Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 972

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 972 Try Hard To Recall

Laura’s POV:

Faced with Rufus’ inquiring eyes, I took the stance of a mother again and said in a nagging voice, “It’s only because you won’t find a mate and have a child. All my friends already have grandchildren. And you? You don’t even have a girlfriend. At such an old age, I still have to worry about this matter for you every day.”

Rufus was at a loss for words and he colored a little.

I scoffed and continued, “Of course we’ll have to invite Crystal to the ball, since we extend the invitation all the Alphas. But I’m not certain if she will come or not. That’s her choice then. We can’t f0rce anyone to attend this ball.”

In fact, I was sure Crystal would not attend the ball. She was doing everything in her power to avoid Rufus. Why would she come to the party thrown by him?

Rufus didn’t continue the topic. In an indifferent voice, he said, “I’ll leave this matter to you, mother.”

I nodded and calmly picked up my phone, asking my subordinate to come and plan the ball with me.

Soon, he arrived bearing a stack of delicate invitation letters in his hands. I gave him the guest list and asked him to start addressing the invitations.

Then I handed a few blank invitations to Rufus, in case he required them.

After we were done with the invitations, I instructed my people to deliver them to the representatives of all the packs. That concluded the ball arrangements.

“I’ve also ordered someone to create a mask for you. You can try it on later.” After deciding on the food menu, I turned around and looked at Rufus, who had been quietly sitting on the sofa. He was just as obedient as Arron. The scene was similar to one from Rufus 1 childhood. He always sat in one place quietly and waited for me when I was occupied.

My heart softened. I asked him, “Do you have any other pending work tonight? Would you like to have dinner with me?”

“Sure,” he instantly agreed and came closer to me to go over the ball arrangements with me.

He suddenly shot me a glance and commented, “You seem to be familiar with the process of planning such a ball?”

Without thinking, I automatically said, “It’s not my first time. I’d thought of many things just to get you married, and I also held a similar ball. You were not willing…”

I suddenly realized that I’d said something I shouldn’t have halfway through my explanation.

I inwardly screamed, and was instantly filled with regret and anxiety. Crystal was also at that ball, and Rufus ‘ wasn’t supposed to remember any of that! Gosh, I was stupid!

I looked up and scrutinized him. As expected, he was scowling as he struggled to recall the ball I had just mentioned.

“You held a similar ball for me before? I can’t recall such a thing at all.”

“Don’t dwell on it if you can’t recall it,” I hastily interrupted him. I was afraid that he would actually remember something.

He ignored me and asked, “When was it?”

“Several years ago. It’s natural for you to have forgotten about it.” In an effort to distract him, I quickly spread out the thick palace blueprint and asked him to pick a banquet hall for the ball.

He didn’t even give it any consideration. He just randomly pointed at one banquet hall, which turned out to be the same one where I had held the ball for him before.

I numbly rolled up the blueprint and pretended that I didn’t see where he had pointed. I would decide on the venue later, and this time without him.

“So why I don’t remember anything?” Rufus seemed to be trying hard to recall the past, and his face was slightly contorted in pain.

“Don’t dwell on it now. It was just a small ball. You have attended numerous parties over the years. Do you remember each and every one of them?” I was a little agitated and did my best to stop Rufus from remembering anything.

He pursed his lips tightly, still sifting through his memories, and said, “But even if I can’t remember any details, it’s impossible that I have zero memory of it.”

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