The Half Blood Luna Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Ella’s POV:

I was frozen at first. My arms still wrapped around myself. He was a lot taller than me, I barely reached his chest.

A few minutes ago he was angry, speaking coldly to me, and now he is hugging me fiercely. God, his personality is so complicated!

Despite the fact that I was furious with him, I couldn’t deny that the hug made my whole-body tingle. It was the first time I felt something like this when being hugged.

I felt my sobs disappear and my body relax, as I leaned my head to his chest and listened to his steady strong heartbeat.

He didn’t say anything, he just kept embracing me tightly.

I loosened my hold around myself, and slowly, uncertainly, started to wrap my arms around his huge body. It almost made me feel like I was hugging an untamed animal that will turn on me any second. I was still doubting him, doubting his true intentions, even doubting my own feelings for him. The hug confused and comforted me at the same time.

We stayed like this for a few minutes.

I kept my arms on him as he pulled my head away from his chest, and cupped my face with his hands tenderly. I felt his hazel eyes piercing mine, looking so deep into them that I felt like he was looking into my soul.

I whispered overwhelmingly, “I want to trust and believe that you’re different from him, I really want to. But by telling me what I can and can’t do, you are forcing me into becoming what you want. I can’t be someone else, not anymore. Please, understand me.”

My tears started falling again, and he instantly wiped them away with his thumbs.

He said passionately, “I’m sorry. You’re right, about everything. I didn’t mean to be so insensitive I swear. I might have reacted harsher than expected and hurt you. But my only intention was to protect you, that’s all. I could never change who you are. I like you Ella, just the way you are. Don’t ever change. Not for me, not for anyone but yourself. I would never f0rce you into something against your will, you have my word on that. I don’t want you to hold anything inside of you in fear of my reaction. I want you to be completely open and honest with me. Speak your mind, speak your opinion and disagree with me. We will work through our problems until we reach a compromise that will work for both of us. Please forgive me, okay?”

I gaze into his eyes and feel each word coming from his mouth with complete honesty. There was no hint of dishonesty or deceive that could be hidden within those captivating eyes. The fact that he was asking for my forgiveness, brought fresh tears into my eyes.

Damn! He was really capable of being so gentle and caring. But he rarely showed me that side of him.

“I forgive you. If you want me to be open with you, then I also need you to be open with me in return. I don’t want you to mask your emotions and hide behind anger and aggressiveness all the time. This will only make me misinterpret your actions. Okay?” I said in a small voice.

“You’re right. I will try harder to speak my mind clearly like you,” he said with tiny smile.

I found myself smiling back.

He made no move to back away from me or let go of my face. The tingling feeling started within my body again.

All that tenderness and apparent affection, could it only be out of protection only? I found it a little hard to believe. Was he feeling something for me the same way I was feeling something for him too? I pushed those questions aside for later. We had more pressing matters to resolve.

“Are you going to let me speak with him?” I asked hesitantly.

“I will. On one condition, I want to be with you. I just can’t leave you alone with him,” he said in a determined tone.

Having him with me was a lot better than staying alone with that man actually.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

He smiled and let go of my face. I let him go, as well.

“Can I ask about the things he said to you on the roof?” he asked.

We sat down on the sofa again, and I told him everything that happened on the roof until he came and rescued me.

“I want to ask him who my grandfather is and how this whole thing started with him,” I said.

He was quiet the entire time, deep in thoughts.

“Did your… father ever tell you about his family?” he asked tightly.

“No, he never talked to me about anything. We barely spoke to each other our whole lives,” I said nervously. I didn’t want to talk about him at all with alpha Klaus.

“Did he… treat you badly, too?” he asked tensely.

I didn’t know how to answer that question. He never laid a hand on me. But then again, he never really cared about me, either. Did that count as bad treatment?

“He never beat me or anything like that. He was just…. Always so cold with me. Like I never mattered to him.”

He nodded in understanding without saying anything.

“Should we go to see Joseph and Sara first? Or go to see the guy?” I asked after a period of silence.

“Let me check with Joseph first to see if they are awake yet”

He mind linked Joseph for a few minutes then he said “They are waiting for the doctor to check on Sara’s wounds. How about we visit the man and then we can go to them?”

“Ok, let’s go”

We head towards the basem*nt where the man was being kept in one of the cells, guarded by two men, standing in front of the cell door.

They open the door for us, and we go inside.

It was just like the cell I was kept in, in my old pack house.

The man was sitting against the wall, with chains binding his wrists. The chains were attached to the wall behind him.

He was such a mess. His suit was torn in several places and there was dried up blood everywhere. But despite all that, he was looking at us with a cynical stare. He was completely at ease with himself.

“Hey little girl, I was rather expecting you to come earlier. What took you so long?” he said vindictively.

Bile rose into my throat and I barely swallowed it back. Just the sound of his voice got under my nerves.

I was standing near the door, unable to move any further into the cell. Alpha Klaus was standing next to me, leaning against the wall, more composed and in control of himself than me.

“What is your name?” I kept my voice steady as I asked.

It was really something I was interested in because I was tired of referring to him as ‘the guy’ or ‘the man’,

I was half expecting him not to answer me, but he did.

“My name is Daniel Eaton,” he bowed his head mockingly.

“Remember what you said to me on the roof, Daniel? It’s time for you to give me some answers,” I said determinedly.

He smiled lazily and said, “Why would I do you that favor? What can you give me in return?”

“I can’t give you anything in return. But if you answer me now, you might save yourself some great deal of pain later.”

I was speculating only, but I was sure alpha Klaus will do anything to make him talk, and that will definitely include t*ortur*e.

“Are you going to t*ortur*e your answers out of me little girl? It wouldn’t surprise me really. You learned from the best after all.”

It was like a slap on my face. He was referring to alpha Grey and beta Sam.

I sensed alpha Klaus become rigid, and ball his hands into tight fists.

“Who’s my grandfather?” I ask him tightly.

“What will you do if I refuse to answer you?” he asked tauntingly.

This is a complete waste of time. He was obviously toying with me, I will not stand here any longer and let him get under my skin.

I turn around to leave, then stop dead in my tracks as he says “I’m actually doing you a favor by not telling you anything, little girl. Because the truth, while it might not K*ll you, it will make you wish you were dead,” his tone was ice cold.

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