Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 852

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 852 Greedy Monsters

Sylvia’s POV:

Perhaps it was because of my imposing manner that the guards didn’t dare to delay any longer. They stopped protesting and hurried to report this to Laura.

“As for you two, I need you to go to the forbidden forest and find a specific kind of poisonous snake. It’s purple, about the length of a baby’s arm, and there are green scales above its eyes. Cutting the tail of the snake and smashing it. It can detoxify the lycan king.”

I turned to the two remaining two guards and ordered them to look for the snake Noreen had described. The two guards probably heard the rumor that the lycan king was dead, but the truth had been concealed. Now that they heard that the lycan king was still alive and there was even a cure, their eyes lit up and they hurried to the forbidden forest to look for the snake.

Meanwhile, I rushed inside the palace with Rufus as fast as I could.

Harry followed me in and asked worriedly, “Why don’t you want to call the doctor? Prince Rufus looks really unwell…”

I carefully laid Rufus on the bed and pulled the quilt over him. Then I turned to look at Harry and said, “Like I said, I’ll explain everything later. You should try to get some rest. I can tell you’re exhausted. You haven’t had proper sleep in days, am I right? Don’t worry about Joanna. She’ll be released from prison in a few days.”

Harry’s eyes darted from the unconscious Rufus in bed to me. “Are you sure you don’t need my help?” “I’ll call if I need anything.”

“Well, alright then. I’ll go back first. Be sure to call me, okay?”

Harry decided against insisting and quickly left.

Minutes later, Laura arrived, breathless. She seemed to have just been awakened, looking both worried and groggy.

“Sylvia, what happened?” Laura grabbed my hand anxiously.

Before I could answer, her eyes landed on Rufus, who was lying in bed, unconscious. She rushed to his side in a panic and asked, “What… What’s wrong with Rufus? Is he hurt?”

I waved my hand, motioning for the others to leave the room silently. Then I closed the door and walked over to the bed.

Laura’s eyes were filled with worry. “Sylvia, why haven’t you called a doctor?

“Your Majesty, a doctor will be of no use to us. Can’t you see? There are no wounds on Rufus’ body.” I lowered my eyes and tried to keep my breath steady. Even if everything had gone to sh*t now, I had to keep cool and level-headed.

Laura frowned in disbelief. “Then why is there blood on his collar? There’s also some blood at the corners of his mouth. Is it an internal injury?”

I kept silent for a while to gather my bearings. “I suppose you could call it that, but it can’t be cured medically.”

Laura was stunned and looked up at me expectantly, waiting for me to explain. 

“Rufus is cursed,” I said through gritted teeth, clenching my fists so tightly my knuckles turned white.

Laura’s lips parted slightly and she slumped into the chair, as though her soul had left her body. “Cursed? But I thought the curse on him was already removed…”

I took a deep breath and reached up to bit the tip of my finger until it bled. Then I unb*ttoned Rufus’ collar and let the blood trickle onto the back of his neck.

Now, Laura could also see the pattern of black thorns on Rufus’ back. I had learned about this method when I received my mother’s inheritance book previously, but it was only a temporary remedy. In fact, it could only last three minutes.

Laura covered her mouth and gasped in shock. “Oh, my God! What is this? What is this horrible pattern on my son’s back?”

“This is the curse I was talking about. Do you see the tips of the thorns? They’ve almost pierced through Rufus ‘ neck.”

As I spoke, I couldn’t stop my voice from trembling. The black thorns were like living, breathing monsters, attacking Rufus from the inside. They greedily drank his blood, ate his flesh, and now, they finally wanted to take his life.

I gingerly touched Rufus’ neck and felt the thumping of the artery beneath his skin. It was thumping to the beat of my heart. If his heart stopped beating one day, my heart would probably stop, too.

“God! Is Noreen behind this? Only she can think of such a cruel curse!” Laura was furious.

At this point, I couldn’t stop my tears any longer. They rolled down my cheeks slowly as I spoke. “I’m really sorry, but I’m the one who caused this curse.”

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