Mission To Remarry Chapter 248

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 248

Roxanne continued her work at the research inst*itute the second day after she returned from Bellridge.

When she was away for the past two days, she asked Colby to help with everything.

As a result, he was exhausted. Once they finished their work that night, Roxanne and Colby walked out together.

Colby teased, “Dr. Jarvis, don’t you have any plans to thank me for helping out during your day off?” Hearing that, Roxanne chuckled lightly.

“Of course. Let’s have dinner together since we’re both free tonight.” On the contrary, Colby had asked her out to eat together countless times in the past, but she always turned him down.

Besides, he knew she only thought of him as a colleague, so he didn’t push her anymore after that.

When she brought it up, he understood that she only suggested it to thank him for his help. Immediately, he agreed.

“All right. I’ll take you up on your offer.” Both of them went to get their cars.

After Roxanne got into her car, she sent Lysa a message, telling the latter to fetch Archie and Benny.

Once she had done that, she drove in front of Colby’s car and led the way. She couldn’t think of a good place to eat, so she went to the restaurant she had been to with Larry the last time.

Roxanne parked her car after she reached the entrance of the restaurant. Once Colby arrived, both of them walked into the restaurant.

Since they didn’t make a reservation, it took a while until they managed to order their food. Colby started small talk as they waited for their food to be served.

“I heard you turned Mr. Lynch down during the medical conference when he wanted to accept you as his student.” She smiled.

“Having Professor Lambert as my teacher is already enough for me.

Besides, my research approach differs from that of Mr. Lynch’s, so it’s for the best.” As both of them chatted about what happened at the medical conference, Roxanne’s phone vibrated.

She took it out and looked at it. There was a message from the parents’ group chat. Since Archie and Benny started attending school, Pippa had added her to the group chat.

However, the group had always been quiet, so she wondered what had happened that day.

She clicked into the group chat and saw that it was a message from Pippa. It wrote: Dear parents, the school will hold a tree-planting welfare activity to allow the kids to experience the fun of planting saplings.

It’s going to be an overnight trip.

Feel free to send me a private message if you have any special inquiries. The rest of the messages were from a few parents.

There weren’t any particular inquiries, but most of them asked about the venue, the time of departure, and what to bring.

Pippa answered all of their questions.

The trip was on the coming weekend, and the kindergarten would be responsible for arranging the accommodation.

Every student had to be accompanied by a parent, and they only needed to bring some daily necessities and a change of clothes.

Each student has to be accompanied by a parent, huh… Roxanne thought about Estella.

I guess Lucian or Aubree will accompany her. She didn’t want to meet either of them.

However, if she participated in that activity, they would undoubtedly meet. All the parents of the students in the kindergarten were wealthy, so they knew who Aubree and Lucian were.

Besides, some of them might’ve attended Alfred’s birthday banquet.

I have no idea what the other parents would say and spread around if I get entangled with Aubree and Lucian during the outing.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne couldn’t help but feel a headache coming. Colby sat in front of her and asked about the medical conference.

However, when he didn’t get any response from her after some time, he glanced at her out of.

concern and noticed that she was staring at her phone in a daze. “What’s wrong?” Colby asked.

Slowly, she regained her senses and f0rcefully suppressed the worry in her heart. “It’s nothing. It’s just some activity at the kids’ kindergarten,” she replied, shaking her head and smiling.

Seeing that Roxanne had no intention of saying anything else, he didn’t press on.

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