod*ies, and nothing could be done without them responding. It was their choice, but it had a price. The response let him in. It let him see what they were like inside. If they simply craved power, if their motives were not pure, the Call would K*ll them, burning them from the inside.

This was why not everyone could let him in.

It made him sad to receive the first rejection. And then a second, followed by a few others. The shifters who knew they wouldn’t p@ssthe test were bowing out one by one.

Centuries had passed, and nothing had changed…

The world stopped as he looked for the ones who were worthy, too afraid that he would find none. Was Kai the only one worthy here? Were things that bad? Did he imagine what he saw in this army just moments ago?

However, soon a small she wolf responded to him, begging him to give her the power to save her mate and the woman who was like a mother to her. She was so tiny but the spirit inside her was pure. The little wolf with pink Str!pes of fur was not born to be a warrior, but her soul pleaded to become one now. It wasn’t in her nature, but she was ready to change it for the ones she loved. And she was the first one to receive his blessing.

Then her mate responded, begging for the same thing, unable to watch her sacrifice herself. His request was granted as well.

And then wolf after wolf after wolf opened their souls, permitting him permanent entry. Not perfect, but with pure intentions, Fenrir couldn’t help but admire them. They were ready to d*ie here today to defend what was right. But he had other plans for them.

A wave of power went through the lines, making his subjects howl in the pain. Divine gifts always had a price. When he was done with the wolves, he looked at the others. To win this war, he had to do what his brother did and give his gifts to everyone he could, however big or small.

The wolves, cats, bears, foxes and birds kept slaughtering each other in the chaos that surrounded them and did not even notice that their leaders were gone.

No one cared anymore. It was K*ll or be K*lled. The only way to leave that field alive was to K*ll the enemy.

Naya knew the stakes were high when she brought her pack here today in her mother’s stead, insisting for the Alpha and her Luna to stay in their home to defend it if the need arose. She was trusted with an Alpha’s responsibilities and was going to prove herself tonight, but the bolts of electricity that went through her shook her frame and made her disoriented.

It took the werecat a few good seconds to realise what had happened.

The white bear she was fighting with did not waste time and gave a blow that should have sent her flying across the field. Only that …it didn’t. Instead, she bounced back surprisingly quickly and felt stronger than ever before. She loved feeling this power, and the expression on her enemy’s face was priceless.

The gift granted to her by a Wolf God would not be wasted. And it was greatly appreciated.

She saw the scenery around her changing rapidly. All of a sudden, everyone who was on their side was awakening, changed to some extent. They were not mutated like their enemies blessed by the Serpent. They were full of pure raw power that was granted to their souls, not bod*ies. And it was just what they needed today.

Not wasting any time, Naya ordered her cats to launch a new attack on the left flank.

This was a game-changer.

Kai glared at Bjorn standing in front of Savannah and saw red. As long as this man was alive, they would never know peace. He knew that now. After everything, that bear was still ready to sacrifice everything to f0rce his mate to be with him, and Kai knew he couldn’t let this happen.

His eyes met Savannah’s, and he could tell that she was thinking the same thing. The baby inside her belly had to be protected at all costs; his Queen had to be protected at all costs.

“Glad that you finally joined us!” Bjorn let out an unhealthy wicked laugh. One could tell just by looking at him that the White Bear King was losing it. “What took you so long? I am tired of waiting for you.”

Amarok stomped his paw on the ground, and huge ice spikes grew out of it, trying to reach his opponent.

However, the latter did not even flinch. When the sharp ice was near, he just smashed it with his fist, breaking it into pieces much to everyone’s disappointment.

Kai suspected that Bjorn would be that strong, so he wasn’t intimidated one bit. It wasn’t the ice that he wanted to use to K*ll his nemesis. No, he wanted to taste his hot blood on his canines and bury his claws deep into his flesh. It was the most primal desire to K*ll that possessed him now. He had to protect, he had to defend, he had to K*ll,

However, Kai was a King first and Amarok second. One look downcast reminded him that he had to think of his people too. He felt Fenrir’s presence and the power radiating from below. A wave of grat*itude to his deity rippled through him. He was too desperate to pray to him, but Fenrir arrived at the best time on his own.

