Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 102

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 102

The entire room held its breath. Fear was a smog that thickened the air and rushed into my lungs like fumes of bleach. It stung and burned, nearly making me emit a nasty cough.

You could feel the tearing and shattering of alliances, opinions being formed and beliefs being questioned.

It wasn’t every day the High Table took in a potential soul-eater. Some instinctual side of me told me to use my gift, to tear the life from Marcus before he could utter another order.

Marcus’s eyes held mine, ice blue and full of acknowledgement. There was something strange in his perfectly cultivated emotions, a sort of interest that bordered on gg.

The pieces clicked together in my mind, when ever so slightly, he tipped his head at me.

“Your move”, It said.

A question stood out in my mind, one that made my stomach sink. None of us had thought of it before, least of all myself.

That guard I had k****d at the decrepit house; we had left him there. Did Marcus know what a soul-eater’s victim looked like?

Judging from the look on his face, I’d say he knew exactly what it looked like.

He was waiting to see what I would do–to see if I’d unleash my power, or if I’d surrender to remain hidden.

I didn’t want to believe it, just as I didn’t want to believe I had k****d so many people already. Such a far cry from the girl I had been only months ago, from the human whose views never strayed from black and white.

The guards that ringed the room stepped forward, forming a semi circle around the booth that held all of us. I tried to gleam some bit of emotion from them, but for them, this wasn’t personal. They were following orders, no matter how callouses they might be.

Garrett’s face was grim, set-in harsh lines that looked chiseled from stone. I could feel the defiance in his emotions, the hatred and resistance radiating towards Marcus. Something inside my stomach fluttered at the thought of him giving a c**p about me, no matter how selfish the reasons might be.

The fact that I had people I could trust not to turn me in–not to abandon me when things became too hard, it meant more to me than anything in the world.

Three of the guards stepped forward, all with dark hair and expressionless eyes. Strapped to their waist was a silver knife with a jeweled hilt, and a dark colored pistol that I was near-positive shot silver bullets. One held a pair of thick silver cuffs in his hands, and something must have flashed behind my eyes, because they finally had the nerve to hesitate.

Just as they reached the booth, we all stood in, the main doors to the conference room slammed open.

Everyone’s attention was diverted, even the guards who were tasked at retrieving me. It wasn’t the noise that caused for such prolonged attention, but the man who came strolling through.

“Alec.” I exhaled, my panicked eyes darting up to where Kade stood.

Alec waltzed into the room, down the carpeted path that separated the various packs that chose to attend. There were more now than ever, piling up as the staff continued to fill the room to max capacity.

I had to give it to him, he was laying it on good. The crowd couldn’t feel the exhaustion in his bones, or the way his limbs felt sore and unused. Like a true Alpha, he showed no others his weakness.

He had changed into a dark b*tton down with grey slacks, and had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His hair was freshly washed, still shimmering from the w*etness. The stubble that had once coated his face was shaved, revealing smooth skin. The dimple in his cheek appeared as he smiled at the crowd, seemingly clueless to the mess he just walked into.

Even his c**ky grin, which was aimed directly at Marcus Novak, seemed genuine and without fault.

Marcus was still where he stood, eyes locked on my mate as he came to a stop at the center of the room. There was no emotion in his eyes–no admittance of guilt or acknowledgement.

“What a shame. It seems like I’ve missed out on a lot, but at least I’ve returned for the fun.” Alec grinned jovially, giving Marcus a small bow. “I’d like to thank Marcus Novak for my–leave of absence, if you’d like to call it that.”

“Hurling false accusations will not make your mate exempt from the rules of the High Table. ” Marcus stood, demanding the attention of the room. He didn’t glower at Alec, nor did he snarl in outrage. His tone was neutral, like scolding a mouthy teenager who needed to be taught a lesson. “Since our kind was created, this has been our government, and we will not demolish centuries of success for the impulsive wants of a child.”

Fury coursed through me, hot and angry. I could feel the witnesses in the crowd that agreed with Marcus, that were outraged a child would stand against him.

