Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 19

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears


Barbara’s POV:

Rumors about Jennifer had spread like wildfire among the trainees. I was very satisfied with this outcome. It just so happened that a lot of the she-wolves liked the prince. They couldn’t tolerate even the mere idea of Jennifer seducing him. When they started passing around how Jennifer was a shameless b*tch, I was pleased.

I couldn’t help humming as I headed to the training ground. Today was the happiest day for me since I came to this place. I hoped that every day would be like today from now on. Jennifer was just a lowly slave. She should keep living in the mud, forever trampled underfoot by people like me. Then, maybe she would beg for mercy and expect me to grant her a little bit of kindness.

That was the kind of life that b*tch deserved.

I did a great thing. Slaves were always going to be slaves. She shouldn’t have dreamed of competing with me.

If Jennifer begged me to let her be my slave for the rest of her life, I would stop picking on her. Otherwise, I just needed wait for her reputation to be ruined. No one would want to marry her, and she would be detested by everyone.

“Barbara Lively.”

Through the haze of my excitement, I heard someone call my name from behind me. I turned around and saw Neil. He looked very serious, and his eyes were filled with obvious disgust. I got a bad feeling, and my smile faltered.

“What’s the matter?” I asked with a controlled expression.

“Prince Anthony wants you to meet with him.”

My heart trembled in fear. Why did Anthony want to see me?

My first guess was that it was because of the rumors that I had spread. I thought that Anthony would ignore such trifles. Was I wrong? No, maybe he wanted to meet me for some other reason. I tried to convince myself of this.

“Okay. I’ll go see him right now.”

Neil took me to the center of the training ground where Anthony was. Today’s training had yet to start, but all the other trainees were there, and they were all looking at me.

Carson stood behind Anthony. As soon as I arrived, he sharply declared, “Barbara Lively, pack up and leave Marge Island.”


I felt like I had just been struck by lightning and my world was crumbling into pieces.

“Why? Why are you making me leave?”

“Because you dared to slander Mr. Jones and your fellow trainee, Jennifer Smith!” Carson glared at me.

My jaw dropped in shock. They found out!

“It wasn’t me. It was the other she-wolves!” In an effort to save myself, I threw the blame at their feet.

“Don’t even bother. Mr. Jones wouldn’t have made such a charge against you without sufficient evidence to back it up,” Carson coldly replied.

I became so flustered that I didn’t know what to do. What should I do? It was true that I had muddied Anthony’s name alongside that b*tch. If he was mad about that, he wasn’t going to let me get away scot-free.

At that moment, I saw Kevin. I wanted to ask him to defend me, but he immediately shrank back into the crowd. I felt helpless.

No, I couldn’t leave! If I left, Jennifer would become even smugger. She might seduce Kevin without any qualms and take away my future position as his Luna. I could not allow that to happen.

“It’s true! Jennifer has seduced Prince Anthony! Why else would he be partial to her? They must be having an affair! Mr. Jones clearly cannot distinguish between public and private interests!” I yelled out hysterically. Since I had already offended him, there was no point in trying to save the situation.

“Did I hear wrong? How could she say that about Mr. Jones?”

“How dare she be so presumptuous?”

“How impertinent!”

The other werewolves started scolding me. These damn b*tch es had been in high spirits when they gossiped with me. But now that I had been caught, they were acting as if I was the only one in the wrong.

“Enough!” As soon as Anthony gave the order, everyone stopped talking.

He turned to his attendants. “Shut her up.”

I struggled desperately, but the prince’s attendants grabbed my hair, punched me, and kicked me. All this time, Jennifer watched this happen with a cold gaze.

I glared at her with hatred in my eyes. She should wait and see. One day, I was going to pay her back a hundred times for this!

Jennifer’s POV:

Because my body had mostly recovered, I went to the training ground the next day. The others had gathered at the center of the training area, but instead of being serious as usual, they had a lively atmosphere about them.

I made my way through the crowd and saw Anthony standing there with a chilling expression. His attendants were holding onto a she-wolf whose hair was a mess. She had blood all over her body, and her legs seemed broken.

“Mr. Jones, that b*tch, Jennifer, framed me! I would never dirty your name intentionally. Please don’t drive me away,” the she-wolf cried out.

Her hair was tangled and her face had been beaten black and blue, but I recognized her voice. It was Barbara. Because she had been picking on me for a long time, I could tell who she was just by her voice. Moreover, no other she-wolf’s voice was as sharp and unpleasant as hers.

The prince’s attendants yanked her hair back. When Barbara’s gaze met mine, her eyes became filled with hatred.

I quickly understood what was going on. It was clear that Barbara had just been exposed for slander because she had been spreading rumors that I seduced Anthony.

Back in the Dark River Pack, Luna Debra had pleaded for Barbara’s case. But now, nobody stepped up to do so for her. Anthony had already forgiven her once. I wasn’t sure if he would forgive her for a second time. Barbara was going to be expelled.

As Barbara was dragged away, she glared at me and shouted, “Jennifer, you b*tch! I will make your life a living hell one day!”

Her loud threat resounded throughout the whole training ground. The prince’s attendants took her away, and her voice lowered in volume until it eventually disappeared.

My world was finally quiet for the time being.

Without Barbara and her constant interruptions, my training life improved drastically. But my good mood didn’t last long because Anthony had yet to return to the training ground since then. He used to come here almost every day to monitor each session.

Was he sick? Had something happened to him? I couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

This worry of mine lasted for a few days. I couldn’t help glancing at the entrance of the training ground occasionally, hoping to see Anthony make his entrance.

One morning, Anthony entered the training ground, followed by a group of werewolves. I felt instantly relieved.

It was good to see that he was fine.

The werewolves who trailed after Anthony were as young as us. He must have left to select the second batch of trainees. No wonder he had been gone for so long.

However, like a cruel trick of fate, I noticed a she-wolf walking behind Anthony. My hands curled into fists so hard that my palms started to bleed. Even the smell of blood couldn’t distract me from the hatred that boiled in my heart.

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