Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 16

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 16

Zachary’s expression was icy as he brushed past her.

Charlotte stared at his back in a daze. Was he the one who bumped into me earlier?

This is such a wide space, and with four bodyguards by his side at all times, how could he have bumped into me?

Don’t tell me… he did it on purpose?

“Don’t you watch where you’re going, Charlotte?” Wesley roared at her, getting all worked up.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Charlotte pointed to the direction Zachary had disappeared and explained meekly, “It was the President who bumped into me, that’s why I accidentally…”

“You’re even pushing the blame onto…”

“Mr. Holt,” Ben interrupted Wesley and asked coldly, “Are you saying that it’s Mr. Nacht’s fault?”

“No, no, no. I wouldn’t dare…” Wesley hastily explained, “I meant her… no, I meant myself. I’m the one who’s blind.”

“That’s more like it.” Ben nodded with satisfaction, then solemnly reminded, “Watch where you’re going next time, especially in a restaurant. It’s not good to waste food!”

“Understood!” Wesley lowered his head in submission.

Seeing the look of embarra*s*sment on Wesley’s face, Charlotte cheered silently in her heart. This prick has finally run into a snag. He probably won’t dare to har@ssme again from now on!

When Zachary spied the way Charlotte was secretly rejoicing, his lips formed into a faint smile.

His phone rang just when the elevator doors closed, and he picked it up immediately. “Speak.”

“Mr. Nacht, we’ve caught Pardus, but he doesn’t have the chip with him. He’s probably hidden it somewhere else. I’ve used every method to f0rce him into confessing, but he’s remained tight-lipped thus far. We may have to resort to more extreme measures!”

“A man like him has undergone hellish training. t*ortur*e won’t work on him.” Zachary ordered, “Check the surveillance footage at the Grand Plaza and see if he passed it to his accomplices.”

“Yes. I’ll look into it immediately!”

By the time Charlotte got home from work, a scrumptious meal had already been prepared by Mrs. Berry. Soon, the family of five enjoyed their dinner together.

Fifi flapped its wings and perched on Ellie’s shoulder, rubbing its head against Ellie’s chubby cheek.

Ellie fed it a melon s*eed, but it didn’t happily eat it like it usually did. Instead, it shook its head, struggling through a round of hiccups.

Ellie looked at its food tray. Noticing that the food was completely untouched, she anxiously said, “Mommy, Fifi hasn’t eaten anything since last night and keeps having hiccups. Is it sick?”

“What’s wrong?”

Charlotte stroked Fifi’s furry little head, but it looked completely listless.

“Maybe Fifi hasn’t recovered from the shock it went through at the mall the other day?” Mrs. Berry suggested, “Bring it to see the doctor tonight.”

“Mm, we’ll do that.” Charlotte nodded in agreement.

Jamie looked at Fifi and furrowed his brows, hesitating for a while. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out, “Mommy, actually, Fifi ate a gold thingy. That’s why it feels uncomfortable.”

“Gold thingy?” Charlotte blinked in surprise.

“Yeah. It was this big…” Jamie indicated with his fingers. “About the same size as my pinky finger.”

“I don’t think we have a piece of gold like that in our house.” Charlotte was puzzled.

“Not in our house. When we were at the mall, a masked man in black gave it to me…” Jamie explained.

“Have you been watching too much cartoon?” Robbie rolled his eyes at Jamie in an adult-like manner.

“It’s true…”

Jamie quickly recounted the events of that day in detail. By the time he was done, everyone had d*um*bfounded looks on their faces.

“Hahaha…” Mrs. Berry cackled with laughter. “Jamie, your story is really entertaining.”

“See? Too much cartoon.” Robbie rolled his eyes again and continued eating.

“Why don’t any of you believe me…” Jamie’s cheeks were flushed red with anxiety. “Do you believe me, Mommy?”

“I do!” Charlotte filled his plate with more food. “We’ll bring Fifi to see the doctor after we’re done eating, okay?”

“Yeah, let’s bring Fifi to see the doctor first.” Ellie was only concerned about her parrot and not the truth.

Jamie pouted, feeling greatly aggrieved.

After dinner, Charlotte and her three children brought Fifi to the vet. The doctor checked Fifi and said that it was indigestion, probably due to eating something wrong. Hence, the doctor prescribed some medicine to improve its bowel movement.

Jamie pouted and thought to himself, Hmph! When that gold thingy comes out of Fifi, all of you will know that I was telling the truth!

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