“I might be a stranger to our customs and rules, but I will not live beneath your thumb.” My voice shredded through the silence. Suddenly, all eyes were on me. Both accusing and curious. “There are many of us who see you for what you are Marcus Novak. I don’t fault them for staying silent, for protecting their packs and families while you stole their children and grandchildren for power. I refuse to hide while you try to lay claim on my life. I will not be your trophy, or your weapon to exact on the world.”

As the tension in the room ratcheted, Isaiah and Mera stepped forward.

Their golden hair seemed to shimmer under the light. Both Mera and Isaiah met Marcus’s gaze unflinchingly. They stood tall, fearless even though this man was the most powerful in our world.

Mera turned her eyes to me and gave me a firm nod.

“We will stand with you, Luna Aurora. Each and every one of us are responsible for the decay of our government, for the corruption we willingly turned a blind eye to.” Mera’s light accent rang throughout the crowd, causing a myriad of gasps and exclamations. I guess Mera was well known within the werewolf community.

Her presence alone inspired two other couples to stand as well. A middle-aged Alpha and Luna had stood, both with dark hair and fine lines etched onto their faces. The woman smiled at me, and while I could feel her endless compassion, she was just a tad weary of me. The second couple looked to be a couple years older than the twins and I. Neither seemed afraid nor surprised as they stepped forward and turned their eyes to Marcus.

No one else dared to come forward after that, but it doesn’t matter. This was a start–proof that there were those who noticed things, who wanted the truth just as badly as I did.

I can hear the hushed whispers all around me. Some just simply want to leave, to retreat back into the safety of their lands. If only they knew how temporary that safety is. Others want the High Table to take me in already, to diffuse the situation before things turned violent. Little did they know, my mates would never allow for me to be taken by Marcus. There are just a few in the room who are questioning things, who are realizing things they had never noticed before, Small things here and there, a missing child or two–a family moving in the middle of the night.

On both sides, the guards are getting restless. Marcus’s men keep inching closer, only to be backed up when the twin’s men snarl and tense.

“You are a deluded child fed lies from enemies of the High Table, traitors to our kind. They poison your thoughts, and some day, will own you and your abilities. I fear that our very species might come to an end should that day ever come.” Marcus frowned, ever so concerned about the people he was tasked to protect. There were murmurs throughout the crowd, a ripple of fear and anxiety as some actually believed what he had said. “I am not the enemy here, nor have I ever been. I urge you not to fight on your Alpha’s behalf, to stand down and yield to the High table so that my guards might bring her in. This is my only offer. The progression of this issue will have dastardly affects.”

A deafening bang rang out, thundering in my ears tearing away all sound apart from a high-pitched buzzing. Strong arms that smelled of Kade, had yanked me down, making my head swim as I struggled to catch up to speed.

I saw a flash of red hair, and Garrett’s concerned face before my eyes darted around the room, trying to make sense of the chaos.

Half the room of witnesses had ducked to the ground, startled from the shot that rang out. Those without the sense to duck immediately fled for the exit, shoving at the doors until they broke free.

Kade pulled me to my feet, wrapping his hand around the upper part of my arm to keep me close by. I stumbled a bit, but managed to find my ground as we tried to get as far away from the fight as possible.

I was too busy glancing down, at the guard who lay d**d at my feet. The one who had jumped in front of the bullet hurling my way.

As Alec caught up to us and took me in his arms before breaking out into a run, I realized something.

It wasn’t Desmond’s face or the face of his men that would haunt me, nor would that guard trouble my memories. This man, the one who had given his life to save my own, I would never be able to remove his face from my head. It was a debt I’d never be able to pay, which made it even more important that I fight against Marcus.

Guards swarm Marcus, keeping him safe should the fight get too out of hand. He isn’t even interested in the fight, but is watching with murderous intent when Kade slashes his claws through a nearby sold*ier, and aids Garrett with keeping them back.

