Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 884

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 884 Mature

Crystal’s POV:

After firing the nanny, I took Arron to the city hall for a meeting. Then I asked my subordinate to search for Beryl and keep an eye on her.

Before the meeting, I placed a child’s chair next to me and made Arron sit on it. Several of the elders noticed his cute face during the meeting and often turned their heads to get another look at him. They really adored him. Arron was very obed*ient. He didn’t make any noise. His curious eyes were wide open as he listened to us with rapt attention the whole time. He was more composed and focused than the adults.

The meeting finally ended two hours later. I took out a cream cheese stick from my bag to reward him.

“Thank you, Mom,” he said with a smile as he took it from me elegantly.

“You’re welcome.” I ruffled his hair and lifted him from the chair.

At this time, one of my men came to us and curiously asked, “Alpha, do you want to hire a new nanny?”

I hesitated for a moment and glanced at Arron. He shot me a lovely smile. His front two teeth looked healthy and white.

My heart softened and I refused, “No, I’m going take care of them myself.”

I was usually extremely busy with government affairs, leading to an excessive reliance on the nanny. The care of my children was neglected, and this circumstance allowed a villain into their lives.

I was responsible for Beryl’s suffering. I didn’t know Perry’s true nature at that time and I shouldn’t have blamed her.

When I found her back, I would make it up to her and make her favorite matcha-flavored donuts with my own hands.

After I made this decision, I noticed that Arron was chuckling. I couldn’t help laughing with him. I knew this was the right decision.

However, I found it funny that Arron was just like Rufus. Arron had said nothing when Beryl was present. But seeing someone b*ull*y her, he was eager to defend her.

Although they constantly bickered with each other and Beryl always seemed to pick on Arron, I knew they had a deep bond. Arron loved Beryl very much and she loved him just as much.

As I stud*ied Arron’s delicate face, I couldn’t stop my mind from turning to Rufus. Arron looked so much like him that I couldn’t help but be reminded of him every time I looked at our son.

Time didn’t reduce my love for him. Over the years, I missed Rufus even more.

I often saw some news about him on the Internet. He was living a good life and managing the entire empire in an orderly fashion. Perhaps leaving him was the right decision.

Maybe I would read the news about his marriage several years down the line, but it was none of my business anymore.

Noticing the drop in my mood, Arron gently tugged my hand and asked, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”

When I snapped back to the present, I lowered my head and met his eyes. Holding his finger, I said, “Nothing. I was just thinking about how I’ll apologize to Beryl. Today’s incident was completely my fault.”

“I’m sure Beryl won’t be angry anymore,” Arron replied, trying to comfort me.

“But she hasn’t returned yet.” I was a little dispirited. I hadn’t received any news about Beryl from the people I had sent to look for her. Although the pack was safe now and the residents were kind, ensuring that Beryl wouldn’t get lost, I still wanted to find her and apologize to her instantly.

“Mom, don’t worry. Beryl will be back soon!” Arron grasped my hand, trying to cheer me up.

I glanced out the window. It was almost dusk. If she didn’t get back soon, darkness would fall. I was worried. I touched Arron’s little head and asked, “Do you know where Beryl likes to go when she is angry?”

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