Mission To Remarry Chapter 170

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 170

Since Alfred’s treatment had come to an end, all that was required next was to prescribe him medication regularly and remind him to take the pills on me.

As such, there was no need for Roxanne to bicad over to the Qucon residence now and then. And non that she had plenty of unc, she spent almost the whole day at the research inst*itute, either handling miscellaneous work or heading to the research facility and joining the other researchers in the research.

As Colby had been working as her a*s*sistant while she was overseas previously, he continued helping her. Needless to say, the two had a great rapport.

That particular day, the two walked out of the

research facility earlier than usual as they had finally achieved a breakthrough in their research.

Colby suggested, “Since we‘ve been so busy for the past few days, why don’t we have a meal together to celebrate?”

Roxanne glanced at the time and apologized, “Let’s do it another day. I still have to pick my kids up.”

It did not seem proper for Colby to insist since Roxanne had given that reason. And so, the two left the research inst*itute and went in separate ways.

Upon getting into the car, Roxanne‘s phone rang again. This time, it was a call from Larry.

“What is it, Larry?”

Larry’s gentle voice rang out from the other end of the line. “Do you have time later? We haven‘t had time to meet up after coming back here. I wonder if I have the honor of having you join me

for a meal, Dr. Jarvis?”

Just as Roxanne wanted to use the same excuse she had given Colby earlier, Larry interrupted, “I‘ve booked a restaurant and am only waiting for you to come over.”

Hearing that, she swallowed her words back. It was true that she was in a rush to pick up the three children, but since Larry was so adamant about having a meal with her, she reckoned it would be inappropriate if she refused any further.

Besides, Larry had offered her a lot of help when she was abroad. No matter what, it did not seem right for her to leave the man all by himself.     “All right. Where are you? I‘ll head over now.” Eventually, she accepted his invitation.

At once, Larry gave her the restaurant’s name and location, almost as though he knew her answer beforehand.

Roxanne promptly agreed.

After concluding the call, she made another call to Catalina, asking the latter to help pick the children up from the kindergarten. With that, she changed her route and headed toward the address Larry provided her.

By the time she arrived, Larry had already waited for her for quite some time.

At the sight of Roxanne, he waved and beckoned her over. Hurrying over and smiling down in the seat opposite his, she said apologetically, “Sorry for the wait.”

Larry smiled. “No worries. Did I disturb you while you were at work earlier?”

Back when they were overseas, Roxanne would often forget about the time because of work. At times, she would even stay up the entire night for work.

Roxanne giggled while shaking her head. “No. I just happened to have ended work earlier today.”

Having said that, she beckoned the waiter and turned to Larry. “Let me treat you to a meal today since I‘m late. Besides, I returned earlier than you, so we‘ll treat this as a welcoming feast for you.”

Larry readily agreed, “Well then, don‘t mind if I do.”

After ordering some food, the two began chatting about work and gradually became engrossed in the conversation.

Al that moment, the restaurant manager marched in, leading a group of people behind him.

Surrounded by men, Lucian had to his head every so often to listen to them talk.

As he happened to turn in a direction, he spotted a familiar silhouelle siling at a table by the window.

His face instantly darkened when he took a second look at the two figures chauing happily.

“Mr. Farwell?” Baffled, someone in the group called him after noticing that he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Lucian’s brows scrunched up as he slowly withdrew his gaze and followed the crowd into a private room.

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