“Get her out of here!” Garrett snarled, looking back once before slamming his elbow into the stomach of a guard. He glanced towards his brother, who had a busted lip, but was otherwise unharmed. Julian nodded once, already knowing what his brother was asking. Garrett locked eyes with Kade, “We’ll hold them back. Stick to the plan, you know where to take her. We’ll meet up with you as soon as we can.”

“We’ve got to get her out of here, now!” The twin’s dad urged his sons with the voice of a drill Sargeant, a far cry from the carefree father I had seen on numerous occasions.

Alec scooped me into his arms and held me close, breaking into a run as I squirmed against him. It’s not that he wasn’t comfortable, and that I wasn’t completely basking in his touch right now, but there had to be more that I could do. No, I didn’t want to go around soul-s*cking everyone, but I could at least run by myself.

“Let me down, Alec.” I demanded, giving him a stern look.

Even out of breath with sweat beading on his forehead, the sight of him brought tears to my eyes. That wall in my chest threatened to break and fall, but I sealed the leaking seams shut before a lone tear could escape my eye. I couldn’t break down right now, not when our lives were on the line.

“I’ll explain when we’re somewhere safe. Alright, doll?”

The sound of his voice, and the nickname I had hated so much. I clamped my lips shut, unable to form words even if I wanted to.

We skipped the elevators, which were now crowded with werewolves still trying to escape. Alec barreled through the metal door that read ‘staircase’ so hard the glassrattled. He took the stairs two at a time, sometimes three. Each time we passed a camera planted on the wall, he’d knock it down and crush it beneath his foot.

We were four flights down when a rattle higher up startled us. As I glanced up through the metal railings, I watched as dark dressed guards swarmed into the stairs. Their feet thundering down, closer and closer, was like my own personal d***h march.

One of the guards launched himself over the railing, dropping at least a floor before he came barreling down towards us. The twin’s dad leapt into action, dodging the blade in his hand as it made a wide arc in the air. A few well -placed punches and the guard were currently tumbling over the railing.

Alec finally set me down, but kept my hand laced in the entire time. I think he needed the contact as much as I did, especially after so long of missing that piece of me.

Even further below us, another door clanged open. Even more guards stormed through–but these guards did not belong to Marcus.

The men stopped just where we stood, when one stepped forward.

“Luna Mera gives you her regards, and wishes to let you know she has made it out of the building safety. She will contact you once you make it out. We are here to ensure that.” A man with dark chestnut skin and curly hair nodded at me.

We kept going, thundering down the stairs as I listened to the battle between Marcus and Isaiah’s men. I winced as another body tumbled over the edge of the railing, letting out a dull thud as it hit the concrete floor.

On the bottom floor, the doors swung open. The guards that poured through were different this time. They were more heavily dressed, in vests that looked to be at least two inches thick. They had helmets on, and an a*s*sortment of things strapped to their waists.

Something clicked against the metal railing as they tossed something further up the stairs.

The twin’s realized what it was before I did, and darted to the door that led to the second-floor hall. Just as we barreled through, a bang sounded, and smoke began to spew from beneath the door.

I ran alongside Alec, our fingers laced together. Everyone else kept up, keeping our eyes peeled for more guards that were sure to come. We had long ago given up creeping past corners and instead darted past them, trying to get as close to an exit as possible.

We turned one corner in particular and nearly barreled into a young girl. Her hair was curled in tight ringlets, and her eyes were dark and intelligent.

The tension from Alec and Kade vanished at the sight of her, as she clearly wasn’t harming anyone at the moment.

“Jaspar needs to talk to you.” She said in a child-like soprano, blinking once and then twice.

I opened my mouth to answer, but wasn’t sure what to say. Now wasn’t exactly the best time. Before I could think anything of it, she’s reaching towards me with small hands. The moment her fingers connect with my skin, the floor is torn from underneath my feet, and I’m tumbling head first into a suite that looks suspiciously like the one we had just stayed in. Leaning against the counter with a glassof amber liquor in his hand, was Jaspar Fox.

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