His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 89

Continuation from His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse to

His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 10


I obey, unzipping my dress and letting it slowly slip off my body. There is plenty that we need to discuss, but even I can see the troubles to come… life is fleeting and deep down I feel as if these moments will soon be precious memories that I will only be able to relive and cherish within my mind…

I will sacrifice myself… am I being selfish? Perhaps. but it’s my duty. Will Zedkiel go to see the vampires? Perhaps.

I shall talk to him. I need to… but will he listen? I pray he does…

‘Yes… we will talk to him. Now let’s have some fun time.’ Luna purrs.

I sure have a rather horny wolf. I giggle internally but she doesn’t counter, her excitement clear. She wants Zed and I too turn my attention back to him.

My heart aches as I stare at the man that I have come to love. A man that means the world to me, a man who is everything to me. My saviour, my home…

He’s looking at me now with so many emotions in those eyes that it makes my heart pound.

The hunger and love are on a par with one another and I welcome them both, allowing my dress to fall to the floor and pool around my ankles. Leaving me in my heels and underwear.

“Come here.” He commands. His voice is deeper, mixing with Zerachiel’s, and it makes my c0re throb as I approach him, making sure to walk as sensually as I know how to.

Whatever I’m doing is working, I can see it. He licks those plump l!ps of his, his c*oc*k hardening in his pants as his eyes rake over me.

“Lose the rest.” He growls huskily, and I stop two feet away from him, Reaching behind myself, I unhook my bra, allowing it to fall to the floor, to join my dress. My bre-asts bounce free, my n!pples hard, and I’m turned on already. I want his touch, want him inside of me. I slowly turn around, sliding my p*an*tie*s off teasingly.

A curse escapes him, and I part my legs ever so slightly, allowing my p*an*tie*s to slide down my th!ghs as I bend down and run my hand down my leg. I then slowly run them back up my legs before I turn back to him.

“Where do you want me, Alpha?” I purr coquettishly, pouting as I look at him.

His eyes flash as he sits forward, running his hand up between my legs, stopping short of my pvssy. I bite my l!p, wanting his hand to travel further up, but he doesn’t.

My gaze dips to his pants and my fingers itch to free his c*oc*k…

I drop to my knees, looking up at him with innocent eyes as I slide his pants down slightly and he a*s*sists, but it’s as far as he lets me go. I’m about to run my hand over his c*oc*k, but he takes hold of my chin.

“On the table and part those legs so I can get a good view of that pvssy.” He growls.

My c0re throbs as I look at the coffee table in front of the sofa and, stepping back, I sit down, parting my legs slowly and allowing him to feast his eyes upon me.

“Do you like what you see?” I whisper.

I don’t know where or when I achieved this confidence, but I love it. Reaching down, I use two fingers to part my pvssy. His racing heart and the animalistic hunger in those eyes consume me entirely.

“I absolutely fvcking do.” He snarls, but he doesn’t touch me, instead he leans back, running his hand over his c*oc*k. “Play with yourself.”

My eyes widen as I blush shamelessly. Sure, growing up, I heard plenty of conversations of Omega girls discussing how they wanted to be good at giving se.xual favours and be experienced enough to satisfy a ranked wolf. Life was better the higher up in the ranks you went.

This feels so dirty… but I like it.

I place one of my feet on the sofa beside his knee, the other pushed aside as I run my finger down between my pvssy, a soft m0an leaving my l!ps.

“Tell me.. did you play with yourself often?” He growls, his eyes running over my bre-asts before watching me play with myself.

I blush at his remark. “Sometimes.” I whisper.

“Then I want you to make yourself come… just the way you used to.” He murmurs huskily.

I obey, running my fingers along my pvssy, rubbing my cl!t softly as ple@sure tingles through me. I slip a finger inside before rubbing it over my cl!t again. He sits back, pushing his boxers down as he wraps his hand around his c*oc*k, his eyes on me.

My own c0re clenches as I stare at him, I want him .. I run my finger along my cl!t, imagining it is his touch.

“Fvck.” I whimper as he strokes his sh@ft. “Zed…”

“Keep going.” He commands as I rub my cl!t in a circular motion, faster and faster. His stroking of his c*oc*k remains slow, but my own ple@sure is building.

A m0an leaves my l!ps and I tilt my head back, feeling the ple@sure heighten and I’m so close.. so-

“Stop.” My eyes fly open at his firm command, my release so near.

I don’t want to stop, and I continue to rub my cl!t only for Zedkiel to pull his boxers up and, reaching over, takes hold of my wrist as he yanks me forward. I gasp as his nose brushes my cheek, his scent driving me crazy.

“You are becoming incredibly disobed*ient, Little Mouse. This is a punishment, remember?” He whispers, running his tongue along my jaw and down my neck. My breath hitches and I whimper in ple@sure. My pvssy throbbing for so much more.

