Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 81

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 81

The both of them didn’t exchange a single word throughout the entire journey. Soon, the car finally pulled up outside an extravagant villa.

Charlotte pressed her nose to the window as they rolled up to the gates. There were all sorts of luxury cars parked there, and that was how she knew that the event tonight was going to be a huge one. Immediately, she asked, “What sort of event is this?”

“It’s just a normal charity gala,” Zachary replied plainly. “Don’t get nervous. Just stay beside me.”

“Why did you choose me to come with you?” she asked, feeling rather confused. “I’m just a lowly security guard, and there isn’t anything I can do for you…”

“You’re full of rubbish, you know that?” he interrupted her nastily before he got out of the car.

She pouted unhappily, following him out of the vehicle. As she did so, she nearly tripped and twisted her ankle, but Raina caught her in the nick of time.

A man in a suit came forward with his a*s*sistant to welcome them. “Mr. Nacht, the guests have all arrived!” When he saw Charlotte, he bowed deeply towards her and said respectfully, “Good evening, Miss.”

“Good evening,” Charlotte replied courteously. She was a little surprised at how respectfully everyone was treating her.

Zachary followed the man into the villa.

Charlotte struggled to keep up with him in her heels and decided to follow him from a distance away. Suddenly, she spotted a white Bentley among the crowd of cars.

That’s Hector’s car. Is he here tonight, too?

A few steps later, she spotted a Porsche that definitely belonged to Simon.

She frowned worriedly. This event sure had a long guest list. As long as Simon was here to attend this gala, Amanda was sure to be around as well.

Oh no. Will Amanda tell Zachary about the fact that I’m the mother of three children?

If I get into an argument with Amanda because of this, I would probably embarr@ssZachary to death.

It spelled nothing but trouble for her…

As Charlotte’s thoughts wandered further and further, she suddenly bumped into something very tall and hard.

She was so shocked that she jumped a little. Putting her hand up to shield herself, she looked up and saw that she had bumped into Zachary, who had been waiting for her in front. However, as she struggled with her thoughts, she had walked straight into his rock-solid chest!

“Why do you look so distracted?” he asked, his low voice sounding very enigmatic indeed in the night.

“No—nothing…” Charlotte felt a little panicked. “I—I suddenly feel a little unwell. Why don’t I return home first…”

Before she could finish speaking, he grabbed hold of her arm and steered her into the villa.

She tried to shake herself free, but it was to no avail. Finally, she gave up and let him drag her into the house by her hand.

Feeling the warmth of his hand, her heart beat even faster. She could feel her face turning red.

His legs were very long, so he sped ahead very quickly. She had to jog in order to keep up. In the end, he conceded defeat and slowed down for her, which allowed her to catch her breath for a brief moment.

The moonlight shone down on the two of them, making the atmosphere extremely romantic.

When they arrived at the ballroom, the champagne-colored doors swung open. Immediately, they could hear the dulcet sounds of a string quartet from inside the room.

The numerous chandeliers shone down so brightly that she felt momentarily blinded. She quickly shut her eyes immediately. At that moment, however, applause rang out from every corner of the room.

Zachary pulled her arm around his waist and f0rced her to walk into the room with him.

When she finally got used to the light, Charlotte opened her eyes slowly and found a room full of people who were smiling respectfully at her.

She felt as though she had entered into a separate world.

She thought she had been transported back to her childhood. Back when her father was still alive, her family used to throw parties like this once in a while. All of them had been just as grand as this one was.

She had fallen from heaven four years ago and suffered all sorts of earthly trials. The world seemed so cold and ghastly to her, and she feared that she would never return to her glorious past again…

However, the man next to her had bestowed upon her the highest honor again!

Deep in the crowd of people, Amanda rubbed her eyes and asked Luna, “Are my eyes playing tricks on me? That woman next to Mr. Nacht is Charlotte, isn’t she? I think my eyes are failing me.”

“I think my eyes are failing me, too…” Luna pushed forward and got a good look at the woman. When she saw who Zachary had his arms around, the color drained from her face. “Mom, it’s her! It’s that little b—”

“Be quiet!” Amanda clamped a hand over her daughter’s mouth immediately. “Don’t you dare go shooting off your mouth today. If someone overhears you, you’ll get into a lot of trouble.”

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