Mission To Remarry Chapter 132

Mission To Remarry

Chapter 132 Let Us Take Care of You

Warmth seeped into Roxanne’s heart at the girl’s reply. Her eyes were red-rimmed, but a smile was on her face.

At the sight of the two, even Lucian’s heart was melting. He had to take in a deep breath before uttering, “Let’s eat first.”

It was then Roxanne let go of the girl and blinked away her tears. With a smile, she said, “Yes, let’s eat first.”

Then, recalling the mess in the kitchen, she stood up and walked toward the kitchen to clean up.

Realizing what she was going to do, Lucian said, “I’ve asked Catalina to come. She’ll be taking care of you all for the next two days, so sit down and eat first.”

Roxanne halted in her tracks before turning to thank the man, “Thank you.” She was not going to act like she was a stranger to Lucian because of Estella, so she was not going to turn him down on his offer.

Lucian nodded.

Roxanne turned to the boys. “Come on. You must be hungry too. Dig in while the food is still hot.”

It was true that the boys were starving. Upon hearing her words, they jumped down from the couch and walked toward the dining table in a line.

Roxanne was squeezed between them. Habitually, she tried to take care of them by taking food for them. However, she only recalled her injury right after she raised her hand. Thus, she had no choice but to use her left hand, but her movements were clumsy because of that.

At the sight of the slowness of their mother’s actions, Archie and Benny said to Roxanne, “Mommy, you don’t need to take care of us. Let us take care of you instead!” With that said, they both stood up to take the food that Roxanne liked for her.

A tender look appeared in Roxanne’s eyes as she watched the sensible boys work away. Touched, she then said, “Thank you, my darlings.”

When Estella saw the boys bring food for Roxanne, she, too, mimicked them and took a little of her favorite food for Roxanne.

Once she put the food on Roxanne’s plate, she stared at Roxanne with bright eyes, enthusiastically waiting for the woman to eat it.

At that, Roxanne lifted the food into her mouth. Smiling, she patted Estella’s head and said, “Thank you, Essie. It’s delicious!”

Hearing that, Estella beamed, and she began giving Roxanne more food.

For a moment, the three children kept putting more and more food onto Roxanne’s plate as if it was a compet*ition.

Roxanne was starting to feel too full, but when she thought about how that was the children’s kind gestures, she f0rced herself to slowly polish off her plate. “That’s enough. Kids, focus on your own food instead,” Lucian intervened, unsure if he should laugh or sigh at the scene.

He did not know if he should praise them for being sensible or chide Roxanne for being too soft-hearted.

Roxanne could barely straighten her back from the overeating by then. Thus, when she heard his intervention, she lifted her head to cast him a grateful look.

Fortunately, the children did not dare to go against Lucian’s words, so the food on Roxanne’s plate did not increase further.

After dinner, Catalina arrived.

Roxanne helped tidy up the table a little, and just as she was about to offer more help, Catalina convinced her to stop. “Ms. Jarvis, you’re still injured, so do head out to keep the children company instead.”

Roxanne had no choice but to agree to that. She then stepped out to the living room to seek out the children.

Just as she entered the living room, she spotted Estella and Lucian standing by the doorway. The man had already put on his jacket, and it seemed like he was ready to leave.

Roxanne walked over in puzzlement.

“Daddy’s leaving first. Stay with Ms. Jarvis and the boys. Be good, and don’t trouble Ms. Jarvis. Catalina will be taking care of you for the next few days here,” Lucian said to Estella in a gentle tone.

Estella bobbed her head obed*iently.

Even though she was reluctant to let her father leave, she quite liked living in Roxanne’s place.

When Lucian saw Roxanne walking over, he straightened up and looked at her. “Something has cropped up at my company, so I have to leave first. Essie’s just recovered, and her condition is still a little unstable. I was thinking of having her live with you for two more days. Catalina will be here to take care of her. If this troubles you, you can ask Catalina to bring her back after she’s done cleaning up the table.” Roxanne stood transfixed for a moment before she patted the girl’s head. “It’s all right. Let her stay here.”

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