Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 13

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears


Jennifer’s POV:

“S*hi*t!” Barbara broke out into curses and covered her head with her hands to avoid my attack. “b*itc*h, are you tired of living? How dare you hit me?!”

“Miss Barbara, it’s training time now,” I reminded her with a smile before punching her again. This time, I hit her nose.

Barbara screamed and staggered back a few steps, as if she hadn’t expected my punch. She raised her fingers to her nostrils, and when she lowered them again, there was scarlet liquid on her fingers. She was having a nosebleed.

Watching Barbara make a fool of herself in public, the other trainees couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

She was so angry that her nose twitched.

“b*itc*h, I’ll fight you to the death!” she screamed and rushed over like a heathen, grabbing at me and trying to scratch me wherever she could.

But while she was flapping around in a frenzy of anger, I was calm and composed, making her look like a clown.

Smack! I slapped her right across her cheek.

Bang! I kicked Barbara away, causing her to fall to the ground and roll around a few times before stopping, with mud all over her face.

“I’m sorry, Miss Barbara.” I was basking in the joy of seeing her be so miserable. “I didn’t mean it. Next time, I’ll try my best to be gentle.”

After all, Barbara had bullied me non-stop in the past. I would make her pay the price for it.

“b*itc*h, go to hell!” Flying into a rage, Barbara scrambled to her feet and charged at me again.

“Miss Barbara, why are you always arrogant? This is the price you have to pay for provoking me,” I sneered as I blocked her moves with ease. “Defeat me if you can.”

“b*itc*h! b*itc*h!” Faced with my bombardment of attacks, Barbara had no strength to resist. She could only shout, “Do you think you’re so powerful? You are doomed to lose!”

Contrary to her words, Barbara was on the losing side. She couldn’t defend against most of my attacks, let alone deal them back to me. There was no room for her to fight back. In the end, she was the one who lost, and even became a laughing stock in front of the whole crowd.

By the time this round of training was over, Barbara’s face was black and blue. She was in a terrible condition.

Looking at her, Daniel couldn’t help laughing. He gave me a thumbs up and praised me for the fighting skills I had displayed.

“Jennifer, you’re awesome. You are the most powerful girl I have ever seen.”

“Thank you,” I said with a shy smile. Daniel had a high status too, but he was nothing like Barbara, who always looked down on other people. Maybe I could become friends with him.

The first round of training ended soon enough, and then it was time for a break. I sat alone in one corner of the training ground. I enjoyed my solitude as a gentle breeze blew through the area. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind.

“Jennifer, I’m so turned on by you today. Do you know? I’ve been missing you recently. I can’t stop thinking about having s*e*x with you…”

“Who are you? What are you trying to do?” Reacting immediately, I yanked myself out of the man’s disgusting embrace and warily turned to face him.

It turned out that the stranger was actually Kevin. How annoying!

“You again, Kevin? I’m warning you, don’t try to play such cheap tricks on me. We have already rescinded the mate bond.”

“Jennifer, I admit that we had some misunderstandings in the past. But now, we can sit down and calmly talk about it.” Kevin swallowed audibly as he reached out his hand toward me.

“You are so disgusting!” When I saw the desire in his eyes, I slapped his hand away and growled, “Don’t touch me.”

I did not expect that little action would irritate him.

“Why are you acting like a good girl? Don’t you want to sleep with me? You’re lucky I even pay attention to you.” He grabbed my wrist, cupped the back of my head with his other hand and then bent over to kiss me.

I slapped him hard in response, and that only made Kevin angrier. We started to wrestle. He tried to pull me closer while I tried to get away from his clutches.

Obviously, this caught the attention of the rest of the trainees. Many werewolves gathered around us and began to gossip among themselves.


Kevin and I froze at the same time. When I turned around, there stood Prince Anthony.

Didn’t he come to the training ground only for inspection now and then? Why was he here again today? How unlucky that he caught us in this situation! Was I going to receive punishment again? This was all that bastard Kevin’s fault!

“How can you fight openly on the training ground? Do you want to be sent back to your pack?” Prince Anthony snapped at us. “Kevin, tie a twenty-kilogram sandbag on your back and do 2, 000 push-ups. You’re not allowed to go back to your dormitory until you finish doing them.”