He did not expect more help than he had already received from the God but simply knowing that he gave them a fighting chance now was amazing. It was what they so desperately needed.

So, he shifted into his human form and stood before Bjorn, ready to negotiate. K*lling him would sure feel satisfying, yet at the same time, if he could save his people’s lives, he was ready to sacrifice his ego.

“Your plan did not work the way you expected,” Kai started, holding his head high just like a true king was supposed to. He was calm and collected while Bjorn’s clenched fists were shaking from all the tension. The bear could barely control himself seeing how all his advantages were destroyed one by one.

“It was a good plan, and I have to admit it, but it failed, Darius. Take your men and return to your lands. We can draw a new agreement between us, and there is no need to waste any more lives.”

“In your dreams!” Bjorn spat, frowning, “I haven’t come this far to back away now! So, unless you are ready to surrender your crown and return my mate to me-”

A loud growl stopped his speech. This wasn’t something Kai was going to tolerate.

“As far as I am aware, you have no mate!” The Northern King snarled. “This is my last warning! Leave my wife and my kingdom alone!”

“And if I don’t?” Bjorn’s lips curled into a cruel smirk. Kai already knew that there would be no peaceful talks between the two of them.

“Then I will have to K*ll you!” The Lycan King announced. “And I will never have to see your face again!”

“You can try!” Bjorn taunted.

The two white bears that arrived with him reached the top of the mountain where they stood and roared at Kai, but this was when Savannah shifted back into her royal Lycan form and stood in their way. She knew she couldn’t interfere in the fight between the two kings. As much as she wanted to help Kai defeat Bjorn, she knew that he had to do this alone. So she was happy that she got to be busy as well. She needed to release her anger and frustration, she craved the distraction because she wasn’t sure she’d be able to stay idle and just watch her beloved fight to the death with the man she hated more than anything.

Bjorn shifted first and charged at Kai, hoping to get him earlier than he would transform back into Amarok, but no such luck, His claws met ice on the wolf’s dark fur that almost pierced his healthy eye, and immediately he had to back away because a set of sharp, canines almost tore a part of his side.

Bjorn had avoided this fight his whole life, but he was done with hiding. Today he planned to prove that the prophecy was just an empty sound and to put an end to all this. He was fighting for what he believed in, and he was ready to sacrifice his life if he had to.

But Kai would go with him. He wouldn’t have his hands on Bjorn’s mate. Never again.

Darius knew that he would be a great king. He was a better man, a better warrior, a better ruler. Just one thing always stood in his way to greatness, and he was ready to get rid of it today. He was desperate to prove himself, desperate to show his mate that she was making a mistake, desperate to K*ll the one he hated so much. The hate for the Lycan King of the North had such deep roots in his heart now that he knew he’d never be able to live a happy life if that man stayed alive.

Kai knew the stakes were high. However, he was calm. They were lucky. So lucky that Fenrir did not abandon them. That their warriors could now stand up for themselves against the monsters.

He knew that Savannah would take care of the two bears, and he knew that Bjorn wouldn’t be able to stand long against him. Bjorn was a good warrior, but Kai was better. He was the best. He did not let his emotions control him.

Bjorn may have loved his schemes, but Kalwas good at tactics.

Time alter time, he let the white bear believe that he had made a mistake, that his defence wasn’t perfect and that he could be K*lled. And each time when Bjorn jumped on that opportunity, Kai made sure he was paying for it with his flesh and blood.

He did not like to admit it, but the bear was stronger than what he would prefer. However, it did not matter. Savannah was near, and her presence alone gave him strength. His warriors beneath did the same. He could already taste the victory. Each attack, each charge, each blow was bringing them all closer to the end of the war.

However, there was a problem. Although he managed to get the bear plenty of times, the latter was still standing strong. The gift that Joran gave him was invincibility. Any other bear would be dead by now, yet Bjorn was still able to attack him. It made Kai think of other ways to deal with him. Even a god wouldn’t be able to walk the Earth after being decapitated. Or without a heart. Savvy already proved once how helpful that was. So, if nothing else worked, he would have to try these options.

