Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 214

Alpha Asher by Jane Doe (Alpha Asher & Lola)

Chapter 214

Midnight, that was when Rowena would start the spell that would crack open Tessa’s mind and unleash her innermost thoughts.

There were risks involved, serious risks.

For one, Zeke could go insane. His own subconscious shredded in an attempt to reach Tessa’s. Two, what Tessa said earlier could be right.

What if doing the spell doesn’t matter? What if the witches are already here?

We had all day to k*il*l, and I was seriously not looking forward to it. Well, that was until Asher said he had something planned for us, something we needed to do.

 “You’re not going to tell me where we’re going, are you?” I grumbled; my voice disgruntled even though my insides were twisting with excitement.

Asher’s laugh was low and smooth, rumbling in his chest. It tickled the spot in between my shoulder blades, right where his body met my back. Thanks to the blindfold he tied around my face, all I could see was red, scraggly fabric.

He’d put it on right after we stopped by his parent’s house and made me keep it on the entire car ride. Even my nose seemed content on betraying me, because the only scents I picked up were that of the town and forest.

“Nope. Not even if you begged.” He hummed thoughtfully. “Actually, scratch that. I might just tell you if you beg.”

Never one to p@ssup an opportunity, I dug my heels into the dirt and jutted my lower lip out in a pout.

Where are we going? Please tell me, Alpha.” I half purred; half whined.

Asher’s steps faltered, and the sudden loss of momentum made him press into my backside. I had to bite back a victorious laugh when I felt the imprint of his stiff c*oc*k against my lower back.

‘Lola, I’d advise you not to do that.” He grunted; his voice lower.

“Why, Alpha? What’ s going to happen to me?” I feigned innocence, my voice silky and sweet.

Asher’s heartrate jumped, and through the mate- bond I could feel his desire spike, heating like coals on the verge of bursting into flame. I went to turn my head in his direction and felt the soft outline of his l!ps coast along my ear. His hands found my hips just as a shudder worked its way through me.

“I’m about three seconds away from bending you over the nearest tree stump and f*uc*king you until you can’t walk. That’s what’s going to happen to you.”


The gravely notes of his voice trailed down my neck, l!cking and heating my flesh until I had to squeeze my legs shut to keep him from picking up on the ar0usal pooling low in my belly.

“This place you’re taking us to. Is it better than you f*uc*king me over the nearest tree stump?” I asked sweetly.

Asher groaned. “For Goddess’s sake, Lola. Yes, it’s better, but I’m not going to have much of a choice if you keep it up.”

To emphasize his point, he pulled my h!ps backwards, grinding the full length of his now fully er*ct c*oc*k against my backside.

We continued walking in silence, but the u*ge to poke and prod at the beast was too strong. With every step we took and every crunch of gravel beneath our feet, it continued to grow. I’d long learned to keep my big mouth under wraps, but with Asher I didn’t have to try so hard.

“So, if you f*uc*k me over a tree stump until I can’t walk does that mean you’l carry me the rest of the way?”

Asher groaned. “Lola. “

I snickered softly but managed to behave the rest of the walk. There came a point where the heady crunch of gravel turned soft, much like soil. Every couple seconds the snap of a twig breaking beneath my feet could be heard, along with the rustle of foliage.

Minutes ticked by when I began to hear the quiet whoosh of running water. Excitement bubbled in my stomach, bringing a smile to my face but I tampered it down for the time being.

Eventually it grew louder and was accompanied by the scent of fresh water and sunshine.

“Are you ready, Luna?” Asher chuckled, his hands on my waist to position and steady me.

He didn’t wait for an answer, and instead worked to untie the blindfold obscuring my vision. When it fluttered to the ground, I greedily took in my surroundings. With every new detail my heart began to flutter and take off.

We were standing in front of one of the most beautiful gifts of nature I’d ever laid eyes on.

A lake of pale water sat just twenty feet away, rippling from the little fish that swam to the surface.

From the short distance its shape reminded me of a jellybean, but the lake itself paled in comparison to the waterfall nearby.

Water cascaded down a jagged slope of interconnecting rocks, pouring down the ridges and grooves until it emptied into the lake.

