Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 25

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears


Ella’s POV:

The thought that Jennifer would die soon filled me with excitement. She struggled violently in the water, but I kept her head pressed firmly under the surface of the water. After a few seconds, she stopped struggling and sank into the water motionlessly.

I was overjoyed that I had finally gotten rid of Jennifer, but soon, I realized that something was wrong. Werewolves had great capacity and could hold their breath in the water for a long time. How could Jennifer die so soon?

Suddenly, I felt something stab into my ankle, causing a sharp pain to shoot through my leg.

I screamed in pain as drops of my blood seeped out of my skin and mixed into the water, spreading outwards. With a loud splash, Jennifer popped out of the water with a sharp rock in her hand.

She looked into my astonished eyes and sneered, “Ha. You think you can k*il*l me so easily?”

What a b*tch ! No wonder she sank into the water so soon. It turned out that she wanted to take that opportunity to attack me.

Since she knew my real intention, I didn’t want to pretend anymore. My lips spread wide into a ferocious smile.

“Yes, I want to k*il*l you! Jennifer, you should have died a long time ago. Why are you still alive? As long as you are alive, it will be difficult for my pack to have peace!”

“Your pack?” Jennifer sniggered, as if she had heard the most ridiculous joke in the world. “What do you mean by your pack? Ella, I bet you feel good to be the daughter of the Alpha, right? But you’ve forgotten that your position belongs to me! Your father k*il*led my father, the real Alpha, to steal a position that didn’t belong to him. I had to escape to another pack and live there as a lowly slave, but look at you! You have turned into a noble lady. But God is fair. One day, what doesn’t belong to you will be taken away from you.”

“Shut up!” Hatred coursed through every vein in my body. I glared at Jennifer, wanting to reach out and tear her mouth apart. “My father and I worked hard to get our current status. You have no right to blame us.”

“You’re the one who set a trap for me in the jungle, right?”

“Yes! I hate you! I hate you so much! I want you to disappear from this world right now! Only the dead will not speak. Go to hell!”

I didn’t want to waste another moment listening to her, so I started to wrestle with her in the sea.

I remember her clumsy movements in the water, which meant that she was probably not as good at swimming as me. Besides, she was still injured. Any way I saw it, I had the upper hand.

Thinking of this, I became even more confident in taking her down.

While we fought, the water splashed around violently non-stop.

My eyes reddened with hatred. I just wanted to k*il*l this annoying woman in front of me!

To my surprise, Jennifer’s movements in the water were very agile and skillful, not at all like what I was expecting to face. Moreover, she didn’t seem to be held back by her injury, either. Obviously, she didn’t have a relapse of her old injury like she had claimed. And her clumsy movements must also have been an act.

It was only then that I realized that this b*tch  had been testing me just now, and I had foolishly fallen into her trap.

In fact, I was the one at a disadvantage. With my ankle injured, I wasn’t able to move as easily in the water as I usually could. Jennifer swiftly threw a punch and knocked me over with the oncoming wave. At the same time, she kicked me in the abdomen.

I winced, barely registering the dull pain in my abdomen. I was already out of breath when I sank into the water. While I was teetering between life and death, Jennifer swam over, stepped on my back, and kicked me deeper into the water.

“Argh!” I couldn’t help but scream out, and the water gushed into my throat. I sank steadily into the water like I was falling into a deep abyss.

Still, I didn’t want to give up. I tried my best to swim upward, but with Jennifer’s leg planted on my back, I couldn’t move at all.

The suffocating pain crippled me. Every second was like a moment of endless suffering. In a daze, I let go and sank deeper and deeper.

Was I going to die like this? Why did I have to die in Jennifer’s hands? Was I really not a match for her? I was not reconciled.

All of a sudden, a strong sense of hatred flooded my mind. I f*orc*ed myself to keep my head straight. Letting out a breath, I dived even deeper and swam away from Jennifer with all my will.

The water here was not very clear. From where I was, I couldn’t see what was happening above the surface of the water, so I was sure that Jennifer couldn’t see me either. Squinting my eyes in the water, I looked around and found that Jennifer’s silhouette was far away from me, but she seemed to be on guard. She stayed at the same spot for a long time, without leaving. If I resurfaced now, she would definitely catch me.

By this time, I was almost suffocated to death. I had been holding my breath for a long time as it was. I felt like if I stayed in the water for even a second longer, my lungs would explode. Suddenly, I saw a huge piece of driftwood floating near the surface. I could use it to shield myself. At that moment, my desire to survive urged me to drag my heavy body up. I had never been so desperate in my life before.

