His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 11

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 11


Two nights had passed, and I was in and out of consciousness. Sometimes I struggled and managed to turn over, at other times I wasn’t even able to open my eyes. I was alone and there was no one to help me, and I had to crawl to the bathroom when I needed to go.

I was exhausted, mentally, and physically, yet I was constantly under his cold gaze. The window was locked, and although I didn’t try it, I saw the man who had come to bolt it shut. I remained in the prince’s bed, and I was relieved that not once did he sleep in it. I’m sure I was far too dirty and disgusting for him to want to be near. Perhaps without the pretty dress and makeup, he would no longer be interested in me.

I could only pray for that…

It was now the third night that had gone by, and I was finally able to walk to and from the bathroom. I didn’t belong here, it was far too luxurious, and I would prefer to be in the Omega quarters regardless. Luckily, the prince was gone since last night. I had just showered when I realized that I had no more clothes.

I needed to ask for some from someone… or perhaps someone could get mine from the Welhaven manor… Was this my life now? Was I resorted to just being a servant of the prince, or worse, a s3x slave.

Shuddering in fear, I began cleaning the bathroom, feeling the dull ache of sadness in my heart, still crushing me. Did Grandmother or anyone enquire about me? They must have…

Perhaps they weren’t allowed to visit me…

Would they visit me? I was being silly… Why would they? I am just an omega. A foolish one to think I could ever expect more…

I did my best with the cleaning. Obviously, the prince didn’t do the cleaning himself so there were no supplies here… I scrubbed away with what little I found, although it wasn’t really dirty. Suddenly the bathroom door burst open, making me gasp and jump away from the toilet that I was wiping down.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered, terrified of what I may have done to anger him.

My heart was beating violently as I watched him scan the bathroom. Was it because I used the shower without permission? His gaze finally stopped scanning the room and snapped to me.

His eyes darkened as they ran over me.

Oh no, the towel.. I looked down, clutching it tightly to my chest, realising most of my legs were on display too… I didn’t want to tempt him.

Go away, please.

He advanced on me, and I moved back until my foot hit the bathtub.

“I’m sorry.” I repeated, my hands were beginning to shake. Irritation flashed in his eyes as he pinched my chin between his fingers, making me flinch.

It hurt, my entire body was still covered in cuts and bruises… I still wasn’t fully healed.

He bent down, glaring coldly at me. “If you dare to run Little Mouse, I will hunt you down and I will k*ll you.” He warned menacingly.

Was that why he had rushed in? “I-I won’t run…” I promised, knowing that he would stand by his threat.

“Good. What were you doing in here?” He asked, his cold gaze dropping to the cloth in my hand.

“I was cleaning the bathroom.” I stated the obvious, hoping he didn’t get angry. “I will do my chores. !!”

He tilted his head, leaning closer, the smell of his minty breath fanned my face as his thumb rubbed over my lip. There was something about his touch that didn’t feel pure… Was it the dirty thoughts that I knew were running through his mind?

“Your job is to warm my bed and ple@sure me, not take care of the chores. You’re far too beautiful for that…”

Fear enveloped me like a cloak, and I pulled away, hitting my legs on the bathtub, and falling to the floor, trying not to wince in pain.

Warm his bed.

“P-please no, I don’t have a wolf, I’ll d*ie.” I whispered, hating how weak I was.

He tsked, leaning down and grabbing my hair in a painful grip. “You shouldn’t be on your knees unless it’s to take my c*oc*k in this pretty little mouth of yours. I won’t take you by f0rce, Little Mouse. That is not my style… but there will come the day that you will willingly want me, and you won’t care if you d*ie in the process.”


Our eyes met and for a moment I felt like he was trying to figure out what I was thinking. ThenThat cold, dangerous aura of his returned. “For now, you can make yourself useful. Go to the kitchens and get me my breakfast.” He said coldly, his gaze dipping down.

“y-yes Alpha Prince. R-right away.’” I replied with a vigorous nod that made my neck hurt. He paused at the door, looking over me again.

My heart was thundering as his gaze fell on my br3asts, and terror returned with a vengeance.

My only consolation was that he said he won’t f0rce me… Would he uphold that?

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