Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1004

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1004 An Oppressive Interrogation

Flora’s POV:

My anxiety subsided upon hearing Rufus’ question, because Crystal and I had discussed it. So now, I knew exactly what to tell him.

Rufus was the king, and his men were all over the imperial palace. He must have known that I spent last night at Crystal’s place. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent someone to look for me at there so early in the morning.

According to Crystal, Rufus was very wary of her now, so it was only normal for him to doubt and investigate people around her, including me.

I quickly thought about it and lied, “When I first met Crystal in the imperial capital, it was like we had known one other for a long time, and we soon became friends. Before this, I had no prior acquaintance with her.”

“Are you sure?” The intensity in Rufus’ gaze caused me to sweat profusely.

I answered in a panic, “Yes.” I couldn’t get Crystal involved in this, not even if Rufus f0rced the hell out of me.

“Crystal is related to Leonard, right?” Rufus asked again. I didn’t dare to look up. My thoughts raced as I tried to understand what Rufus meant. Had he known that Crystal was Leonard’s biological daughter?

In an effort to collect my thoughts, I took a deep breath.

No matter what Rufus asked me, I could only keep my answers vague. So I murmured, “Oh really? It could be…”

Rufus snorted, “Could be? You are the Luna of the Silver Moon Pack. You don’t know that?”

At this point, I almost wanted to cry. In a panic, I sputtered back, “I didn’t get to know Alpha Leonard very well because he passed away before I married Warren. And Warren has never mentioned Crystal before.”

“You grew up in Silver Moon Pack and you’ve never heard of her? According to my investigation, Leonard dotes on Crystal very much. If he didn’t trust Crystal enough, he wouldn’t have suggest her to be the Alpha of the border pack.” Rufus gave me a chilly stare while talking, and my heart sank with every word he said. It seemed that Crystal was right. Rufus had already investigated her secretly.

“I was just a powerless Omega at that time. It’s normal that I didn’t hear of that. Besides, Crystal is just Leonard’s distant relative. She had always been defiant, and when she reached adulthood, she decided to strike out on her own instead of continuing to live with the pack. She has once made a war merit at the border. That’s why the former king agreed with Leonard’s suggestion and let Crystal be the Alpha of the border pack.” I ducked my head and gave a deliberate response. Even though I was shaking uncontrollably, I couldn’t let Rufus find out that I was lying, because that would be sort of an offense to the king.

After hearing what I said, Rufus was silent for some time. I secretly breathed a sigh of relief. At first, I thought I had fooled Rufus, but then he let out a frigid laugh that sent chills down my spine. At this point, I just wanted to die right there and then.

“You said that you had never heard about Crystal before you met her in the capital. So how did you know that she was rebellious when she was young and she had made contributions to the war? From the way you said it, it seemed that you knew these things so clearly. Are you gonna continue lying to me until the end?” An enraged Rufus patted the arm of the couch.

I took a deep cold breath, feeling as if I just fell into an ice cellar. The panic and fear made me a little suffocated. Only then did I realize that the man sitting in front of me was not the same Rufus I knew five years ago. He was not that distant and impersonal back then. Now, he was an indifferent king who only knew the right and wrong. Any word I said could bring disaster to my pack and even to Warren.

I swallowed, and cold sweat dripped from my forehead.

The chilly sweat trickled down my forehead as I took a deep breath and swallowed.

“I just forgot it at first. But Your Majesty, now that you’ve mentioned, I remembered having heard about Crystal before.” I answered in a trembling voice.

Rufus asked meaningfully, “In other words, you only met Crystal for the first time in the imperial capital and you had no prior acquaintance with her? And it was instantaneous friendship for the both of you?”

I stammered, “Yes. Absolutely!”

“Well, that’s interesting.” Rufus sneered as if he had heard a big joke.

I gulped nervously, unsure of what he meant.

“Now tell me, why did Crystal’s photos appear on your Facebook and Instagram six years ago?” Rufus sneered at me again, as if he was looking at a clown.

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