Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 28

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears


Jennifer’s POV:

Had I fallen in love with Prince Anthony? I had to avenge my family. I couldn’t fall in love before getting my revenge. Besides, the gap between our social statuses was too wide. It would be almost impossible for the two of us to be together.

I sighed.

“Mr. Jones, even though you’re unconscious, you still make me suffer,” I muttered.

Under his gentle touch, my body couldn’t help trembling with desire for him. My wolf, Eva, became extremely excited. I had a physiological reaction to his caresses. Tension coiled in my lower body, and a stream of sticky fluid flowed from my p*uss*y down to my thighs.

How obscene!

I closed my eyes and wished that I could find a hole and bury myself into it.

Meanwhile, Anthony seemed to have noticed my body’s reaction to him. In response, he lowered his head to my chest and sucked on my nipples. He teased the little buds on my chest until they hardened into stiff peaks. There was no longer any doubt that my body accepted his attention. In fact, my body almost seemed to crave it. Coincidentally, he was also turned on. My c*rotc*h felt warm and itchy as his large c*oc*k slowly rubbed against it.

“Mr. Jones, can you hear me?” I patted his cheek. “I beg you. Please don’t do this…”

I couldn’t tell if he was conscious or not. I only knew that I was going to lose my mind if he didn’t stop this onslaught of passion.

In the safety and warmth of the cave, we kissed and embraced each other. The prince finally fell asleep in my arms around midnight. Because of his injury and the rain, he was still running a fever. He must be exhausted.

My hands rose to cover my burning cheeks as I looked at his sleeping face. My heart was racing.

What had happened just now felt like a sweet dream.

The next day

Upon waking up, I turned to look at the n*ake*d werewolf lying beside me. I lowered my gaze in embarra*s*sment as memories of last night’s intimacy flashed through my mind. Although we hadn’t actually made love, he had touched my most private part, and I had seen his n*ake*d body. How could I face him from now on?

I was still thinking about this dilemma by the time Anthony woke up. His eyes fluttered open, and he looked at me in confusion.

“Jennifer? Where are we?” He noticed that I was n*ake*d, and then he looked down at himself. “What happened?”

“Yesterday, you took a silver bullet for me and then passed out,” I explained. “I k*il*led the remaining vampires and took you to this cave so that we could hide out for the night. But it rained along the way so we both got drenched. I was afraid that your injury would get worse so I took off your w*et clothing without your permission…”

As I recounted yesterday’s events, my cheeks felt like they were on fire.

“I see.” Fortunately, Anthony didn’t seem to mind my impolite actions. Instead, he nodded approvingly. “You k*il*led all those vampires by yourself? Jennifer, you surprised me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jones.” I moved aside cautiously, grabbed my clothes and put them on. “I should thank you for saving my life, Mr. Jones. Yesterday, if it weren’t for you, I might have died.”

“But you also saved me, didn’t you?” Anthony smiled. “Now, we’re even.”

I got the prince’s clothes and handed them to him. When I saw his half-erect p*enis, I quickly looked away. Last night’s memories flashed once more in my head. My ears felt hot, and my heart started beating fast.

The prince must have noticed something unusual as well because he started coughing awkwardly.

After rummaging through his clothes, he looked at me and asked, “Jennifer… Where is my underwear?”

“I… Well…” My gaze honed in on his arm. I felt so embarra*s*sed that I wanted to scramble up the nearest wall. “Your arm was injured. Because I was in a hurry to find something to bind it with, I tore a part of your clothes and used it to treat the wound. I only noticed later on that I had torn up… your underwear.”

After saying that, I covered my face with my hands in shame. Anthony fell silent.

After a long while, he quietly put on his clothes. He returned to looking like the well-dressed and handsome prince that he was, but I could no longer look him in the eye. If I even glanced at him, I would always be reminded of the fact that he was not wearing any underwear.

I walked to the entrance of the cave and looked outside.

“Mr. Jones, are you feeling better? Once we leave this forest, you should get yourself checked at a hospital. What do you think?”

“I’m fine now.” Anthony stood up. He looked energetic, and his face was no longer pale. “Lycans recover quickly. Although I was shot with a silver bullet, it didn’t hit anything critical, and the bullet went through my arm.”

“But I’m worried about you…” I looked at him sincerely.

“Oh, all right. I’ll go to a hospital after this.”

So, we packed up, left the forest and went to the nearest hospital. Thankfully, the prince didn’t bring up what happened the previous night. I figured it was because he was unaware of what had occurred between us. If he had been fully conscious, he wouldn’t have done that. I wasn’t going to bring the topic up either, so the atmosphere between us gradually returned to normal.

Anthony’s POV:

This morning, when I woke up in the cave, I was surprised to find a n*ake*d Jennifer in my arms. I had no idea of what happened last night until she explained.

Did I do anything to her last night? Since we started getting along these past few days, I came to realize that my feelings for her were getting out of control. I wasn’t sure of what I might do to her if I was half-conscious. I tried my best to recall what happened the previous evening and vaguely remembered some intimate moments. Jennifer’s s*e*xy and attractive body lingered in my mind, which in turn made me feel restless.

However, Jennifer had not even mentioned what happened last night. I couldn’t ask her about it at the risk of embarra*s*sing her.

At Jennifer’s request, we made our way to a hospital in the Red Sun Pack’s territory. I knew my physical condition very well. In fact, there was no need for a comprehensive check-up; but when I saw Jennifer’s worried gaze, I decided to take her advice.

Jennifer did not relax until the doctor confirmed that I had no critical injuries.

“Mr. Jones, I’m so relieved that you’re okay,” she told me with a smile. Her beautiful eyes were wide and bright.

“Shall we take a stroll around the area today?” I suggested. “We can observe the local customs of this pack along the way.” Jennifer looked surprised for a moment, and she happily agreed.

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