I had to live. I couldn’t lose to Jennifer. I had to survive.

With this thought, I finally surfaced next to the piece of driftwood with all my strength. I grasped the driftwood, which was large enough for me to hide behind, and gasped for breath. Sure enough, Jennifer didn’t notice me with the cover of the driftwood.

Holding onto the driftwood like it was a lifeline, I slowly swam ashore. As soon as I reached the shore, I completely collapsed on the beach. As I looked up at the blue sky, my vision blurred.

Damn it! Jennifer had tried to k*il*l me this time, but I didn’t have any evidence to expose her crime. Even the wound on my ankle was from a stone in the sea. If I accused her, she could say that I hurt my own ankle by accident while I was swimming.

For the time being, I had no choice but to hold back my anger.

At least I survived. There was still a lot of time to achieve what I wanted.

Anthony’s POV:

Today, Jennifer was supposed to attend the swimming training with the rest of the trainees. But she had just recovered. What if there was an accident? After restlessly wandering around the castle for a long time, I finally decided to go to the seaside. It was as if Jennifer held a strong magnetic f*orc*e that kept pulling me to her.

When I arrived at the seaside, I found out that no one knew where Jennifer was. She had been left alone again during the swimming training and hadn’t come back yet. Obviously, I was furious to hear this. I wished I could catch the useless Carson and beat him up badly.

Jennifer had been in danger too many times recently. I had a bad feeling, which made me unconsciously speed me up as I looked for her.

I looked around the coast, but there was no sign of Jennifer. I was burning with anxiety, and my face was getting gloomier and gloomier by the second. What if she was stranded in the deep sea? No matter what, I had to find her.

After contemplating it for a while, I decided to personally go out to sea to look for her. Just when I was about to ask my attendants to prepare the yacht, however, I saw Jennifer swimming back to shore not far away.

Her movements were agile and perfect, and seeing her made my eyes light up.

At that moment, I felt deeply relieved and overjoyed at the same time. My emotions were too complicated to put into words.

“Mr. Jones, are you also going to participate in the swimming training?” Jennifer asked with a playful smile as she swam to me.

Seeing her safe and sound, I felt a lump in my throat. I sincerely thanked God for blessing her from the bottom of my heart. I was glad that she was fine.

“Come here!” I held out my hand to her. She was sensible enough to obediently grab onto my hand and went ashore with my strength.

I pulled her up and she fell into my arms. After hesitating for a moment, I wrapped my arms around her in a hug. The familiar faint fragrance lingering on her body made me feel at ease.

Jennifer twitched in surprise. My reaction seemed to have startled her.

I leaned back a little and took a good look at the beautiful girl in front of me. My heart began to beat fast.

“Jennifer, don’t you know that you should stick to your team when you are training?” I wanted to teach her a lesson, but my tone was inexplicably gentle.

“What? Mr. Jones, are you caring about me?” Jennifer stuck out her tongue. “I’m flattered.”

“Well, you are my mate now. If something bad happens to you, what will I tell my mother?” I gave her a cold glance.

Jennifer was wearing a thin one-piece swimsuit, and her slender limbs were exposed to my sight. Her fair skin was so inviting that I could not take my eyes off her.

Suppressing my wild impulse, I took off my coat and put it over her shoulders.

Seeing the astonishment in Jennifer’s eyes, I explained awkwardly, “Don’t think too much. I’m just afraid that you’ll freeze to death. If that happens, my mother will definitely put all the blame on me.”

“Really? But we are just nominal mates.” Jennifer curled her lips in amusement. “Mr. Jones, I’m afraid I’ll have to borrow your coat. I want to go back to the dormitory to change my clothes.”

“I’ll take you there!” I blurted out. I was so worried about her that I didn’t want to let her out of my sight just yet.

“Won’t that be inconvenient for you? Mr. Jones, you’re very busy these days. I’m afraid—”

“Shut up!” I interrupted her and lifted her up in my arms without hesitation. “It’s okay. We are going the same way.”

Wrapped in my coat, Jennifer snugged into my arms and smiled sweetly.

“All right, then. Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Jones.”

With a gentle smile, I lowered my head and looked at her face.

I felt like I lost to her. Maybe she really did have some magic power. I only knew that from now on, I didn’t want to lose her.

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