Running along the shore was a small man-made beach comprised of pale sand that glittered under the sunlight like diamonds. Hidden behind one of the small dunes was a woven blanket, one I recognized since it had come from our house. There was a quaint little picnic basket nestled right in the middle.

“Asher…” I trailed off, the words clinging to my tongue with reckless abandon.

Sparks tickled the side of my neck when he rested his chin on my shoulder. He toyed with one of the straps to my bra and chuckled.

“This place bringing up any particular memories?”

He asked.

When he slid the strap of my tank top down and planted long kisses along my bare shoulder, a memory floated to the surface in my mind.

It felt like it happened so long ago, in a past life that belonged to some other version of myself. Truly, it had only been a year or so, but a lot has happened during that short amount of time.

As I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be carried away by the memory, Asher’s tender k!sses were replaced by the rough bite of tree bark as it pressed into my back.

The world floated away, and we were no longer in Asher’s pack but in wihat used to be Tyler’s. It was a different lake I ventured to, one smaller than this and not nearly as beautiful, but it was my own secret place I could come to unwind.

I had made the mistake of wearing only a lacy br*a and underwear, not knowing that Asher was nearby and watching the entire thing, My eyes fluttered open when I remembered the way he towered over me, forcing me against the tree with his calloused hands, fighting the very fire that now l!cked at my skin.

“Well?” He purred.

I swallowed, my eyes rolling when he scr*a*p*ed his teeth along my throat. The pain melted into something that felt too good, and that feeling sank lower, reaching the apex between my legs.

Now I knew why he chose the br*a and underwe*ar I had on. It was all too similar to the set I’d worn that day.

“N-No.” I lied. “Not ringing any bells.”

“Oh, that’s a pity.” He hummned, his hands snaking around my wa!st to pop the buttons on my jeans.

Perhaps I can help refresh your memory.”

The sting of bark against my bare back was nearly identical. What made this time different was that Asher no longer had an iron grasp on himself and had long ago thrown his restraint to the wind. He wasted no time tearing the br*a and p*nties from my body and lapping up every inch of my bare skin with his eyes.

His stare was that of a mad man hell bent on memorizing every facet of what he was seeing, drinking in every curve and divot like he himself had molded them from nothing. He lifted me from the ground effortlessly, wrapping my legs around his waist and making a beeline for the blanket sprawled out along the beach.

“This is what I wanted to do to you that day.” His voice was hoarse, strained with need. “So f*uc*king c*oc*ky and headstrong. Always teasing, always tempting..”

I barely felt the softness of the blanket as Asher lowered me to the ground, pinning my th*ghs in place and sliding down the length of my n*ked body to rest in between my legs. Even after all this time, the way he stared at the most private parts of my body with such feral need, made my face flush viciously.

Asher stared up at me with eyes of molten gold, hovering so close to my p*uss*y that I could feel every hot breath that escaped his l!ps.

“I’m going to eat your sweet little pu**y now, Lola.” His voice came out impossibly low. “And you…you’re going to scream my name and ride my face like your life depends on it. Understand?”

“Y-Yes, Alpha.” I stammered, my th*ghs quaking from anticipation alone.

His eyes rolled into his head before closing, and a shudder worked its way down his spine. The guttural snarl that tore through him was my only warning before he latched onto the source of my slick heat.

The unhinged way he moved his tongue, thrashing it against my cl!t and delvingit into my hole as far as it could reach, rerminded me of the night he broke into my room and f0rced himself on me.

As angry as I’d been, as much as I’d fought, my body had never been so f*uc*king wound up.

The memory a*s*s*aulted me, merging with the present and forcing a long string of curses from my l!ps that ended in me mewling Asher’s name. His snarl tickled my th*ghs when I grabbed his hair and pulled, gyrating my h!ps exactly how I knew he wanted me to.

Day turned to night as I plummeted off the edge, spurred on by Asher inserting two fingers into my pu**y and curling them upwards.

When the stars faded from my eyes and the sun returned, peeking from behind a cluster of clouds, I looked down to see the glazed, lust-filled eyes of my mate.

You…” He growled, crawling up my body to f0rce his l!ps against my own. “…are a f*uc*king Goddess.”

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