Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 320

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 320

Desperate for hydration, Fifi dipped her beak into the wineglass and drank the wine hungrily.

Zachary grimaced. You greedy bird! I haven’t even shared it with Ben before!

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After a few mouthfuls of alcoholic goodness, Fifi burped loudly and collapsed onto the bed beside Charlotte before falling into a drunken slumber.

Zachary got himself a fresh wineglass and helped himself to another two glasses of wine before walking over to watch Charlotte sleep.

Her pallid face was like a knife to the most sensitive depths of his heart, and he told himself to keep his temper in check from now on.

I can’t afford to hurt her yet again!

Leaning forward and planting a light kiss on Charlotte’s forehead, he got up and walked over to the sofa to sleep for the night.

Meanwhile, Raina knocked on the door of the ward, only to receive no reply.

“What’s going on?” Ben asked.

“Mrs. Berry is hospitalized, and now Ms. Windt is ill too. What’s going to happen to the three kids?” Raina asked, frowning. “I wanted to ask Mr. Nacht if he’s going to send anyone over to take care of them, but he’s asleep.”

“Well… I can’t say much regarding this issue,” Ben said hesitantly.

Without Zachary’s orders, he did not have the right to act on his own accord.

After all, those three kids were not Zachary’s, and the last thing Ben wanted was to get on Zachary’s nerves.

However, there was a nagging feeling that he had to take responsibility for the kids’ safety.

“Never mind, let’s just go take a look,” Raina said. “I’ll take the blame if Mr. Nacht demands for an explanation later on!”

“Thank you,” Ben said, patting her shoulder.

However, when Raina arrived at Charlotte’s apartment with two pediatricians, the kids were nowhere to be found.

Panicked, Raina rushed back to the hospital to report the situation to Zachary, only to find him still asleep.

Ben hesitated when he heard Raina’s story. “Did Ms. Windt leave the kids with someone else? Are they with the Browns? If they are, then it’s best to keep quiet about it.”

“That’s true…” Raina said, lowering her head in anxiety. “Shall we talk to Ms. Windt when she wakes up in the morning?”

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

The next morning, Charlotte woke up from her deep slumber abruptly while screaming, “No! Don’t hurt my kids!”

Zachary rushed over and held on tightly to her hand. “You’re safe! Don’t panic!”

Charlotte’s eyes flew open, and Zachary almost took a step back after seeing just how much fear there was in her eyes. “My kids… my kids!” she screamed, huffing and puffing from the effort.

“What’s wrong?” Zachary asked, frowning.

“My kids are gone…” Charlotte cried, grabbing his hands tightly. “Help me, Zachary! My kids are gone…”

Zachary knew that he had no obligation to help since the kids belonged to the Brown family, but he could not help but feel sorry for her.

Seeing that he was hesitant, Charlotte only grew even more anxious. “Please help me!” she begged, as though Zachary was her last hope.

Zachary grimaced and turned around. “Ben!”

Ben rushed in immediately. “Yes, Mr. Nacht?”

“Go and…”

“Why are you stopping me? Let me in!” a voice suddenly rang, cutting Zachary off.

It was Michael Brown, and his voice made Zachary’s heart turn cold.

The logical side of his mind took over, and he yanked his hand away roughly. “They’re not my kids. I don’t have to help you.”

“Y-You…” Charlotte stammered, staring at him in shock.

What the hell did you just say?

They are your kids, for goodness’ sake! You’ll regret not helping them!

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