Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 964

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 964 Playing Cat And Mouse Every Day

Crystal’s POV:

Early in the morning, I made breakfast and was about to take it back to my room when my servant hurried in with an exquisite gift box.

“What’s this?” I eyed the package curiously. It was delicately wrapped with a silk ribbon.

“It’s a gift from the lycan king,” the servant answered. After leaving the gift box on the table, he bowed respectfully and then left.

I looked at the gift box in surprise mixed with fear and curiosity.

What the hell was Rufus up to? Why did he send me a gift first thing in the morning? Did he really have that much time on is hands?

Thinking of the time I spent with Rufus yesterday, I suddenly wondered if he started to remember something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent me a gift out of the blue.

This was the kind of thing the old Rufus would do.

Biting my lower lip, I stared at the box motionlessly for a long time. I was scared I’d see the photo of us from five years ago. But if he really remembered the past, it would be too late for me to run away now.

I gingerly picked up the gift box and shook it, but it was so heavy that I almost dropped it.

Arron bounded down the stairs at this time. Curious, he walked around the gift box barefoot and kept asking me what was in it.

Even I didn’t know the answer, so I had to take a deep breath and then open the gift box.

To my surprise, it only contained books about parenting —How To Be A Good Mother, How To Cultivate A Sensible Child In 100 Days, and How To Prevent Your Child From Becoming Naughty.

I was speechless. What went on in Rufus’ head these days?

I didn’t even bother to glance at the books. I just tossed them into the room without much thought.

Arron, on the other hand, was quite interested. He picked the most colorful one and started reading it with great interest.

I didn’t stop him. On the contrary, whenever he had questions, I patiently explained the answers to him. Arron finished half of the book over breakfast.

After breakfast, Laura called to ask if I could take Arron to her. I also wanted Arron to spend more time with Laura while we were here, so I agreed without hesitation. But when Laura said that she’d wait for me at the lycan king’s palace, I wanted to refuse immediately.

Unfortunately, Laura didn’t give me the chance to go back on my words and deliberately hung up the phone.

I stared at my phone blankly, feeling kind of helpless. In the end, I had no choice but to disguise Arron in bandages and go to the king’s palace with him.

I was also hoping to see Beryl, but I was told that she had gone to a meeting with Rufus.

Arron was also disappointed that he couldn’t see his sister, but he cheered up as soon as he saw his Grandma.

I sat down next to Laura, watching her play with Arron. After a moment’s hesitation, I asked, “Don’t you think Beryl will distract Rufus?”

Laura smiled knowingly. “Don’t worry. Kids should to be spoiled.”

“But Beryl’s a bit wild by nature. I’m afraid that she’ll run even wilder if left unchecked.”

“They’ve only been together for a few days. How bad can she be? Besides, Beryl hasn’t had a dad until now. Just let her be.” As she spoke, Laura helped Arron unwrap a toy.

Her words buzzed in my ears. I felt a little sad and guilty. Growing up, Beryl and Arron never had a father around. Now they were here with him, but they couldn’t call him Dad. At least Beryl was lucky enough to call him “Dad”, albeit for all the wrong reasons. As for Arron, he wouldn’t be able to call Rufus “Dad” ever. Even now, he had to cover his face in case Rufus saw him.

It was all my fault.

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