Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 979

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 979 A Daily Quarrel

Beryl’s POV:

I wouldn’t risk him knowing about what went around my mind, so I diverted our conversation and cracked a smile. “So, Mommy still loves me more.”

Irked with my declaration, the little monster immediately shouted in anger, “No! Mommy loves me more than you, naughty girl!”

I snorted and didn’t back down. There was no argument that I had retreated from. “Why are you so worked up? I didn’t say that Mommy doesn’t love you. I’m just saying she loves me more.”

“Well, she loves us both the same. It’s fair now.” It seemed he was only helping himself feel much better; he looked dejected. His voice was muffled, as if he was only convincing himself that it was a fact.

How he was wheedling himself was funny to me. I thought he would always let me have my way. It turned out that he was as stubborn as an old man when it came to these situations.

But I was more self-willed than he was. When Mommy was already involved, there was no way I would let him win!

“I beg to disagree. Mommy loves me more!” I sported a wry expression and made him see it, just for the expense of pissing him even more.

Tears glistened on his eyes against the smugness that was painted on my face. For a second, I thought he was going to bawl his eyes out.

However, the next second, he proved to me how good of an actor he was. He burst into laughter, catching me off guard, all while tears still streamed down his face. This little monster! Right when I thought I had the upper hand, he conceded. “You’re so childish, Beryl. Fine, I get it now. Mommy loves you more. After all, you got hit in the head. I bet that’s how you became a little fool.”

I stamped my feet in anger. “Stop making fun of me, or I’ll tell on you for being mean to me!”

“Go ahead. You used to do that all the time, and I’m used to it now.” The little monster’s eyes and brows curved as he looked at me with a smile, challenging me to take on his advice. His calm demeanor against my boiling anger made me look like the bad guy. That was even more irritating.

I felt like exploding, but before I did, I turned my head away. Besides, I was at loss for words, not knowing how to get back at him. It seemed to me that both my annoyance and compet*itiveness didn’t get through to him by letting me have my way, which was actually maddening. Yet somehow, there was an inkling of happiness lingering within me. I couldn’t deny the fact that I actually enjoyed his company and felt a sense of closeness even though we argued a lot.

He suddenly pulled two small stools for us to sit on. As he did, his nice-brother persona surfaced. “Beryl, let’s not fight anymore. Would you instead solve the puzzle with me?”

I shook my head without second thoughts. I motioned towards the bandages. “I’m more interested in your appearance. Why are you wearing bandages anyway? Can you take those off and let me have a look?”

He deliberated for a moment before finally saying, “No. Mommy has told me that I can’t do that.”

“But why?” I began to doubt if he was indeed an ugly creature under those wraps. I had always believed that he was one of my family, but now hesitation had found its way inside me through that crack of doubt. Mommy and Daddy were both good-looking, and I was pretty, so to me, it just didn’t sit right with me how they could have a son who was hideous. I couldn’t have a hideous brother!

I caressed my face before extending my arm to touch his. His face was thin under my touch. To me, there was nothing that could possibly scream about us being twins. While I pondered about how we could possibly be twins, he muttered awkwardly, “I really can’t take the bandages off… because I don’t know how to wrap them back.”

I looked at him as if he was the stupidest boy I had ever laid my eyes on. “I can help you wrap them back in the same way. Mommy will definitely not find out. You don’t want me to see your face; is it because you’re lying to me?”

“Of course not!”

“Then is it because you’re really ugly?”

“No, that’s also not it.” The little monster pouted. He turned his back on me and refused to look straight into my eyes. What was it that he was pulling on me right now?

“Then just let me have a look. I really wanna see your face.” I kept pestering him about what was under those bandages. The more that he was being so apprehensive, the more curious I grew. I got close to him and blinked innocently, trying to relay that it was alright and we would never get caught.

He looked at me and thought for a long time before sighing. It meant he agreed! “Well, you can have a look, but you have to help me wrap them back before Mommy catches us.”

“No problem.” I nodded almost too accommodatingly and quickly reached out to take the bandages off his face.

The bandages took their time in falling off one by one; his smooth and fair chin was the first to be exposed. I was nervous yet expectant as I stared at him. I was halfway into taking the bandages when a familiar female voice rang from outside.

It was Mommy, and she was calling out to Arron. That was the little monster’s name!

The sound of her footsteps were getting closer, and she was close to finding us! My heart hammered against my chest, not because I was about to see my twin’s face, but because we’re about to get caught red-handed.

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