Fated To The Alpha N Chapter 282

Fated To the Alpha by Jessica Hall

Chapter 282: Eziah POV

Something was happening. The moment Kyan’s magic latched onto her, she jolted. A cold rush moved through me, and her eyes bled black. She smiled. The look on her face was eerie like she was looking straight through me. Jonah refused to let me go to her, and I was a second away from blasting him with my magic as she spoke to something, agreeing with it while Kyan tried to coax her out of whatever state she was in.

He looks at her worriedly, whispering to her to ignore the voices. I couldn’t hear anything, but it was clear she could. Black tendrils writhed all over her exposed skin.

Thunder and lightning streaked the sky and rumbled loudly, cracking like a whip and igniting the sky in streaks of light.

Kyan spoke calmly when blood started to stream from her eyes, nose, and ears, his voice growing higher when he suddenly bit her. Sank his teeth into her neck, remarking her, her eyes flickered, and my heart jolted in my chest.

She blinks rapidly, and Kyan rips his head back. His eyes had turned white, like a storm was brewing within the depths, darkness emanated out of them yet never breached the barrier held by the ruins, black fog creeped along the edges of the coffin before smothering it and obscuring it along with their hands.

Kyan murmured words I could not understand, but the power I could feel was electrifying, truly showing how much power the Octavians had, and I gulped.

That realization I had been prodding and poking the beast suddenly seemed foolish as his lips moved too fast. Kyan had the power to destroy me.

Kyan was right, magic should not be played with, and the power he was using was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Otherworldly and ancient, and for the first time, I witnessed darkness glow.

It was the only way I could describe it, and Mara’s eyes flickered between black and white as he channeled the shadows from her. Kyan gasped, stumbling back like a f0rce field had hit him.

Mara collapsed on the ground beside the coffin, and I rushed forward to help. Only the moment I tried to run through the ruins, I was blown backward. Tossed through the air, and I crashed into something hard behind me, only to find it was Jonah as he took the brunt of the impact.

Electricity zapped around the rocks, lightning repeatedly hitting them as Kyan stood. Only when he did I blink rapidly, unable to believe my eyes when ghostly figures suddenly stood inside with them, hundreds of translucent shadow people stood within, goosebumps rose on my arms. As his eyes moved to the coffin, like he was in a trance or maybe just focused.

Yet the look on his face was demonic, his body completely obscured as the shadows wrapped around him, leaving only his neck up visible.

Engulfing him as his hands lifted outward, he tilted his head toward the sky, and my heart nearly stopped in my chest when the air stilled abruptly. Like time froze, and we had hit the center of a storm.

Seconds felt like hours as I got to my feet and ambled m y way closer when light engulfed my vision like the worst welding flash. The lightning hit the d**d center of his chest, blue streaks of light flickered within the shadows, and his entire body jolted. Jonah whimpered behind me at the same time Kyan’s hands slammed down on the coffin lid.

“Morte, leto stat hora, tuo more silent, umbrae sub luna tegunt, sub lunaque latent, nec nisi lunae possunt surrexere umbrae,” kyan spoke, his voice echoing around us.

As he uttered the last word, lightning hit the coffin, the power erupted outside the ruins flattening the trees on the outer parts of the clearing and creating a circle. The lightning then bounced off the ruins, etching runes into the rock as Jonah and I were knocked off our feet. Sitting up, Kyan’s eyes bled, and he collapsed to the ground.

I hold my breath, and I hear a gasp beside me, I turn to see Jonah staring with wide eyes at his mates. They both sit up stunned, and the air turns stagnant yet also charred. The power charge drops, and Kyan shakes his head before he gasps, reaching for Mara, who was staring vacantly to the side of them. Her lips part, and her gasp of shock was audible. I followed her gaze to see the lid on the coffin wide open.

Marabella POV

My body felt supercharged yet hollow as Kyan took Dominic’s magic from me, it was like a void opened inside me and what was once there was no longer part of me. It felt foreign, and I didn’t realize how much I would miss it, like a piece of me was stolen. That piece was Dominic.

Kyan, however, gasped, like he was struggling to breathe and I sat up. The night was silent, so the slightest noise sounded loud as the moon beamed down on us.

Kyan was jittery, and I know it was from taking on too much power. Fear coursed through me as I felt it tearing into him, and he reached for me; his body shook like he was convulsing, his muscles taut, but the tingles from his touch warmed the hollow, cold feeling inside me.

Dazed, I looked around before my lips part as I noticed the lid on the coffin was wide open, the runes no longer glowed, and I couldn’t tear my gaze away.

My heart thumped in my chest. This was the moment, the moment to see if I was right. But what if I was wrong? Doubt crept in, and pain panged through me, knowing how much that would destroy Kyan.

Kyan sighs beside me, clutching my face in his hands and pressing his forehead against mine. He lets out a shaky breath. “You’re alright,” he whispers, his hands trembled as he tried to contain the magic writhing through him, and I place my hands on his.

“I’m fine, but Kyan,” I whisper, turning my head back to the open coffin. He turns his head, looking in the same direction.

“It worked!” he ch*oked, his shaking becoming worse. I ch*oked on my laugh. It worked, it worked, we opened the coffin.

Kyan stares at it but doesn’t move like he was too scared to go over there and have his hope crushed. I s*****w, feeling his burning curiosity yet also caution. Hope and longing bled into me through the bond, but also sadness, sadness for everything his father missed but hope that he could have him back.

Standing, I get to my feet, and I see Jonah and Eziah out of the corner of my eye moving toward us. I tug on Kyan’s hand, but he shakes his head, his eyes turning glassy.

I smile sadly and let his hand go. I wander over to the coffin, and Kyan clears his throat, making me glance back at him to see him rise to his feet, he f0rces himself to take a step toward me, and I hold my hand out to him.

He takes it, and I give it a squeeze. We move toward the coffin, and I hold my breath as I look inside. Kyan croaks on a sob. His knees go weak as he stumbles forward, clutching the suit his father wore. Tears streamed down my face as he clutched his father’s body.

We found no bones but a man, a man I had tried to envision for months. Photos did him no justice. He looked peaceful, his eyes closed. He should have been bones and dust, but inside, his father was perfectly intact. He looked alive, just asleep.

The similarities between Kyan and the man tha tspent years in my head were uncanny. They could p@ssas twins, only his father a little older, his features were graceful like Kyan’s, his black hair held no greys, and his skin smooth. Jonah and Eziah, I see, move closer, and I hold up my hand, telling them to stay where they are as Kyan breaks into a million pieces.

His heart and soul cried for the man he thought he would never see again, a little boy crying for his father. Kyan strokes his father’s face, and I step closer, placing my hand on his back as he shakes.

“Now, let’s bring him home,” I whisper, peering up at the moon. It was nearly time, this was our chance, and despite his emotion, he couldn’t waste it. I wouldn’t let him.

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