He k!sses my neck, svcking hard on the most sensitive sp0t. I m0an softly, arching my neck. His grip tightens on my wrist before he f0rces himself back. He pulls me forward and I gasp when he yanks me onto his l@p. I grip the sofa in front of me, turning to look at him, only for him to push my head down, his other hand running up my inner th!gh. My cheeks burn at the position we’re in.

“Look at this a-ss…” He murmurs before his hand meets it; I gasp at the sharp pain that stings my behind. “Start counting Little Mouse.”

“One…”I murmur.

My skin feels hot where he had just spanked me and my heart is pounding, mixed with Luna’s obvious anticipation. Another spank follows and I gasp.

After each one he ma*s*sages my behind, it’s painful but with each strike, that feeling changes until I’m completely enjoying it, ridden with ple@sure and feeling so h0rny. My m0ans are loud, but I don’t care as I count with each spank.

His hands send sizzling ple@sure through me and every time his fingers brush my soaking pvssy, I want so much more. He keeps going until my behind feels raw, and the stinging increases.

I’m so close, my entire body on edge. I can feel my juices coating my inner th!ghs and with the feel of his c*oc*k against my h!p, the ple@sure consumes me.

“Ah! T-twenty-five…” I whimper. “Fvck me Zed… I want your c*oc*k now.”

He lets out a low chuckle as he ma*s*sages my a-ss.

I told you, Little Mouse the day would come when you beg for my c*oc*k…” He whispers, running his fingers through my hair.

My heart is thumping as I turn my head to look at him. “Then fvck me,” I whisper.

I’m so so close… I need him.

He nods, tracing circles over my a-ss as if nulling over whether he should give me what I want or not. “You have been a good girl. I guess I could fvck you.”

I lift my head, only for him to lift me up and place me on the sofa, on all fours. He stands up and kneels behind me, one knee on the sofa as he positions himself behind me. My legs already feel like jelly and all I want is to be full.

“You’re dripping baby,” He murmurs, spanking me again.

I yelp at the sting; the ple@sure jolting through me, and then he’s inside of me, slamming into me with one rough thrust. His hands grip my h!ps painfully.

I gasp, trying to gather my bearings, but he doesn’t let up as he starts thrusting into me. I know we both won’t last long. I’m already teetering on the edge, trying to muffle my screams of pure blistering euphoria.

His gr0ans only add to how good I feel.

He suddenly pulls out, making me gasp. Dropping onto the sofa, he pulls me onto his l@p, slamming into me again. I bounce on his l@p, as he grabs my bre-asts, svcking on my n!pples. Each thrust fills me up so good, and I hold tightly onto his shoulders as I k!ss him hard.

He k!sses me back, squeezing my bre-asts, before one hand tangles in my hair. Our emotions mirror the other, and neither of us needs to say anything, as he buries his face in my neck, svcking on the tender skin.

It’s not long before I’m pushed over the edge, ple@sure rocks my entire body, my vision darkening as I collapse against him, wrapping my arms tightly around his shoulders and my fingers graze the back of his neck as I crash my l!ps against his in a passionate k!ss. He slams into me as he comes, and I gasp, feeling him knot me.

“Fvck, I forgot to pull out.” He gr0ans, squeezing my a-ss, as he buries his head in my bre-asts, breathing hard.I bite my l!p. It feels so sore as I hold him close.

We both take a moment to catch our breaths.

That was incredibly.

‘It really was.’ Luna agrees, purring happily.

“Fvck.” Zed growls, as he adjusts me slightly, but we’re both still bound together.

“Mmm good… It might help when we talk, and you can’t just try to shut down the conversation.” I whisper with a small smile. I k!ss his l!ps softly, this time slowly, enjoying the tingles that spread through me and treasuring the feeling of his l!ps against mine.

“We’re going to talk again?” He asks, tilting his head as he rests his head back taking a breath.

We’re both still breathing hard, the after effect of our 0rg@sm still sizzling through us. He lifts his head and I c*oc*k a brow.

“Of course we are. Starting with something else, Raziel said…” I take a deep breath, although I don’t want to say this to him… I don’t want to accuse him of giving into power and hunger when I can never see him doing such a thing. But I have to remember that there is a curse lingering over us… one that is made to bring doom to us.. Time and time again…

‘We do need to tell him.’ Luna says softly.

“And what did the grumpy old fool with a grudge have to say?” He asks, his hands caressing my back, his c*oc*k throbbing inside of me.

I cup the back of his neck, my thumb caressing his jaw as I gaze into his now gold eyes.

“He said when power is dangled before you by the vampires.. combined with the betrayal of your loved ones, you will turn… and lead the blood bath ..” I whisper.

Our eyes meet and I can feel his heart raging as he lets the words I have just spoken sink in…

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