Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 41

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears


Jennifer’s POV:

Daniel and I went to a restaurant for dinner. We sat by the window and watched the crowd outside.

“Daniel, this is really delicious. You should try it.” After the waitress placed our food on the table, I gently pushed a plate of General Tso’s C hicken in Daniel’s direction.

“All right. I will.” Daniel used his fork to take a bite of chicken. “You’re right. It’s really good.”

However, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic. After a few more bites, he stopped eating and asked, “What’s going on between you and Mr. Jones?”

He looked nervous and hopeful at the same time as if he was waiting for me to say that my relationship with Anthony wasn’t anything to worry about. I could only wordlessly look back at him because I didn’t know how to explain my relationship with Anthony. But then, his face suddenly scrunched up in pain.

“Daniel?” I immediately got to my feet.

Daniel opened his mouth; but instead of words, blood spilled from his lips. His body started convulsing.

I rushed to his side and wrapped my arms around him. My hands became stained red. I then noticed that something was off about his blood. After scrutinizing it, I realized that it was unusually shiny.

Oh my God! There must have been silver powder in the chicken! Silver was deadly for werewolves. Almost every werewolf knew what would happen to them if they happened to come into contact with it.

With a trembling hand, I dialed the number of the nearest hospital. After successfully calling for an ambulance, I hastily wiped the blood that dripped from the corner of Daniel’s mouth.

“Daniel, try to spit it all out…”

Daniel kept his gaze locked with mine until the ambulance arrived. His eyes were filled with tears by the time he was rolled into an operating room.

The light over the door to the operating room switched on. The doctor and nurses were busy saving him inside.

“Hurry up. The patient needs to have his stomach pumped…”

I suffered every minute I spent waiting for the operation to be over. I was the one who offered the chicken to Daniel. The poison must have been meant for me, but instead, it was Daniel who nearly died.

I waited outside the operating room with my arms crossed. I felt both scared and guilty. What if Daniel ended up dying because of me? He was my friend, one of the few werewolves who had treated me with kindness since I stepped foot on Marge Island.

Eventually, the door to the operating room slid open. I approached it with a heavy heart and waited nervously for the doctor’s verdict.

“The patient is no longer in critical condition. Fortunately, he didn’t ingest too much silver powder.”

I sighed and crumpled to the floor in relief.

‘Thank you, Daniel. Thank you for staying alive.’


Although Daniel’s life was no longer in danger, he still had yet to wake and he had to be hospitalized. Without hesitation, I took over the responsibility of looking after him. It was my way of paying him back for the time I got hospitalized and he took care of me. Besides, he was currently in this situation because of me.

The restaurant wouldn’t have served food laced with silver powder for no reason. Someone had attempted to poison me. Because Anthony was not on the island, I reported the situation to Carson. He then sent people to investigate the matter. It was a pity that I had to attend training and take care of Daniel, so I couldn’t take part in the investigation.

Since Anthony defended me in public, many of the she-wolves had been hostile towards me. All of them had a reason to hurt me. But my first suspect was Ella because she was the cruelest among them. She was capable of k*il*ling others if she wanted.

If I found evidence that she was responsible for this, I was going to make her pay.

Anthony’s POV:

I went to the Dark River Pack and used my ident*ity as a prince to put pressure on Barbara. In the end, she had no choice but to give me the pearl necklace that she had snatched from Jennifer. Jennifer would be happy to see it again. After all, the necklace had belonged to her mother.

But when I returned to Marge Island that evening, Jennifer was not in the dorm.

One of my attendants rushed over to me.

“Mr. Jones, I have something to report to you.”

The attendant briefly informed me that someone had put silver powder in Jennifer’s food, but it was Daniel who had eaten it by mistake.

My expression darkened.

I had been away for only two days. How could someone come close to k*il*ling Jennifer during that time?

My body felt cold all over as my heart became overset with fear. If Jennifer had eaten that poisoned dish, would I still have been able to see her upon my return?

I hurried to the hospital to look for her.

“Jennifer…” I murmured her name, and my heart overflowed with longing. I missed her so much.

When I arrived at Daniel’s ward, I gently pushed the door open. But the scene before my eyes made me freeze in my steps.

Jennifer was wiping Daniel’s n*ake*d chest with a warm towel.

I was shocked. It took all of my willpower to get my feelings under control. I gently closed the door, took a step back, and then quickly left. I had to leave. Otherwise, I would grab Daniel from his sickbed and throw him out of the ward. I would then press Jennifer down on the bed and teach her a lesson.

I told myself that Jennifer just was looking after Daniel because he was still in a coma. After all, he was in this state because of her. She probably felt responsible for his current condition.

However, on my way back, the image of Jennifer wiping another man’s body would not leave my mind.

“You are too possessive,” Zane remarked.

“I am not. He’s unconscious after all. That’s not enough to arouse my possessiveness.”

“Then why didn’t you enter the ward?”

“Because I trust Jennifer.” I strongly disagreed with Zane. How could I doubt my beloved mate?

Zane wanted to say something else, but the car happened to stop in front of a notice board. The notice board was surrounded by a lot of werewolves, who were talking and discussing. I heard them bring up Jennifer’s and Daniel’s names.

“What are you all looking at?” I rolled down the car window and asked the werewolves outside.

When they saw me, they fell silent. They stepped aside to reveal what was on the notice board. I saw the photos that had been posted.

It was photos of Jennifer and Daniel in the ward, and they looked intimate with each other. In one of the photos, Jennifer seemed to be helping Daniel turn over. But from the angle of the camera, she looked like she was hugging him affectionately.

I knew that I should trust my mate, but when I saw these photos, I became angry.

“I want those photos destroyed immediately!” I ordered.

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