Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 980

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 980 Difficult To Make A Decision

Crystal’s POV:

Soon after my video chat with the Beta of my pack ended, I retired to our room to have dinner with Arron.

When I entered, he was in the middle of frantically ripping off the bandage from his head. With a frown, I walked over to him.

“Honey, didn’t I say that you don’t need to bandage when you are alone here?”

“Mommy, I’m just practicing how to bandage myself.” A little embarra*s*sed, Arron swiftly took off the bandage from his face.

I looked at him suspiciously, feeling somehow terrible about this. Arron stammered and seemed to be guilty of doing something bad.

I helped him put away the bandage. When I walked to the window, I found that there were small footprints on its frame.

Taking a glance at Arron, who had been avoiding eye contact with me, I asked, “Did you sneak out today?”

Arron kept silent for a while before lowering his head. “I’m sorry, Mommy. I went out for a while, but I didn’t go too far,” he apologized in a low voice.

All of a sudden, my heart softened. I wrapped my arms around him and immediately comforted, “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to blame you. I just think that you shouldn’t climb the window next time you want to go out. It’s dangerous. What if you fall?”

It was all my fault that I had been neglecting Arron these past few days. He had probably been very upset when I didn’t let him go out of this room.

Thinking of this, I felt even guiltier. I caressed his head and said softly, “We can go home after a few more days.” Hearing my words, Arron smiled again and nodded obediently. “I know, Mommy. Don’t worry. I will be a good boy and I won’t climb the window again.”

Arron’s stomach growled as he spoke.

I burst into laughter. “Are you hungry? Come on. Let’s go and have dinner.”

A servant had already served our dinner. I led Arron to the table and set the plate and utensils for him.

At this time, an invitation on the table caught my eyes. It wasn’t there before, so I asked Arron where it came from.

He frowned again and said nervously. “A servant brought it here just now.”

I raised my eyebrows and didn’t ask more. When I unfolded the card, and saw my name scrawled on it, but it was misspelled.

I laughed after recognizing that it was Beryl’s handwriting. Then, I asked Arron directly, “Did Beryl come here just now?”

Only Beryl would dare to use Rufus’ seal for trivial things. I didn’t know what the little girl was thinking. Why did she send me this invitation secretly? Did she know something?

Arron pursed his lips and studied me intently. After determining that I was not upset, he finally said, “Yes. It was Beryl who climbed the window earlier. She told me not to tell you.”

I patted Arron’s head and said, “I know. I didn’t mean to blame you.”

Thinking of it now, I realized that only Beryl would climb a window. Arron had always been obedient and wouldn’t easily do something out of line—except when he was with Beryl.

My son breathed a sigh of relief and started digging into his meal.

While sitting on the opposite side of the table, I took a good long look at the invitation. I felt funny in my heart. Beryl was still the same girl as before. She might appear distant to me, but I could tell that deep down, she still wanted to be close to me. Despite her wild and unpredictable behavior, she was actually extremely careful and sensitive in most situations.

“Are you going to the ball, Mommy?” Arron finished his bite and asked curiously. “It seems that Beryl really wants you to go to the ball.”

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