Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 136

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort

Charlotte Windt and Zachary Nacht Novel

Chapter 136

After they signed the agreement, the mother-daughter duo left contentedly with the ruby necklace.

Ms. Longman and Ms. Cheney proceeded to the security room to inquire about the situation.

When Charlotte was ready to look for her children, a familiar voice sounded from her back. “Why don’t you ask for my help?”

Charlotte turned over and was startled by who she saw. It was Hector gazing at her with his sculpted and gorgeous face. Worryingly, he shed a few pounds and his complexion was haggard and ghastly.

That afternoon, he was injured by Zachary in the Divine Corporation. Although the wound was bandaged and he changed into a new set of clothes, the sadness and dejection still lingered…

“I’m sure you know I can help you solve the problem. Why do you always bear everything on your shoulders every time? Hector frowned.

“I must be independent.” Charlotte smiled bitterly.

Hector’s heart ached for her. He wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms.

She subconsciously took a few steps backward to avoid him. Consequently, his hand hung hopelessly mid-air and he was f0rced to swallow the rejection. “I forgot. You no longer belong to me.”

Such pernicious words and his desolate actions deeply touched Charlotte’s heart.

If he had behaved unreasonably and crudely as before, she would definitely resist and resent him.

However, the way he restrained himself and the disappointed look on his face changed things. Her heart pained at the sight of his distress.

Past memories started to surge within her mind. As she vividly recalled, their first hug when they were sixteen was in a similar fashion. Likewise, the urge to embrace one another was met with an opposing f0rce to restrain themselves.

It was a futile attempt just like their relationship. Eventually, everything fell apart.

“It’s my own matter and I can deal with it myself,” Charlotte replied softly. “On the other hand, why are you doing this to yourself? Your prestigious business consists of other clientele apart from Divine Corporation!”

“I can take care of this myself…” Hector didn’t want to discuss the matter. “Don’t talk back to Zachary because of me. Remember, it’s not worth the risk.”

“You’re thinking too much. I’ll not do that.” Charlotte intentionally distanced herself from him. “Mr. Sterling, your wife and mother-in-law just left a moment ago and they should not have gone too far. You should leave now to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.”

“The bracelet was a gift from Timothy to Ellie. Hence, there’s no need for any compensation. I’ll deal with this…” Hector responded.

“The best way for you to deal with it is to distance yourself from me.” Charlotte interjected and reminded him strictly. “As long as you express your feelings towards me, the two of them will keep causing me trouble…”

Hector heard what she said and the conversation went into a stalemate. The silence went on for a long time before he decided to turn away and leave.

Charlotte sighed as Hector’s figure slowly disappeared from sight.

She regretted how things panned out, but it can never return to how it used to be…

“Mommy…” her children called out to her.

Charlotte turned around and Ellie hopped into her arms. Her cheeks were buried deep in Charlotte’s chest when she asked in distressed, “Mommy, we can’t find the bracelet. What are we going to do?”

“Mommy, Timothy’s mother said that the bracelet costs thirty million! Is that true? Robbie frowned and asked with a straight face.

“How much is thirty million?” Ellie scratched her head and looked worriedly at her brother.

“Dummie, that’s an amount that Mommy can never earn in her lifetime.” Jamie inadvertently blurted out. He quickly covered his mouth and guiltily looked at Charlotte. “Mommy, don’t worry about it. I can earn that amount when I grow up.”

“My innocent children.” Charlotte gently rubbed Jamie’s hair and touched Robbie’s cheeks. She held Ellie in her arms and said, “Don’t worry about it. Mommy already compensated them. The matter has been solved!”

“Is that true?” The three children were shocked.

“Yes, it is. Recently, Mommy’s work performance is outstanding and I earned a lot of money. Therefore, I can compensate them for the bracelet!” Charlotte pretended to be relieved.

“Yay! That’s great!” the three children celebrated joyfully.

Charlotte then instructed. “Alright. You all should follow Mrs. Berry back home. Mommy still has some matters to handle right now and I’ll be back home slightly late!”

“Yes, Mommy! Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie will be good children!” They responded cheerfully.

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