Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1001

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1001 Just This Once

Warren’s POV:

As soon as I inserted the tip of my c*oc*k into Flora’s p*uss*y, I held her thighs and hoisted her up so that I could thrust all of my c*oc*k inside of her.

“Ah…” Flora’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as ple@sure engulfed her.

The w*et walls of her p*uss*y enveloped my p*enis more and more tightly, and even I couldn’t help but m*oa*n.

I held Flora’s thighs and moved slowly for a while. Then, I sped up, thrusting in and out of her violently.

The naughty sounds of skin slapping skin every time I thrust inside of her made me go crazy. And Flora’s body was so soft. I was torn between being gentle with her and ravaging her p*uss*y.

“Yes… God, yes…”

Flora’s m*oa*ns made me choose the latter. I moved even faster and thrust even deeper, making sure to hit her ple@sure spots.

Flora bit her lip. Soon, she couldn’t stand it. “Gentler, honey…”

But I was too immersed in the moment. I kept f*uc*king her as hard as I could until she suddenly arched her back and gasped. Liquid spurted forth from her c*un*t, w*etting the bed sheet underneath us.

“No… No… Oh, God… Honey…” Flora’s face was flushed and she grabbed the sheet with both hands. I could feel her trembling and writhing from under me.

The whole bed was also shaking. I lowered my head, bit her lower lip, and kept thrusting.

“Jesus… Babe… I’m coming—” Flora whimpered as I licked her neck, and soon, her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she climaxed once more.

This time, I slowed down. I put one hand on her lower abdomen and stroked it gently. “Like it?”

Flora nodded feebly.

I lowered my head and kissed her supple lips. But I wasn’t done with her yet. I moved down and started s*ckling on her br*asts. When she was caught off-guard, I pulled out and thrust inside her as hard as I could.

My c*oc*k slipped into her tight p*uss*y so quickly, which unleashed an explosion of ple@sure for me.

“Ah!” Flora arched her back and shrieked, letting me go inside deeper.

“Yes, yes! Honey… More…”

“Anything you want, baby!” Then I thrust inside her as deeply as I could. Flora couldn’t help but scream.

Her m*oa*ns drove me crazy. I could feel the blood rushing into my p*enis, so I quickly pulled out.

Confused, Flora looked at me with her watery eyes, which were full of lust and dissatisfaction. Her red lips parted, as if she wanted to ask me why I stopped.

Smiling faintly, I turned her around and made her kneel on the edge of the bed.

Flora got down on all fours obediently. Obviously, she wanted more.

I slapped her b*tt.

“Ah!” Flora raised her head and m*oa*ned. Her body trembled, and more liquid flowed out from her v@gin@.

I guided my c*oc*k into her v@gin@ again. It slid inside with ease. Before Flora could catch her breath, I began to f*uc*k her again.

I leaned forward and licked her smooth back. Flora trembled, her whole body responding to my touch. Her br*asts swayed rhythmically to my thrusting. I caught them and squeezed them, murmuring, “Honey, I love you.”

Flora whimpered and tightened her v@gin@. She tried to turn her head to kiss me, and I immediately met her halfway.

Every time I thrust inside her, my balls slapped against her b*ttocks, making lewd sounds.

Biting the sheet, Flora trembled violently, m*oa*ning, “Yes… Yes… Faster…”

I grabbed her b*tt cheeks with both hands and thrust my d*ic*k inside her as deeply as I could. Flora shrieked and came again, and her violently convulsing p*uss*y made me climax at the same time. I raised my head and gasped, speeding up as I thrust into her. Finally, I ejaculated my s*eed into the depths of her p*uss*y.

But I didn’t pull out my c*oc*k right away. Instead, I turned Flora around and kissed her deeply. Then I picked her up and carried her into the bathroom.

We had s*e*x two more times in the bathroom. It wasn’t until we were both completely out of breath that our late night session came to an end.

We lay down on the bed. I held her with one hand and made a pillow for her with the other hand. Then I rested my head on her neck. When I was about to fall sleep, Flora suddenly thought of something and shook me awake. “I’m going to stay the night at Crystal’s place tomorrow.”

I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, but Flora didn’t let it go. She kept kissing and rubbing against me, acted like a spoiled child, “Just for one night. Come on. You’re the best husband in the world, okay?”

I didn’t say anything because I hated it when Flora wasn’t by my side. Ever since we got married, I had always brought her with me except on special occasions. I had gotten used to having s*e*x with her almost every night. How could I let her stay at someone else’s place for the night?

I was deep in thought when a pet*ite hand slipped into my trousers and gently stroked my c*oc*k.

“Come on, just this one time.”

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to look at Flora, whose hand was making trouble. I said in a hoarse voice, “Just this once.”

After saying that, I climbed on top of her once more, ready for the next round.

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