The prince announced Kevin’s punishment in public. I couldn’t help but feel smug when I saw that bastard’s face go pale. Kevin looked as if he disagreed with the prince’s decision, but no matter how he felt about the matter, he could only obey. Before leaving, he glared at me.

“Jennifer, return to the team for the time being. After the training ends, stay behind to receive your punishment.” As Kevin passed by me, Prince Anthony declared that I was also to be punished.

“Mr. Jones, Kevin hara*s*sed me. I was f*orc*ed to fight back. I didn’t do anything wrong,” I protested as I couldn’t accept that I was getting punished as well and I tried to defend my actions.

But Prince Anthony didn’t even allow me to explain.

In the end, Kevin was severely punished, and I was not spared, either. Prince Anthony asked me to stay behind after training to accept my punishment. It had only been two days since I arrived at Marge Island. Why did I have to receive two punishments in a row? I was the unluckiest werewolf ever!

After all, I hadn’t started the fight. I was just trying to defend myself. No matter how I thought about it, I found the prince’s judgment really unfair. I finished today’s training indignantly. After everyone else left the training ground, I walked up to the prince.

“Mr. Jones, how are you going to punish me today?”

I asked curtly, fuming in anger. Normally, I would never dare to disrespect a member of the royal family, no matter what. But today, I wasn’t reconciled by his decision at all.

“I didn’t ask you to stay behind to actually give you punishment,” Prince Anthony said with a slightly amused smile. “Jennifer, I saw your training today. Among this group of trainees, you are the most talented one. I can also see how strong you are.”

For a long time, I was stunned. I wasn’t imagining things. The prince was really smiling at me! The way the corners of his mouth slowly curled up made me feel dizzy. Moreover, was he serious about what he said just now? He knew how strong I was?

My dissatisfaction with him vanished in an instant.

“But you can still be stronger,” Prince Anthony said. “You’ll do the attacking and defending training again. But this time, you have to take me as your opponent.”

“Well…” Although I was a little excited at his suggestion, I couldn’t help but hesitate. He was a prince. I didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Don’t worry. Let’s start,” Prince Anthony urged in a cold voice and punched me at the same time. Watching his fist aim toward me, I had no choice but to jump into action and fight against him.

“Yes, that’s it. Your punches have to be quick and f*orc*eful, and your feet have to be nimble,”  he guided me patiently.

After a while, he held my wrist with his warm fingertips. The heat on my skin made my ears turn red. The prince’s touch was something that I couldn’t ignore.

The sun was setting, which meant that Prince Anthony and I had already been sparring in the training ground for a long time. I was desperate to become stronger, so I hung on to every word that he said. His instructions were very useful. Under his guidance, my attack and defense abilities improved rapidly.

I was probably blessed to have the chance to train with the prince one-on-one. I had to cherish this rare opportunity.

However, Anthony’s standards ended up being too high. Moreover, his att*itude made me feel uneasy. He was way too serious! Even Carson, the tough drillmaster, was amiable compared to the prince.

“Let’s conclude the training for today. You can go back and have a rest now.” Before dusk fell, Prince Anthony announced the end of the training.

“Thank you, Mr. Jones.” I was very grateful to him. “Thank you very much for your help.”

“Show me how thankful you are with your achievements,” Prince Anthony said seriously. “I never teach the weak.”

“Mr. Jones, I will try my best to become a strong master.” I gritted my teeth, becoming even more determined to get my revenge on those who had wronged me and my family.

“Good.” Prince Anthony gave a nod of satisfaction.

After bidding him goodbye with a smile, I walked towards the exit of the training ground. Just then, I happened to see Daniel coming over with a shopping bag in his hand.

“Jennifer, I heard that you had to stay behind in the training ground. I figured you wouldn’t have had anything to eat, so I brought you some snacks,” he said, walking up to me.

“That’s so considerate of you,”

I said with a grateful smile. I had heard that Daniel was the heir of Black Stone Pack’s Alpha. It was really kind of him to treat me like an equal.

“Let’s sit over there and eat together.” Daniel pointed to the lawn not far away.

“Okay,” I agreed immediately.

At this time, I faintly felt a cold gaze at me. I raised my head in confusion, and my eyes met Prince Anthony’s. Although he was far away, his frighteningly cold eyes still sent a chill down my spine.

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