His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 03

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Novel (Evangeline And Zedkiel)

Chapter 03


“Yes, so I a*s*sume you have potential women lined up for him?” Alpha Aeron asks.

“Yes, ones that will make ideal Lunas.” Grandmother Philomena replies.

My stomach sinks further and my eyes burn viciously. My heart is thundering as I silently back away from the slightly ajar door. Why is she so hateful towards me? Didn’t she like me?

But it makes no sense, she has never let on anything of the sort, that she isn’t happy with me… Unless she saw how Sinclair cares for me.

I want love… But who am I kidding? Sinclair, the man I love, is out of my league. After all, he is the future Alpha of the Silver Mountain Pack.

Sinclair is the one who found me in that town that fateful night, one dark, snowy night. He had been out hunting with his father, Alpha Aeron when they had stumbled upon the blood-ridden town. Sinclair had caught sight of me when they had tried to look for survivors, walking along with no memories of what happened or where I was.

I only knew one thing, and that was my name. Evangeline. Sinclair was only thirteen at the time, and I had been around eight… When he found me, I was covered in blood, clutching a teddy. From the bod*ies, they realised they were all humans, so they had quickly got me out of there before the police showed up.

I was lucky enough to be brought back to safety with them and even luckier that the Alpha decided to adopt me, although I was just an Omega. Sinclair had lost his mother and younger brother only a few months prior to that night, and so the Alpha had thought he could use the company and decided to adopt me.

I always admired him and wanted to make him proud growing up, but that soon changed into more…

I place a hand on my thundering heart, suddenly feeling very alone when I realise I am about to lose the only family I have. Lose the only life I have known.

Alpha Aeron will make sure I am gone… Maybe it’s best I leave before then.

How could I be so foolish? Obviously, Grandmother Philomena wants only the very best for her grandson. After all, he is the only heir and the future Alpha. Only an Alpha-blood female will be fit for Luna since he never found his chosen mate… He can’t just have anyone, let alone someone like me.

Goddess, I am so stupid!

I brush the tears that threaten to spill from my eyes away as I turn, hurrying down the hall. I don’t want to return to that party anymore.

I run into the back garden, staring down at the water in the fountain, my heart racing rather fast.

The weather is cool, and the moon is shining, but I feel devastated.

I didn’t think the day could get any worse, but it just did.

“Evangeline.” I freeze as I realise who just called me, and I’m not sure if I should turn.


I turn, knowing it will be disobeying my future Alpha if I don’t. So I turn slowly and gaze up into his handsome face, trying not to let my anguish show. Is the Moon Goddess out to get me? Not only did I lose one family, but now two. And now I will be removed from the one man I want with every fibre of my being. Is she trying to break me, because I can a*s*sure her right now there is nothing else left to break.

He tilts his head, and those se*xy eyes observe me.

“Is something wrong? What is it, Angel?” He asks, using the pet name that gets to me every time…

I open my mouth, wanting to tell him what was said inside when I remember Grandmother Philomena’s words. I observe Sinclair intently, not missing the way his eyes flicker to my br*asts.

I like him too… and I would love to be a part of his life, but there can be nothing between us… Now that I can’t even shift, I really am of no use… It would be selfish of me to even beg that of him.

“Nothing’s wrong.” I mumble quietly. I realise this is the first time I’ve lied to him.

His eyes narrow calculatingly before he reaches down and caresses my cheek.

“Are you sure?” He asks, stepping closer. My heart is racing as his gaze travels to my lips.

“Yeah…” I reply, trying my best not to back away. His hand doesn’t move from my cheek, his touch makes my body react.

“You’re lying to me.” He says quietly in a raspy voice as he leans in closer, his gaze dipping to my lips.

“Sinclair…” I whisper softly, as he cups my face.

I know we shouldn’t… not after what I just heard inside.

He doesn’t respond, his lips press against mine in a tender, deep kiss that steals my breath away. I gasp, daring to place my hands on the much taller man’s chest.

Sinclair is kissing me… I should make him stop, but I can’t bring myself to push him away.

The kiss that starts off gentle suddenly becomes hungrier and rougher. I feel him throb against me. I tense, only for him to plunge his tongue into my mouth, and it is at this moment that fear envelops me. His hold becomes tighter, painful even, and I’m no longer enjoying this.

I f0rce myself back, unable to stop myself from pushing his chest, with what little strength I have. He stares down at me with his blazing eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, his voice sounding almost harsh.

“You were late, you promised me.” I murmur. His eyes flicker dark, his jaw clenching. “Sinclair..I–” I try to speak, yet words fail me as the look on his face turns darker.

I shake my head, feeling scared, and I step back, my heart thundering.

For a moment, I don’t recognise the man before me. “I asked you a question. What is wrong, Evangeline?”

He is looking at me with an animalistic hunger that was so different from the Sinclair I knew…

“It’s nothing-“

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” He asks, sounding frustrated.

I shake my head, making his frown deepen.

“No, I mean! It is… it was… but- but don’t you need to take a Luna of Alpha blood?” I ask quietly.

He raises an eyebrow.

“And? What’s that got to do with you?” he snaps angrily, making me flinch.

It would have hurt less if he had just been slapped, as realisation dawns on me.

He just wants me for my body… a toy. Exactly what Celia said. A side b*tch. One to worship his c*oc*k when his Luna couldn’t be bothered. Nothing more and nothing less. Why did I think there was more? Why did I believe he would want me for more than what my body could offer? I am just something to use to him now.

Grandmother Philomena is wrong… This is nothing more than just s*e*x for him. Alpha’s need strong Lunas, but they enjoy submissive Omegas…

“Evangeline, you’re an Omega. Your body is made for me, and all I’m doing tonight is making you mine.” My eyes lift to his, and he steps closer to me, his hands reaching for me.

His! For so long I wanted to be his, wanted him to be mine. But not like this…

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