Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 854

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 854 Conviction

Sylvia’s POV:

Laura frowned. “And then?”

“Then, no one is allowed to remind Rufus of my existence.” I told Laura about my plan. It was a bit of a challenge to put into action, but I was out of options.

However, Laura didn’t think it would work. “It’s too difficult. It’s hard to keep their mouths shut. Although you and Rufus haven’t held a wedding, your relationship with him is known to the public, and now you are pregnant with his child. Besides, you’ve made significant contributions to the royal military. You’re well-known and well-liked by many. If you fake your death, people will still talk about you.”

I had already come up with a solution. “That’s why you should convict me. For instance, tell everyone that I was guilty of treason. That’s a state crime, and it should work.”

“Please give this some serious consideration, Sylvia. Being convicted of treason is not a joke. You might never be able to step into the imperial capital and see Rufus again,” Laura said to me in evident surprise.

“I know that.” I lowered my eyelids and felt a slight tinge of pain in my heart. When I made this decision, I already knew the consequences.

In the end, all I could do was retreat into the shadows and watch Rufus from a distance. Maybe he’ll meet someone new and start a family with her. Everything would be well for the rest of his life, and he would be respected and loved by everyone. Everything he knew about me, including my ident*ity, would become a part of his history. I was never going to be part of his future. It just wasn’t meant to be.

As I thought of a future without any connection to him, tears began to well up in my eyes.

“Sylvia, is there really no other option?” Laura sighed helplessly.

“No. I’ve been trying to find a way to break the curse for quite some time now. This is the only way to completely remove it without hurting him.” I sniffed back my tears, tried my best to calm down before lifting my gaze up to Laura.

After remaining silent for a few seconds, she finally said, “If that’s the case, then we have no choice. As for the conviction, I still need time to consider it. I don’t want to destroy your life. You are still so young, and I want you to live a good life.”

When I heard this, my tears finally burst out profusely. Even with the baby inside me as my main source of comfort and joy, my life would still be incomplete without Rufus.

So it didn’t matter whatever the future had in store for me.

I stead*ied myself with a long breath and a stern gaze at Laura. “Please don’t hesitate anymore. Rufus can’t wait any longer.”

For a few long seconds, Laura stared at me with her lips pinched together before finally asking, “Do you already have an idea on how we should do this?”

I nodded, wiped my tears, and said calmly, “Noreen originally arranged for the two people in the dungeon to frame me for murdering the lycan king. All you need to do is put the blame on me.”

“This is high treason, and you would be put on the pillar of humiliation for good. You would be ostracized and despised by everyone for the rest of your life.” I can feel Laura’s sympathy towards me.

“But this is also the most reasonable and fastest way. You don’t have to find other ways to convict me. Right now, Rufus doesn’t have much time left. If I delay any longer, I’m afraid he would be in danger. Aside from that, Noreen is a ticking time bomb. No one knows what tricks she has up her sleeve. That woman is despicable and cunning,” I said with sheer hatred.

“Damn her! If it weren’t for that evil witch, we wouldn’t have all these problems right now.” Laura hated Noreen to the c*ore at the mere mention of her.

“By the way, I have found the source of the poison. I have instructed the guards to search for the snake which could also be used as the cure. Soon, the lycan king will be awakened.”

A sigh of relief crossed Laura’s face as she said, “I’ve heard from them. You deserve all the credit for this, but now you’re going to be a sinner of the empire…”

She sighed deeply and exclaimed, “This is so cruel!”

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