Bjorn launched at him, aiming at Amarok’s side in the hope of getting his guts out, but the wolf’s defence was mastered to perfection. Right before his teeth were able to sink into Kai’s flesh, ice spikes grew, trying to pierce him through. And it was a miracle that Bjorn managed to dodge at the last moment.

The two of them were well matched.

Savvy watched the fight from the corner of her eye, and her heart was racing with worry. The two bears she fought did not try to K*ll her. Even now, she could tell that their orders were to get her alive, and she was using that to her advantage since they gave her this wonderful gift. She wasn’t above it.

What worried her more was the battle of two kings. She knew very well that Kai wanted to deal with Bjorn on his own, but she was not going to let his pride risk their whole future together. She wanted to help him if he needed that, and she would face his reproach later if she had to. At least he would be alive to scold her and they would have time to work through this.

She finally caught the right moment and snapped one of the bears’ necks in a death grip, then manoeuvred around the other and pushed him off the cliff with all the f0rce she could muster. His heavy body fell, hitting several rock ledges on its way down, down, down. Even with Joran’s blessing, he wouldn’t be making it.

Savannah was ready to lounge at the White Bear King when Amarok finally managed to bite into his leg, causing the bear to roar in pain. Ice spikes grew one after another at incredibile speed. The bear managed to avoid most of them, but because of his injury, he stumbled and got pierced in the stomach.

Sawy gasped, afraid to make a movement. She was too afraid to even inhale deeply. Kai was now cornering Bjorn, ripping some part of him every time they made contact. The victory was so close and the Northern Queen knew that her King wouldn’t disappoint.

Her smile faded when a huge shadow over their heads made the world go dark. Her breathing hitched from the fear she felt because it couldn’t mean anything good.

The dragon was back, and unfortunately, none of them was a match for the flying, fire-breathing serpent…

Joran was furious. What the Seer told him turned out to be true after all, and everything here reeked of his brother. The mutt was definitely here.

That enraged the Serpent. Fenrir spent the last few centuries where he belonged-in the underworld, grieving the loss of everything and everyone he loved. This was where Joran wanted him. After his betrayal, there was no love lost between them and to appear now to stab him in the back when Jor’s plan was working perfectly was the last straw. He was not going to tolerate this. He lured Fenrir out, yes, but he had his own reasons for that. He needed something from him. And this wasn’t it.

Jormungandr roamed the sky, searching for the giant wolf, but Fenrir was nowhere to be found, which infuriated him even “more.

He did not learn his lesson. It only meant that Jor would have to give him a new one, Fenrir would wish he never came back! He knew his brother too well. He knew how to hurt him better than anyone.

And now he finally found what he was looking for. The one person that made Fenrir invest in him, awakening something that was long dead.

He saw Amarok fighting his champion, and his fiery stomach churned with fury. He flashed over their heads, making the three of them fall down to the ground. The girl who didn’t give him the firstborn for his collection screamed and shifted to avoid the impact while Bjorn did the same, trying to get closer to her. That stubborn boy… Only Amarok stood still, knowing that the first attack was just a game. Joran laughed internally at that audacity of his. He dared to look at him as if he could be defeated. Thus, sealing the fate of himself and his mate.

Joran turned around, ready for his next attack. This time he was so fast, that no one had time to hide. Ice needles flew into his face, but it only made him laugh harder. His claws locked around the ice wolf, and his wings took him to the sky. Higher and higher, with his victim helpless.

Amarok growled and snarled, trying to free himself. His spikes grew bigger and longer, but nothing was enough. The dragon deity. wasn’t for him to defeat.

Savannah trying to get up. She tried to scream, but no sounds were coming out. Close. They were so close to winning, and now her husband was high above in the sky, held captive by a monster.

“No!” Her voice was a broken mess as she saw Joran’s dragon unclench his claws and drop Kai down onto the sharp cliff peaks.

It was too high. The rocks were too sharp and too hard. No one would be able to survive that, and seeing the love of her life flying down made her experience so much pain that she forgot about everything and ran towards him.

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